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[FIC] Screw

Title: Screw
Author: sbluesnow
Group(s): Super Junior
Main: Archive
Pairing(s): Hankyung x Sungmin, Kibum x Henry
Chapter(s): One-Shot
Summary: A quick escape to the roof leads to other things.


"Why are we-" Hankyung couldn’t get another word out of his mouth because someone’s hand was firmly clamped onto his mouth. That certain someone was Super Junior’s one and only Pink Prince Lee Sungmin.

Sungmin was frantically looking around and making sure there wasn’t anyone else on the rooftop that may catch them. Catch them from what you ask? Hankyung didn’t really understand it himself. It all happened about 10 minutes ago.

He was in the kitchen making something other than Beijing friend rice when Sungmin came running in and grabbed him. Sungmin literally dragged him out of the dorm and up to the roof. He had enough sense to turn off the stove before letting Sungmin drag him away. He didn’t have a clue as to what was going on. That was 10 minutes ago and Sungmin still haven’t told him anything.

He was tired of crouching behind the water tank and his legs were numb. Slowly removing Sungmin’s hand, he softly whispered into the younger boy’s ear.

"Sungmin ah, why are we hiding behind the water tank up on the rooftop?"

"Because hyung." Sungmin whispered back, not looking at Hankyung but at the door and their surroundings.

"But why?"

"Why what?"

"Why are we hiding?"

"We’re hiding from HIM!"

"Why are WE hiding? I didn’t do anything."

"You sorta got mixed into it hyung."

"Mixed into what?"

"Kangin’s chasing after Shindong because he wants a piece of Shindong’s Ambrosia’s Chocolate Torte but Shindong won’t let him have any until he gets his Patek Philippe ref 5146 P Platinum Annual Calendar watch back from Zhou mi; who said that he won’t give it back to Shindong unless Yesung agrees to out to dinner with him; who said that he won’t go on that date with Zhou mi unless Kibum’s there; who said that he won’t go with either of them unless Henry teaches him how to bend that low; who said that he’s not going to teach him unless Siwon agrees to take it to the next level in their relationship but Siwon says he’s not going to agree unless Leeteuk agrees and Leeteuk said he isn’t going to agree unless Donghae lets him top; when Donghae said that he’s not going to let Leeteuk top unless Kyuhyun gives him the cheat codes so he could beat Eunhyuk; who said that he’s not going to pass over the codes unless Heechul gives him back the video with him in a pink girly short dress with his hair and makeup done; when Heechul said that’s not going to happen unless Eunhyuk agrees to have sex with him and his toys; when Eunhyuk said that wasn’t going to happen unless Ryeowook agrees to dress up as a girl and bottom; when Ryeowook said he isn’t going to do that unless I plant one on you." Sungmin said in one breath.

After finishing that long explanation, he was panting heavily trying to catch his breath. Hankyung was confused and shocked at what Sungmin had said.

"Plant one on me?"

"Yes as in kiss you."

"Why me?"

"Because he thinks we make a cute couple."


"Yeah and now be quiet! I think I hear someone coming." Sungmin said turning to face Hankyung and putting a finger to his lips to signal his hyung to keep quiet.

"There’s no one here Henry."

"But Kibum! I could have sworn I saw Sungmin ge and Hankyung ge run up the stairs towards the roof."

"It’s okay. Come on."

From Sungmin’s and Hankyung’s hiding spot, they could hear the sounds of their members shuffling away and the door closing behind them.

"Phew, that was clo-" Now it was Sungmin’s turn to have a hand firmly clamped onto his mouth. Just as he was about to protest, Hankyung leaned closer to Sungmin and shook his head. He poked his head around the corner and was looking at something.

Sungmin couldn’t move at all. His back was against the water tank and Hankyung was pressed firmly against him. Trapping him from going anywhere. Sungmin didn’t know why but his heart started to beat really fast. He didn’t get why of all times, now he was reacting to the other male. As Sungmin continued to stare at Hankyung and think about why his heart was beating so fast, he couldn’t help but notice his hyung’s beautiful face.

"Close is clear." Hankyung said, turning to look at Sungmin. Their eyes connected. Hankyung hadn’t moved away from Sungmin. His hand was still covering the younger male’s mouth. When he did remove his hand, Hankyung didn’t move back.

Sungmin looked at Hankyung with unsure eyes. Not thinking twice, Sungmin grabbed onto the back of Hankyung’s neck and crashed their lips together. The kiss was rough and demanding. Not soft and sweet at all. They both were fighting for dominance with Sungmin in the lead until Sungmin couldn’t help but moan when Hankyung rolled his tongue. Sungmin knew he had lost. He could feel Hankyung’s lips curling into a smirk. But really he could care less if he lost. Right now he had a hot Chinese man in his arms, kissing him and wanting him. Screw pride and winning. He had better things to screw in mind.


A/N: LOL hahaha then ending, I know. Continue right? WRONG! I don’t write smut. LOL

Comments are welcomed~♥

Tags: !fanfiction, group: super junior, pairing: hankyung x sungmin, pairing: kibum x henry
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