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[FIC] Happy Ending

Title: Happy Ending
Author: sbluesnow
Group(s): Super Junior, DBSK
Main: Archive
Pairing(s): Kibum x Donghae
Chapter(s): OneShot
Summary: A happily ever after isn't just in fairytales. With a bit of luck and love, there can be a happy ending for everyone. Happy ending to the old them and new beginnings of the love that they share with their special someone.


"There a happy ending for everyone." Donghae smiled, nodding his head as he went down his couple lists and pairing all the members off.

"Kangin with Leeteuk obviously." Kibum deadpanned from his seat on the couch.

"Of course! They just had to be together. Hankyung with the princess cause he's the only one who can joke with Heechul and call him an idiot and get away with it."

"Plus Heechul misses his personal chef. Yesung is with Eunhyuk?" Kibum asked.

"Like finally honestly, they're so dense and so sad without Junsu and Ryeowook around. Old love gone and with someone else. They deserve each other. Plus it's so cute how they act shy and cutesy towards each other. Like a total high school first time dating couple."

"Shindong and Sungmin together?"

"Cutie number one with cutie number two is just perfect."

"Although if Sungmin ever found out that you think Shindong is cuter then he'd so have your head."

"Which is why you wouldn't tell him."

"And why wouldn't I?" Kibum asked, arms crossed, one eye brow raised.

"Cause then you won't know who else has a happily ever after."

"Okay, fine."

"Yippiie!!!!!!!!!!!" Donghae shouted, overjoyed and hugged Kibum tightly before letting go and going over his checklist.

Getting over Donghae's random touching sprees, Kibum asked the older boy to continue.

"Who’s next?"

"Oh yeah! Hm, let's see. Right! Siwon and Mimi! They're so cute together. Both so tall too!"

"Easier for them to kiss and have sex."

"Wonder who tops."

"Siwon probably."

"Why?? Zhou mi could be more experienced I mean come on! Siwon is like all God and Bibles. Zhou mi isn't. He's more loose and fun. If Heechul could taint him, he'd be like the second Heechul."

"He doesn't need tainting. Zhou is already like the second Heechul but not as severe."



"Wow. But why does Siwon top?"

"Horse over Koala. Bigger goods."

"OHHH! I GET IT NOW!" Donghae chirped.

"Okay, next?"

"RIGHT! UHH." Donghae scrolled down his list and jabbed the sheet with his index finger a pair of names.


"The babies together. That makes sense."

"Of course it does! I always make sense." Donghae smiled brightly at Kibum.

Kibum didn't say anything.

"Whose Kyu with?"

"Someone you definitely didn't expect."


"Nope. All SJ members are coupled. No threesomes."

"Can I at least get a hint?"

"Sure! It's a guy."

Kibum stared blankly at Donghae.

"What the hell kind of hint is that?!"

"You asked for a hint. Nothing specific to what the hint is about."

Kibum continued to stare at Donghae blankly.

"Okay fine." Donghae said with a sigh.

"He's taller than Kyuhyun and is in the music industry and he's Korean."


"How'd you know?!! And which Changmin are you talking about? 2AM? DBSK?" Donghae asked, shocked at how fast Kibum figured out who it was.

"Eh, DBSK. They're best friends. They're bound to hook up and see what happens."

"So? Eunhyuk and I are best friends but we didn't hook up and see what happened."

"That's because you both know for sure that there's nothing more than friendship and brotherhood."

"You're no fun." Donghae pouted.

"So I've been told by you. So that's everyone."

"Yupp!" Donghae smiled.

"You didn't mention yourself Donghae. What about you?"

"What about you?"

"What about me?"

"I didn't mention your name either."

"Meaning you left me out?"

"No, I left us out."

"Why?" Kibum asked, suspicious and a bit on edge of what Donghae's intentions are.

"Because our story hasn't ended yet." Donghae smiled cutely, dropping the list to the floor and jumping onto Kibum's lap.

"We don't have a story. There is no we. So there is no beginning for there to be an ending." Kibum said, looking straight into Donghae's eyes, searching for the truth. The truth if this really was real or just pretend.

Donghae closes his eyes and shook his head. Head down, his bangs swaying in front of his face, shadowing his face from Kibum. Wrapping his arms around Kibum's neck, Donghae opened his eyes and looked right into Kibum's. Leaning forward, Donghae lips meet his. Soft and gentle. Sweet and passionate.

Donghae pulled away before he could try to deepen the kiss.

"We do now and ours doesn't have a happily ever after."

Pulling Donghae's lips to his, he thrusted his tongue into Donghae's open mouth.

"Yet." Kibum said.

"Mmmm." Donghae hummed, pushing Kibum into the couch and pressing against him, arms wrapped tightly around Kibum's neck.

Kibum held onto Donghae tighter, not wanting to let go. Not willing to let go.

Their story has just started. It's not going to end soon. It's not going to end. Period.


A/N: was going to be a drabble but then it became this...
Comments are welcomed~♥

Tags: !fanfiction, group: dbsk, group: super junior, pairing: kibum x donghae
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