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[FIC] F Me

Title: F Me
Author: sbluesnow
Group(s): Super Junior
Main: Archive
Pairing(s): Kibum x Eunhyuk
Chapter(s): Sequel
Genre: Romance, Semi-Rape, Violence
Rating: NC-17
Summary: For once, Kibum is at home with Henry while the others are out and about, allowing Kibum to be what he really is. The devious and mischievous Bum.
Previous: Lazy Bum


Always being the light sleeper that he is, Kibum woke up to the sound of metal interlocking with each other. Lazily opening his eyes Kibum looked around. The room was dark. The lights were turned off. The curtains were drawn closed, not letting a shred of light in. Even with the curtains closed, Kibum could tell that it was dark outside. He could only assume that it was probably around 12:03 AM. Letting his eyes adjust to the darkness, Kibum's eyes roamed around the room. He saw a dark figure sitting on the next bed, looking at him. Snapping his eyes open, Kibum instantly sat up. His body moved upwards but was stopped by the restraints on his wrists. Looking upwards, Kibum tried to pull the handcuffs off. He continued to pull at them until he could feel light cut marks against his skin. Hissing from the pain, Kibum glared at the person on the other bed.

"Who are you? Let me go this instant."

The male (he assumed male) didn't say anything. He got up from the bed and moved closer to Kibum. His movements as fluid as water. Smooth as silk. As he moved closer, instead of inching away Kibum laid still. He was scared but not enough to fight just yet. He wanted to know what his captor wanted to do with him. What he wanted from him.

"Who are you?" Kibum asked again.

Again the other male didn't say anything. He moved closer and closer to the bed. Closer and closer to Kibum. The man stopped at the foot of the bed, just standing there with his arms at the side looking at Kibum with angry eyes.

"What do you want with me?"

The man didn't say anything. Instead he trailed his right hand index finger from Kibum's foot up his calves to his thighs and stopping right at his pants line.

"What do you want?" Kibum said in a low voice. He was sick of this twisted game. Whoever this man was, Kibum didn't like what was happening and where it might be headed.

In one small hop, the male was standing over Kibum. The man's legs on either side of Kibum's hip, looking down at Kibum, towering over him with those same angry eyes as before.

"What are you doing?" By now Kibum had realized that with each question that he asked, instead of an answer, the man acted out his answer or did something that made Kibum ask him something else. Like a ventriloquist. The ventriloquist himself doesn't talk. The dummy does and shows the audience what will happen. Right now in his situation, he was the dummy.

The male suddenly dropped down to his knees, just slightly his ass hovering over Kibum's cock. Kibum should have been scared but he wasn't. He didn't know why but he wasn't scared of the man. Quite the opposite actually. He was getting turned on by the silent voice and hard movements. It was only the eyes that freaked him out. The eyes that held so much anger as if he had killed the other man.

"Who are you?" Kibum asked once more, voice still calm as ever.

There was a flash of emotion in the man's eyes. Within an instant, the man had pushed down hard against Kibum's hard on, right hand, grabbing onto Kibum's chin, pulling him upwards, forcing Kibum to arch his back and look directly into the man's eyes.

"You cheater."

Only up this close did Kibum realize who it was. Eunhyuk.

"Eunhyuk wh-"

Eunhyuk pulled Kibum up even higher, making him arch his back even higher, making the cuffs cut Kibum's wrists from light marks to cuts. Kibum yelped out in pain, he wanted to move, to push Eunhyuk off and tell him that it hurt like hell. But he couldn't. He was stuck. His hands were handcuffed to the headboard. His back was leaning back at a 75 degree angle, his hips were pinned down into the mattress by Eunhyuk sitting on top of his cock and the knees pressed into the mattress to stop Kibum from moving even if he tried.

"You cheater." Eunhyuk repeated himself, voice filled with disgust and betrayal.

"I'm not."

"Liar." Eunhyuk hissed, tilting Kibum's chin even higher, his face inches above Kibum's staring the younger down.

"I'm not." Kibum protested. As much as this was a turn on for him, Eunhyuk being mad and angry, he didn't like the fact that Eunhyuk was accusing him of things he didn't do.

"You are. I saw the note. Henry confessed you to in a horny love note. I can read. You two fucked. You cheater."

"That was a joke!" Kibum whined, of all the time Eunhyuk notices things, it just had to be now.

"That's a sick joke Bummie."

Kibum felt a shiver run down his spine. Usually the nickname when Eunhyuk called him that, it was always loving and sweet. Now it was just evil and full of doom.

"A very sick joke." Eunhyuk said seriously, eyes not wavering, staring intently into Kibum's.

Eunhyuk quickly manoeuvred his left hand down to Kibum's crotched and palmed Kibum with his free hand. His legs and hips pinning Kibum down from moving. Moving his hand in an uneven pace, from excruciatingly slow to an amazingly rapid speed to slow again, he knew exactly what to do to punish Kibum.

"Eunhyuk, please." Kibum panted. He couldn't take it anymore. He was already hard from before and the pace Eunhyuk was going at was driving him insane. With Eunhyuk sitting on top of his aching cock and rubbing against him with both his hand and his ass was too much. His back and wrists were killing him. It hurt too much.

"Please what?" Eunhyuk asked not caring about his boyfriend's need for release. He was just going to have to hold on for a bit longer. He didn't have his fun at this joke yet.

"Please Hyuk." Kibum begged, not caring that was acting like a 2 dollar whore.

"Please what?" Eunhyuk wasn't budging. Not until he heard what he wanted.

"Fuck me! Hyuk fuck me! Please!"

Eunhyuk's lips curled up into a joker's smile. He let go of Kibum's chin and rubbed his ass over Kibum's hard cock, moving back and smiling up at Kibum. Raising his right hand high up, he swung his arm and slapped Kibum across the cheek.

"What was that? I didn't hear you." Eunhyuk whispered into Kibum's ear, voice as sweet as an angel's.

Kibum whimpered. The slap had hurt so much. It made the cuts in his wrists even deeper.

Eunhyuk squeezed Kibum's cock as a warning to hurry up and answer him before he got even more mad.

"Fuck m-" Kibum breathed out, voice cracking.

Eunhyuk had slipped his hand into Kibum's boxers and was quickly pumping his cock.

"Fuck Eunhyuk!" Kibum rolled his head back at the pleasure.

Lifting up his hips, Eunhyuk used his free hand to pull down Kibum's pants and his own.

The joker smile still in place, Eunhyuk smiled at Kibum, eyes dangerous and sexy.

"I'm marking you mine." Eunhyuk said voice rough, and eyes blazing with fire. Without a warning, he rammed right into Kibum's tight hole.

"You're mine."

He pulled out and rammed right back in, not caring that Kibum didn't have enough time to adjust to the pain and his length or that he was drawing blood.

"And mine alone."

BumRy's joke might have ended but his has just started. A lesson will be learned. Kibum's his and his alone. Purely his.


A/N: okay this alone is like fricking smut for me and I can't go beyond this. I know that some people will say that I can *stares at Elfie, Carey, Jenna, Kit, etc etc* but too bad. This is as far as I can go.

Comments are welcomed~♥
Tags: !fanfiction, group: super junior, pairing: kibum x eunhyuk, pairing: kibum x henry
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