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[FIC] Number 1

Title: Number 1
Author: sbluesnow
Group(s): Super Junior
Main: Archive
Pairing(s): Kangin x Ryeowook
Chapter(s): One-Shot
Summary: I like your face.


It’s the middle of the night, and Kangin wants nothing more than to just sleep and not wake up to yet another chaotic scheduled filled day. Of course that didn’t happen. Hearing his cell phone ringing, he tried to block out the sound by lying on his stomach, facing flat on the mattress and covering his ears with the pillow. Tonight really wasn’t his night. The phone continued to ring, angry at who might be stupid enough to call him 3AM, he picked it up and yelled into the small device.

"WHAT?" half yelled half asleep at the poor person on the other line.

"Hello, this is Choi Youngminh, I’m one of the bartenders at LimeLight. Can you come pick up your friend, Ryeowook? He’s passed out."

"Why are you calling me? Why not ask one of the others?"

"Your number 1 on his list."

"Alright, fine. I’ll be there in 20 minutes. LimeLight the club right?"


"Okay, I’ll see you in 20."

After hanging up, Kangin lazily dragged his lazy self out of his warm bed and got dress to pick up Ryeowook.

How does the bartender know Ryeowook’s name anyways?

-At the club-

Walking into the club, Kangin notices just how quiet and empty it is. Looking around, he sees the staff cleaning up and one bartender waving at him to come over. Walking over to the bar, the bartender looks too young to be bartending but right now Kangin could care less if the guy was 13. He just wanted to go back to sleep.

"Are you Kangin?"


"We talked on the phone earlier. I’m Youngminh. Ryeowook is over there on the couch," Youngminh said, pointing to where Ryeowook was sleeping, just a couple feet away, "I didn’t want him to fall over and hurt himself again."


"Yeah, every now and then Ryeowook would tip over in his seat and fall down. Sometimes hard enough for there to be a bruise or-"

"How do you know his name?"

"Oh, he’s a regular here."

"Okay thanks." Said Kangin walking over to carry Ryeowook and take him home.

Throughout the whole car ride, getting out of the bar, walking up to Kangin’s apartment, Ryeowook didn’t put up a fight or resisted Kangin from helping him. That is until they were inside Kangin’s apartment.

"Hyung~ Can you keep a secret?" slurred Ryeowook almost hitting his head against the wall.

"What?" asked Kangin, holding onto Ryeowook’s waist to stop him from tripping over himself on the way to Kangin’s bedroom.

"I’ll tell you anyways." smiled a drunk Ryeowook.

"Okay, so tell me." said Kangin, placing Ryeowook onto his bed.

How much did he drink? His alcohol tolerance level is roughly the same as mine.

Pulling Kangin closer to himself, Ryeowook whispered hotly into Kangin’s ear in a low rough breath, "I like your face." before falling back onto the bed with an angelic smile gracing his lips.

Kangin stood there, hunched over leaning towards the bed, looking at Ryeowook with a shocked expression on his face.

My face??Not all of me? How could he tell me that and just fall asleep? Why I outta-

Looking at Ryeowook’s sleeping face, Kangin just couldn’t wake up the eternal magnae. He didn’t have the heart to do it.

Oh screw this. I’ll ask him in the morning.

With that thought, Kangin got onto the other side of the bed and pulled the blanket over himself and Ryeowook.

"Nite Wookie." said Kangin, giving a light kiss on the eternal magnae’s forehead. Ryeowook just snuggled closer to Kangin as his reply.


A/N: Nothing.

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Tags: !fanfiction, group: super junior, pairing: kangin x ryeowook
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