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[FIC] Sick Sick Sick

Title: Sick Sick Sick
Author: sbluesnow
Group(s): Super Junior
Main: Archive
Pairing(s): Kangin x Kyuhyun
Chapter(s): One-Shot
Summary: Being sick doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad thing. Good things come to those who wait.


"You’re contagious! You’re nauseous! Your sickness! It’s spreading!!!!!!"

"Hyung! Calm down. I’m sick. So I’m nauseous and contagious. That’s what a cold usually involves."

"How are you sure it's not more than that?"

"Because I’ve been sick before. And just last week Henry was sick."


Kyuhyun sighs before looking at his crazy hyung. "Hyung will you calm down. It’s just a slight fever. I’m fine."

"PFHH who said I was talking about you??"


"If you're sick then I can get sick which is terrible!!!!!!"

"Hyung, you are unbelievable." Says Kyuhyun walking out of the room to go and talk to someone who’s sane in the dorm (mainly Kibum).


"To Kibum."

"Why Kibum??"

"Because he's sane and won’t treat me like an outcast because I’m might be coming down with a fever."


Kyuhyun ignore Kangin’s call and continued to walk towards the stairs.

Kangin runs after him and hugs him from behind. Making sure his hold is tight but not too tight that he'd hurt Kyuhyun. Kangin could feel that Kyuhyun’s body stiffened in his hold.

"Let go hyung."


"Let me go." Kyuhyun said in a cold tone.

"Don’t go to him."

"What are you talking about?" Kyuhyun asked with confusion evident in his voice. He tried to turn around so he could see Kangin’s face but Kangin’s hold was too strong.

"Don’t go to Kibum."

"Why not?"


"Because why?"

"Just because."

When Kangin said ‘Just because’ it wasn’t his usual loud voice. It was a soft plea. Kyuhyun remembered that in Full House Kangin loved to say that line. Even now whenever he got the chance he would say it out loud in accented English and laugh afterwards. As Kyuhyun waited, there was no laughter that followed. Only silence. The steady breathing of Kangin’s chest rising and falling against his back. Most of all Kangin’s heart. It was beating really fast. So fast that Kyuhyun was sure that it would burst.

"Hyung, your heart…" Kyuhyun whispered, scared that if he spoke too loud, Kangin’s heart would burst.


"Are you nervous?"


Kyuhyun took Kangin’s silence as a ‘yes’. That he was nervous but this continued to confuse Kyuhyun even more. What was there for Kangin to be nervous about?

"Hyung, why are you nervous?"


"Hyung, you can tell me. You know I won’t go blabbing to the others. It’ll be our secret."

"I can’t tell you. You’d hate me."

"Why would I hate yo-" then it dawned onto him. Kangin’s nervousness. Why he didn’t want him to go to Kibum. It made sense. Could it be that Kangin loves him more than a friend? Could it be that Kangin loves him more than a dongsaeng?

"Hyung, do you l-"

"Do I love you? Is that what you wanted to ask?"


"If I were to confessed how would you feel?"

Kyuhyun was too stunned to answer. He was glad that he wasn’t able to move from Kangin’s hold earlier. Otherwise Kangin would see the look on his face. It wasn’t of disgust. It wasn’t of joy either. It was confusion.

Do I love Kangin more than I hyung? If he confesses to me, would I reject him or would I accept him? Would he kiss me if I said yes? Kiss me. Kiss. His lips on mine. He’d spin me around, hold my cheeks lovingly, look me in the eyes, a look full of love, and kiss me with those plump li- WHY DID I JUST IMAGINE THAT? FOCUS KYU! Do I love him? I wonder how those lips would be? Soft? Tender? Rough? Gent- WAIT! WHAT AM I THINKING? My heart. Why is it beating faster? Those lips, those luscious li- STUPID HEART! STOP POUNDING SO HARD! Why is that the more I think of Kangin kissing me, the faster my heart beats? Does that mean I love him? Love him more than a hyung? Doe-

"Kyu, it’s okay." Kangin whispered softly.

"I was ju-"

"Kiss me."

"WHAT??!!" asked Kangin, shocked at Kyuhyun’s words.

Taking his chance, Kyuhyun turned around in Kangin’s hold and looked him in the eyes. "Kiss me."


"Then I’ll kiss you."

Before Kangin could even blink, Kyuhyun’s lips were on his. Kyuhyun was kissing him passionately. His brain couldn’t process the fact that Kyuhyun was kissing HIM but his body reacted on its own. Wanting more of Kyuhyun’s touch. More of Kyuhyun’s lips. More of Kyuhyun. Hugging Kyuhyun tighter and pulling him closer until they were pressed against each other, Kangin skilfully slipped his tongue in Kyuhyun’s more than willing mouth and licked every inch and corner of his mouth. Suddenly Kyuhyun drew back, pushing his hands on Kangin’s chest and looking at him intently. Kangin wondered what was wrong. Did he do something to push the younger? Did he cross the line? Was he coming on too strong?


"Tell me why you don’t want me to go to Kibum."


"Tell me or I’m leaving." Kyuhyun said sternly, breaking free from Kangin’s grasp taking 2 steps back away from the older male, standing just at the bottom step of the stairs.

"I don’t want you to go to Kibum."



After waiting and getting no answer from Kangin, Kyuhyun turned around and started to walk up the stairs.

"I don’t want you to go to him."

Something inside of Kyuhyun just snapped.


Whipping his body around, he was about to yell more at Kangin when he saw the older head hung, looking at the floor, and his hands in front of him playing with the edge of his shirt. He looked so vulnerable. It made Kyuhyun want to give him a hug and kiss him and tell him that it’s okay. He wanted to but he couldn’t. Not until he got a straight answer from Kangin.

"Why do you not want me to go to Kibum?" Kyuhyun asked his voice softer this time. Sitting on the bottom step, he looked up at Kangin and waited patiently for his answer.

"It’s not just Kibum. I don’t want you to go to anyone. I want you to come to me when you’re happy, sad, angry, tired, scared, hurt, bored or sick. I want you to come to me first. I want you to think of me first. Not the others. I want you to place me first. In your mind and in your heart."

Raising his head, seeing that Kyuhyun hadn’t run away to Kibum yet, Kangin took a step closer to the younger boy and looking straight into his eyes. "Just like I do with you."

"Do you love me?"

"Do I love you?"


"Do you love me Kyuhyun?"


"I do." Said Kangin now sitting on his knees in front of Kyuhyun.

Taking Kyuhyun’s cheeks in his hand, holding them lovingly, looking at Kyuhyun, with eyes full of love, Kangin said "I really do love you Kyu." Before kissing him lightly on the lips. Pulling his head back Kangin was about to drop his hands away when Kyuhyun held them in place.

"Kyuhyun, what are you doing?" Asked Kangin, searching the younger’s eyes for answers that he wouldn’t say.



"I love you."

Kangin once again froze at Kyuhyun’s words but this time he was able to recover a lot faster. Breaking into a silly grin, Kangin smiled. A true happy smile. A smile that looked as if he’d just conquered the world. To Kangin, it felt that he really did. To love someone who loves you back. Who accepts your love. Who believes in you. That really was a conquest.


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Tags: !fanfiction, group: super junior, pairing: kangin x kyuhyun
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