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[FIC] Never say Bye. Say Hi.

Title: Never say Bye. Say Hi.
Author: sbluesnow
Group(s): DBSK
Main: Archive
Pairing(s): Changmin x Junsu, Yoochun x Changmin
Chapter(s): OneShot
Summary: The end of 3 years together. The start of a lifetime together.


We part our ways. It’s a mutual feeling. We both know that this isn't the last time that we'll see of each other. Or hear of each other. We may be young but we've created names for ourselves in this world.

Park Yoochun. Micky Park, a world renowned pianist and composer is what the world sees and hears.

Shim Changmin. Max Choi Kang, the young entrepreneur who not only own the 2 largest management company in South Korea, Japan, USA but also a large chain of 7 star hotels across the states, Canada, Asia and Europe is what he's known to the world.

They were together for 3 years. They’ve known each other for 8 years. They met during high school.

That faithful day in the backfield where they stumbled upon each other by accident. Literally.

Neither was looking where they were going and they bumped into each other. Falling over and falling into a tangle of limbs. A friendship was born. A friendship that later turn into a relationship. A relationship that has now ended.


Because it's over and they both know it. It was fun and loving while it lasted. The feelings were true. But the flame has died. They both have moved on.

They agreed to meet at the place where they had first gone out on a date together. The magical water pond. The pond where it was said that if the person who could cross it successfully and not take a wrong step and fall into the water, then they'd be a true couple. A couple who had magic. A couple who was able to cross the invisible path and be together.

Yoochun walked down the cobble stone steps towards his car. He didn’t look back. There was nothing to look back at.

Changmin stayed by the pond. He didn’t have anywhere to be. No one to go to. He had all the time in the world to just sit and stare. Sit and think back on everything. The past 3 years. The past 8 years. The past.

He knew he should have at least felt a little heartache but he didn't. He knew Yoochun didn't either. They had both loved each other but now don't.

Sitting down on the ledge and letting his legs sit comfortably in the water, Changmin didn't care if he shoes and pants were getting wet. He was saying goodbye so why should he care about now when he's leaving it behind.

"Never say bye. Say hello." Someone whispered into his ear.

Snapping his head around, Changmin came face to face with a young man with dark brown hair, a few years older than him and a smile a lot brighter than his own.

"Excuse me?" Changmin said as polite as possible. Even though this stranger had ruin his alone thinking time, he was raised to be polite to people. Even those who he hated. It’s something he had learned to master being who he is.

"Never say bye. Say hello." The person repeated.

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Because you just broke up with your boyfriend. And this isn't goodbye. It never is. So never say bye. Say hello." The stranger beamed at Changmin.

It annoyed Changmin that not only had this person interrupted his alone time but was also invading his privacy by watching what just happened between him and Yoochun.

"Please leave. I’d like to be alone." Changmin forced himself to tell the man off as nice as possible.

"Alright." The man smiled and left Changmin in peace.

Changmin smiled a small smile and went back to enjoying his peace. His peace that was once again interrupted by the shadow looming over him.

"What?" Changmin whipped around and growled.

"Hi! I'm Junsu. You?" The same stranger who had left a few minutes ago, smiling at Changmin and his hand outstretched.

"What part of leave don't you understand?" Changmin hissed out.

"Weren’t you listening to what I was saying at all? You never say bye. You say hello." The man who called himself Junsu said, taking a seat next to Changmin and letting his legs sit in the water.

Changmin couldn't do anything but stare at this weird man. What on earth could have made him strike up a conversation, leave then come back and sit next to him? He honestly didn't have a clue.

"You said hi." Changmin deadpanned.

"What?" Junsu asked, blinking his eyes thrice and tilting his head to the side.

"Never say bye. Say hello. But you said hi."

"Oh." Junsu blushed, looking away from Changmin’s eyes and at the water in front of him.

Changmin smiled. The guy was too cute.

"Changmin." He introduced himself, taking Junsu's hand into his own and shaking it.


"You said that already." Changmin chuckled.

"So I did." Junsu laughed. His laugh was unique. It was high pitched and loud. Not annoying loud but something you wanted to hear. Something you want to protect.

They sat there, Changmin’s hand still holding onto Junsu's. Junsu acknowledging the hand in his but not doing anything to start something and Changmin was glad for that. He wasn't ready to commit to another relationship so fast. He wanted to be with Junsu. This Junsu who he had only known for 10 minutes. This Junsu who was the one for him.

This Junsu who he wasn't going to let go. This Junsu who had healed his heart in an instant and was burning for him. A flame that wouldn't die. That he was sure of.


A/N: Random. Not really...

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Tags: !fanfiction, group: dbsk, pairing: changmin x junsu, pairing: changmin x yoochun
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