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[FIC] Somebody to Love Chapter 1

Title: Somebody to Love
Author: sbluesnow
Group(s): Super Junior, DBSK
Main: Archive
Main Pairing(s): Eunhyuk x Junsu, Hankyung x Kibum
Side Pairings(s): Donghae x Bada, Leeteuk x Henry, Siwon x Eunhyuk, Zhou mi x Eunhyuk, Heechul x Sungmin, Kyuhyun x Ryeowook x Yesung, Changmin x Jaejoong, Yunho x Yoochun, Family: Kangin x Eunhyuk, Shindong x Eunhyuk
Friend(s): Hankyung x Eunhyuk, Leeteuk x Eunhyuk, Eunhyuk x Bada, Hankyung x Bada, Leeteuk x Bada, Hankyung x Heechul, Heechul x Bada
Chapter(s): 1/6
Summary: A one night stay in his apartment that he doesn't call home changed his life. He cried and loved and loves again. The past hurts. This very day does. Moving on is easier when you let others in and help you.

Nightmares from the past keep on resurfacing. Since when he was 15. Now at the age of 23, it’s been 8 years. Eight long years of countless nightmares. Every now and then the nightmares would come back. He doesn’t need to sleep in the guest bedroom in his apartment anymore. He’s able to control himself. Unless it's really bad but he feels lonely. No warmth beside him in bed. No one to wake him up in the morning. No one to come home to. No one to love. Eunhyuk was tired of his bachelor life. It’s been so long since he had dated. Why? He didn’t know. He had dated in the past year numerous times but the relationship never lasted more than one month. And if it did, it didn’t pass the three month mark.

Dragging himself out of bed he let out a sigh. As usual, his alarm went off at exactly 6 AM. Walking to the bathroom he did what people did in the morning. Go to the washroom, wash his hands, brush his teeth, shave, take a quick shower, dry himself off, change into his work clothes, fix his hair, put on deodorant and gave himself a quick look over in the mirror before heading towards the kitchen to make breakfast.

Breakfast was the only thing other than his passion for dancing that he looked forward to in his day. Well not only breakfast, more like food in general. Opening the 6" high double door stainless steel refrigerator, he peered inside.

Blindly grabbing an arm full of vegetables, meat, sauces, fruits and leftovers, he walked over to the island and lay out the food in front of him. Slipping on the black apron he set to work. Cooking and dancing were the only thing he could do to relieve himself from his stress, anger, worry, and basically any other emotion that made him feel different. Like instead of his cute funny fail gummy smiling happy attitude.

Cooking and perfecting the dishes to his heart’s content, he was satisfied with the end result. There on the table was the food that he had slaved over for the past hour. On the table was a bowl of congee, a plate of stacked high of deep fried devils, kimchi, tofu , red-bean soup, cooked egg on top of rice gruel, pickled vegetables, seaweed, bolgogi, horicha, dan bing, man tou, fan tuan, tang bao, and fruit salad that consists of watermelon, strawberries, kiwi, mango, cantaloupe, honeydew, and dragon fruit. Packing three lunchboxes full of food; he set to eat his luxurious breakfast. Taking a sip of his coffee, he sat back in his seat and ate alone. Looking around the kitchen, he mentally sighed and continued on with his breakfast. it was already 8 AM. Putting the dishes in the sink, Eunhyuk grabbed his bad not forgetting the lunchboxes and strawberry milk; he left his apartment for work.

Driving in his Ferrari California through the front gates and into the academy grounds, he noticed the students were all jumpy and hyper. A buzz was in the air. As if their favorite idol was on campus. Which isn’t impossible because the best of the best idols usually were once SM Academy students. Or currently are SM Academy students.

Pulling his car into an empty space in the parking lot, he noticed Hankyung talking to someone and laughing along with them. The same laugh had missed so much over the past year. Killing the engine and opening the car door, Eunhyuk was about to walk over to Hankyung and that mysterious person when he heard his name being called out. It was Park Jungsoo. Or Leeteuk, the names that others called him by. He inwardly cringed. He knew that Leeteuk talking to him first thing in the morning could only mean one thing. Him. Eunhyuk. His life.

"Hi Leeteuk." Eunhyuk said, stepping out of his car with his bag in hand. Closing the door, he learned against his car. Leeteuk as usual looked like a model who just stepped out of a magazine. Hair perfectly styled, moving freely with the wind, falling perfectly to make the perfect messy look. Wearing white shoes, crisp ironed white pants that hung low on his hips, a white unbuttoned dress shirt with (again) a white wife beater underneath. The sleeves folded at elbow’s length, showing his tanned skin. If it was anyone else they would have looked like a white wall with a floating head but with Leeteuk it worked. The white on him looked amazing. A look that he could pull off really well and also keep the outfit crisp and clean all day. How he was able to do that was still a mystery to SM Academy’s faculty and students. Most of all the whiteness of the outfit instead of blending together to create just a white blob actually in truth accented his inverted triangle figure. Basically the guy was the envy of other teachers and students. With the sun shining behind him, he really did glow. Like an angel. Just like his name. An angel without wings. It was a good thing Eunhyuk was wearing navy blue tinted shades otherwise he would’ve been blinded by the bright light.

"Hi Hyukkie~!" Leeteuk greeted Eunhyuk, giving him a big hug. Eunhyuk couldn’t do anything but hug the older male back.

"Good to see you to."

Laughing that uniquely high pitched laugh, Leeteuk released Eunhyuk from his arms. Taking a step back, Leeteuk gave Eunhyuk a good look over.

Eunhyuk was dressed in comfortable clothes. A pair of VANS trainers, blue loose faded jeans, a white belt, and a black buttoned up elbow sleeved dress shirt. The first two buttons only undone to show his necklace, a single strip of platinum without a shirt underneath. His hair was messy but it looked so cute on him. Most of all, the silver chunky bracelet on his right wrist wearing the pair of navy blue tinted shades and leaning against the car, it made him look like a young rich heir to a multi-million multi-national corporation. He gave off an air of snotty pampered self-centered brat but that one messenger bag that was hanging loosely off his shoulder just made him look downright adorable and humble. It’s amazing what accessories can do.

Leeteuk gave his nod of approval, glad that Eunhyuk had learned a few things about fashion from him through these past couple of years.

"HOT! The outfit. One word. Amazing! Plus with the accessories and the car, I’m surprised you haven’t been tackled by admirers." Leeteuk said with his hands on Eunhyuk’s shoulders still examining his outfit.

Eunhyuk just had to laugh at his friend. He hasn’t changed since they day they met. Smiling his gummy smile, Eunhyuk basked in his hotness. "I know."

"Yah! Don’t let it go to your head." Leeteuk said giving Eunhyuk a playful slap on the arm.

"Ouch! That hurt!" Eunhyuk joked, rubbing the spot where Leeteuk had hit him.

"Come on!" Heechul said appearing out of nowhere and linking his arm through Eunhyuk’s. "Let’s go."

"Woah! Where did you come from?" Eunhyuk asked trying to get Heechul to let go of his arm. He really didn’t want the other faculty members or his students seeing this. Not that they would tease him about having a guy on his arm. Oh no, they’d tease him about having Heechul drag him to wherever and do whatever Heechul wanted.

"Yah! Heechul ah! Please let go of my arm!" Eunhyuk said forcefully trying to yank his arm out of Heechul’s grasp.

Leeteuk just stood there highly amused. It looked like they were frozen in place. Their bodies that is. Not their mouths. Like a baton race. One runner turning back to look at the other runner to pass on the baton. Except it was a more like grabbing onto Eunhyuk’s arm with his bag now hanging on his forearm. The bag being dragged back and forth across the pavement. With Eunhyuk, his legs spread apart looking like he was half-way through doing the splits and Heechul just standing there.

Forget the race. It was more like a mother dragging her 4 year old son into ballet class when he wants to be down the hall in karate class.

"Teukie! Help me!" Eunhyuk whined.

"Yah! You disrespectful brat! Show some respect to your hyung!" Heechul growled.

"Teukie hyung!"

"Not him!" Heechul shouted.

Leeteuk laughed and finally stepped in.

"Heechul. Let go of Eunhyuk. You’re torturing him."

"Serves him right for disrespecting me." Heechul huffed, releasing his deathly tight hold on Eunhyuk’s arm and crossing his arms across his torso.

"What’s so important anyways?" Eunhyuk asked readjusting his bag on his shoulder and gently massaging the now huge red spot on his right arm.

"You haven’t heard?"

"Heard what?" Leeteuk and Eunhyuk asked in unison.

"Unbelievable! How can you not know?"

"I just got here!" Eunhyuk cried out.

"PFFH! I don’t even need to hear your excuse. Your mind works at a MUCH slower rate than others." Heechul said in-a-matter-of-factly voice.

"HEY! That’s mean! And not true!"

"Yeah you continue believing that." Heechul said with a bored expression on his face, looking at his nails.

"I will!"

Heechul raised his gaze to look at Eunhyuk and smirked.

"WAIT! NO! I mean it’s NOT true!"

"Sure monkey." Heechul said patting his head. "So what’s your excuse?" Heechul said turning to look at Leeteuk.

"Uh…I don’t have one?" Leeteuk said hesitantly and unsure of his answer.

Heechul rolled his eyes at the older male and let out an overdramatic sigh. "Aish! What would you do without me?"

Both Leeteuk and Eunhyuk didn’t say anything to that. Heechul choosing to ignore his friends silence continued on with his talk. "This morning something HUGE happened! Something even bigger than Eunhyuk’s stinky smell!"

"HEY! That’s no-"

"Shut it or else!" Heechul snapped.

Eunhyuk immediately closed his mouth shut and gave Heechul his full attention. If you wanted to live and live in one piece, it’s better to do what Heechul tells you to do. The "or else" is NEVER a good thing.

"This morning something huge happened. Bada was almost hit by a car on campus."

"Is she okay? Is she hurt? Who the hell was the idiot who drove the damn car?" Eunhyuk asked grabbing onto the front of Heechul’s shirt. From far away, it would have looked like they were about to get into a fight.

"She’s fine! Now let go of my new shirt! If you wrinkle this one, you’re buying me a new one!" Heechul said glaring at Eunhyuk.

"Sorry." Eunhyuk said sheepishly, letting go of Heechul’s shirt and taking a step away from the feminine man.

"But Eunhyuk has a point. What and how did it happen?" Leeteuk asked crossing his arms, looking expectantly at Heechul.

"I was getting to that!" he said in an irritated tone.

"This morning Bada was walking towards the dance studio building when she saw a little kitty sitting in the middle of the road in front of the building. You know how in the morning lots of students and faculty drive by every 5 minutes or so?"

"Yeah." They answered in unison.

"Well she didn’t want the kitty to get run over or for cars to swerve and end up being in an accident, so she ran towards the kitty and picked it up. The kitty’s paw was badly injured. She as too busy looking over the injury to notice the car coming at her really fast. She couldn’t hear the driver because she was listening to her iPod. When she did look up, the car was only a few metres away from her. This is where it gets really good. This guy ran towards Bada and the kitty and pushed them both out of the way. The driver swerved and hit the said guy’s motorcycle. It was like a scene out of a movie. Where the guy runs and saves the girl from getting hit by a car and they fall in love!"

"Wow! How did I miss that?"

"You were busy fusing over your hamster that’s how!"

"Hamster? I never knew you had a pet hamster Leeteuk."

"I don’t!"

"Heechul, Leeteuk says that he doesn’t."

"You idiot! I don’t mean a real hamster!"

"Then an imaginary hamster?" Eunhyuk asked, slowly shifting away from his hyung, who he thinks has finally cracked.

"NO! And stop moving away from me! I’m not crazy. You are. It’s-"

"Enough Heechul."

The tone of voice Leeteuk used was scary. It was his umma personality taking over. Teukie umma is someone you never want to go against. Going against Heechul, things never end well. Going against Teukie umma, things DON’T end at all! The hatred, the anger is there. Constantly. The anger never leaves until you beg for forgiveness and pay your debt to Teukie umma. Heechul stopped himself from saying anything further.

"Who saved Bada, Heechul?" This time his tone of voice was softer but it was obvious that if Heechul brought up the subject again, its war.

"Some new teacher here."



"Do you know which department?"

"I don’t care."

"Heechul! The guy saved Bada’s life! Considering that she’s practically your twin you’d know who he is!" Eunhyuk exclaimed looking at Heechul unbelievably.

"Shut up Eunhyuk." Heechul said sending Eunhyuk an evil glare.

"Yes Heechul." Eunhyuk said standing behind Leeteuk. Leeteuk may be worse of an enemy to have but standing behind him is a lot better than having air between himself and Heechul.

"Heechul stop scaring him. He’s just asking."

"Yah I know but does he have to be so defensive god!" Heechul said pulling out his phone and checking his messaged. "I’m her best friend and I’m not even like that! He’s acting like he’s her lover or something." Looking up, Heechul looked right at Eunhyuk.

"You don’t love her like that do you?"

"WHAT?" Eunhyuk shouted with his mouth hanging open.

He looked so cute like that. Shocked and clueless but Heechul choose to ignore it.

"Do you want to date Bada? Do you love her? Love her more than a friend? As a lover? Do you want to marry her?" Heechul asked with each question he poked Eunhyuk’s forehead.

"Yah!" Eunhyuk protested pushing Heechul’s arm away from his forehead. "No I don’t love her like that. She’s just someone important to me like you guys."

"Aww do you really mean that Hyukkie?" Bada asked coming to stand next to Heechul.

Eunhyuk once again hid behind Leeteuk and looked at the ground. His face was flushed. Everyone knew that he wasn’t good at expressing his feelings. And if he did, he gets embarrassed especially to a girl or about a girl.

"Aww you’re too cute!" Bada said walking over and pulling Eunhyuk into a hug. Eunhyuk shyly hugged back. The second time this morning he was glad he wore shades.

Suddenly remembering what he was asking Heechul about earlier, he pulled out of Bada’s embrace and looked at her.

"Are you okay? You’re not hurt are you? You’re not traumatized right? Who’s that idiot who drove the car? I’ll go and give them a piece of my mind right now!" Eunhyuk babbled on and on until Bada shut him up by covering his mouth with the palm of her hand.

"Hyukkie, calm down. I’m fine. Not hurt or scarred for life." Bada said reassuring Eunhyuk that she really was okay. "And don’t worry. The kitty’s okay too. I’m going to move my hand away but you have to promise not to track the driver down and pummel him to death." Eunhyuk nodded his head and Bada smiled. Removing her hand, she had to laugh at Eunhyuk’s expression. He looked so adorable. Pouting like she had just taken away his banana.

"Come on! Let’s go and meet up with Hankyung." Bada said linking her arm through Eunhyuk’s.

"Don’t you have a class to teach Bada? Honestly you’re hanging out with Heechul too much! Not teaching class because you don’t feel like it."

Heechul smacked the back of Eunhyuk’s head really hard.

"Oww! What was that for?" Eunhyuk asked rubbing the sore spot on his head.

Heechul raised his arm and was about to smack him in the head again if Bada and Leeteuk hadn’t stepped in.

"Enough you to. Since morning you’ve been bickering and fighting."

"Yeah, like a couple. Honestly. As fun as it is to watch, Eunhyuk has to meet Hannie."

"I do?" asked a confused Eunhyuk.

"Yes. I was supposed to tell you that so we could go see him together."

"Why didn’t you tell me this sooner?"

"Because she just didn’t alright!" Heechul said answering for Bada.

Bada rolled her eyes at her friends. Sometimes she wonders how they even became friends. Oh that’s right, freshman year in university. Shaking her head, she pulled a confused and reluctant Eunhyuk towards the dance studio building.

"We’ll talk to you guys later." She called over her shoulder and waved at Leeteuk and Heechul.

Turning on the car alarm to his car with a click from the remote, Eunhyuk walked with Bada to see Hankyung.


A/N: end of chapter 1

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