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[FIC] In front of your eyes Chapter 1

Title: In front of your eyes
Author: sbluesnow
Group(s): DBSK
Main: Archive
Pairing(s): Changmin x Junsu, Changmin x Yoochun, Yoochun x Junsu 
Chapter(s): 1/4
Summary: What a person sees is different from what the heart feels.


"I’ll miss you."

"No you won’t."

"Yes I will."

"What’s there to miss?"

"Changmin don’t do this please."

"Do what Junsu?"

"Can’t you pretend to care for at least a second?"


"Yes care for me."

"I do care Junsu."

"Then please don’t act like a jerk when I’m leaving."

"What? You expect me to be happy about you leaving?"

"I’m not happy that I have to leave either."

"Lies. You can’t wait to get away. Away from this retched place? Away from me."

"That’s not true."

"What you're saying is not true. Once you step out of that door, you're going to run for your life. Never looking back at this place again."


"Yes! So don’t lie to me and say you'll miss me when you won’t."

"But I will!"

"What's there to miss Junsu?"

"There's a lot to miss."

"Like what?"

"My childhood. The place we grew up. My parents. My family. You."

"You won't miss me. I don't see you and you don't see me."

"Changmin don't be like that."

"I'm not being anything."

"You're acting like its wrong for me to do this. For me to throw away this great opportunity that I've been given. Min, you know I've worked so hard for this and I finally got it. A chance to sing. A chance to fly and soar high up into the clouds. You of

all people should know how much I've worked hard for this. How much I've dreamed of this. Why can't you be happy for me Min?"

"I can't be happy for one more person Su."

"What do you mean?"

"I have to be happy. I have to smile and pretend that the world is a bright and cheery place when it's not. I have to be happy for everyone around me but not you. I could be myself when we're together. It didn't matter if everyone was smiling and I

was sad. I could be sad when you were there. I could be me. Now you're asking me to give up what's left of me. What's left of me there is."

"Changmin I-"

"Don't. Go on. You were right. This is an amazing opportunity for you. You should go. Take this chance and fly high into skies. See the beauty of the world. See what I can't see."

Attention all passengers: Plane 13-2-15 to Seoul will take off very shortly. Please board the plane now and get ready for takeoff.

"That's you. Go Junsu. Do what you've always dreamed of."


"No buts. Go." Changmin said, pushing Junsu into the terminal. He grabbed Junsu's papers out of his hands and gave it to the flight attendants at the door. They checked his papers and tickets and admitted him inside.

"Min I-"

"Bye Junsu. Go and see what I can't."

Junsu walked in front of the flight attendants, not really walking fast to make it onto the plane. He wanted to say goodbye to Changmin. He wanted to implant his face into his brain. To remember every single detail of that beautiful face.

Changmin waved and smiled at Junsu. It was only a matter of time before he'd leave and fly to Seoul and away from him.

It had been a week since Junsu left. He didn't call. If he did Changmin was never there to pick up. He didn't bother to carry his cell phone with him anymore. He didn't see the need in having the piece of plastic on him all the time. It just got in the

way of things. Like being a link to society.

Changmin didn't care for society anymore. He didn't see it and he didn't want it to see him. The one person who he wanted to see the most was gone. It didn't matter anymore. Nothing mattered anymore. His eyes were gone. His soul was gone. His

heart was gone. There was no point in staying here anymore. But he couldn't leave. He knew that. This place was the only thing he had left no matter how much he hated it. It was only what he and Junsu shared. The only thing left behind that would

stay and stay forever.

A/N: second DBSK fic. Bad or what? LOL

P.S. can you guess what’s up with Changmin?

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Tags: !fanfiction, group: dbsk, pairing: changmin x junsu, pairing: changmin x yoochun, pairing: yoochun x junsu
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