July 17th, 2009


[FIC] stretch or tangle, but never break.

Title: stretch or tangle, but never break.
Author: sbluesnow
Genre: PG
Group: Super Junior
Pairings: Hankyung and Siwon
Summary: He can own any woman's or man's heart but who can own his? Maybe he just hasn't found "The One" yet. The one who could stop the world from spinning. The one who could know him without stepping into his life. The one who is like him but be the one that he needs. Maybe fate will play. The gold ribbon. The red thread. They'll tie together and wrap around each other. Together, creating something new. A new world.
Apart of jung_hyeri  blind challenge fic
A/N: Completely forgot about this and did it in one sitting. I apologize if it really doesn't make sense. The plot is a mix of things pulled together.

( stretch or tangle, but never break )