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[FIC] Joker

Title: Joker
Author: sbluesnow
Group(s): Super Junior
Main: Archive
Pairing(s): Heechul x Yesung
Chapter(s): One-Shot
Summary: If you want something, you go after it. You strive for it. To reach your goal and succeed. So he did. He got what he wanted at the cost of another.


Waking in the morning and the first thing he sees is the Princess himself up at the crack of dawn instead of sleeping and his eyes intently watching his fingers playing with the lighter in his hands. Staying rooted on the spot, Yesung cautiously try to make small talk with Heechul.

"You're up early."

The lighter in Heechul's hand lid flicked open and closed.

"I am."


"Dunno." Heechul answered still opening and closing the cap of the lighter.

The lighter was rectangular and shiny. Not a single scratch on the surface or a fingerprint visible on the outside. It amazed him that it was stainless steel but the non magnetic kind where it doesn't leave fingerprints behind. The cool cold surface of the lighter in his palm, his reflection staring back at him, his eyes unnerving. Like something was taking over. Or appearing for the first time in a while.

"Something bothering you?"

"Not something."



"Who?" Yesung asked a bit on edge. He quickly scanned the past couple days events to see if he had done anything to offend Heechul or had done anything that might have gotten him on Heechul's black list.

"Just someone."

"One of the members?" Yesung squeaked out. He knew he was innocent. At least from what he remembered.

"It's not you."

"Then one of the others?" Yesung mentally relaxed. His body was still stiff from this Heechul. This Heechul that he had never seen before. This Heechul who was deadly now. Not deadly like before where he would make your life a living hell for defying him. Deadly as in the one where you won't live if you stand in his way. Like a killer killing witnesses whose seen him commit the murder.

"Not them either."

"Then who? DBSK?"

"No. Not them. No one really."

"Then who’s bothering you?"

"You." Heechul said simply, eyes still staring at his reflection in the lighter. The reflection that he hated to see. The reflection of his eyes. The eyes that held no regret. No remorse. No emotion to them.

"But you s-"

"Not Jongwoon but Yesung."

"What did I do?" His mind was telling him to beg Heechul for forgiveness and run out of there as fast as he could to Leeteuk for protection from the Dark Princess.

"I want to burn you."

"Burn me?" Yesung asked, taking a step back.

"Yeah. I want to burn you."

"Why?!" Yesung softly whispered, not understanding what he had done for Heechul to want to burn him.

"No reason. I just want to see you cry out of pain and hear your cries for me to stop."

"But why me? Why not Siwon or Hankyung? The three of you are inseparable. It's an unspoken rule but you three belong to each other."

"Exactly. It's unspoken so it can be broken and ignored. It isn't ShiHanChul. It's ShiHan and Heechul. They belong to me and they know that. They're at my beck and call. I can say what I want and get what I want. No questions asked but they do not belong to me sexually. They have each other for that."

"Don't you mean romantically?"

"Maybe I do but sex is something I don't control over them. No, I do but I choose not to step in and do that. Only when they're being idiots or when I feel like it then I will."

"But that still doesn't explain why you chose me! Even with ShiHan out there's still 11 other members for you to choose instead of me."

"It's true that there are 11 other members and many more in SM who I can use but that's too much work. I'd rather keep this within the company. And it'd even better if it's within the group. And it'd be even better if it's the person who’s in the same room as me. Like right now." Heechul said, flipping the lid open, lighting a fire and staring directly at Yesung.

"Wanna play with me?" Heechul asked with a wry smile. A smile that wasn't asking for consent but demanding him to stay otherwise he'd be subjected to more than just a couple of burns.

"I'll take that as a yes." Heechul smiled for real. A real joker's smile. Flipping the lid close, the fire went out and so did the lights in the room.

Yesung's mind panicked. He didn't know where to run. He had no place to run to. Turning his body to move back to the direction of where he came from he suddenly felt the coldness of the lighter against his cheek. He didn't need light to know what it was. Heechul was standing right in front of him. He just knew it.

Heechul moved the lighter away from Yesung's cheek to right in front of his face. The distance between himself and Yesung was 5 centimetres. The lighter right in front of Yesung's nose.

Flipping the cap open, and running this thumb against the striker wheel, the words coming out of Heechul's mouth wasn't something he was joking about. He yanked down hard on the striker wheel, the flame lighting up the space between them. Lighting up Heechul's face, allowing him to see that older man's face and his eyes.

"I want to hear you scream."

Yesung knew then that this wasn't the Heechul he knew. The Heechul he knew was long gone. This Heechul was out to get him. Out to burn him. Out to make him scream in pain. He was out for blood.

All he heard was a click. The sound of the cap of the lighter closing. And this time there was no light again.

What Heechul wants, Heechul gets.

Yesung's screams. His cries. His tears. His blood.


A/N: After not writing for a while, this is what came to mind today in math class.

Comments are welcomed~♥
Tags: !fanfiction, group: dbsk, group: super junior, pairing: heechul x yesung
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