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[FIC] To fly without wings

Title: To fly without wings
Author: sbluesnow
Group(s): Super Junior
Main: Archive
Pairing(s): Kyuhyun x Yesung
Chapter(s): One-Shot
Summary: You want to fly. You want to leave. He'll keep you grounded. You ask why. He says he'll miss you.
Dedicated to: music_loner


Sitting in the room, full of people, waiting for their turn to go on, he felt lonely. He felt alone.

"I feel alone." He whispered.

"So do I." You whisper softly, walking by him.

He looks up in surprise at you. He doesn't stop you from walking to the others. You don't stop to wait for him either.

You don't look at him. You don't acknowledge his look or his presence at all. You pretend you hadn't heard him. You pretend you hadn't said anything. Instead you focus on going over the choreography and the lyrics for your performance.

The performance goes by really quick. The sounds of screams from the fans that love you, idol you, and worship you replays in your ears. You smile. A happy smile knowing that you're loved.

You look around the room. Everyone's smiling and laughing and enjoying themselves. You see him off in the back with Heechul, laughing and joking around. You don't say anything.

You look away. You walk away.

The night ends. You all head home, each into your respective dorms. The dorm 11 members get off the elevator first. The dorm 12 members goes up to another floor. You get out with the others and lag behind. The others are still happy and too energtic in your opinion. You just want it to stop. The noise, the laughter, the giggles, the looks and the smiles. You want it to all stop.

Once inside, you make a beeline for the bathroom. The others laugh at you. You don't care. They tease you, cracking jokes about you needing to go to the bathroom. You don't care. You turn on the sink full blast, letting your hand touch the ice cold water. You soak your hands in the water until you're hands are shivering. Only then do you wash your face. With your shivering hands and ice cold water. You splash your face. You wake yourself from the world. From their world.

You want it to stop. To stop seeing what they see. To stop hearing what they hear. To stop being a part of them. You want an escape. You want to run away but you can't. You know it. You've tried before but got sucked back in the moment you tried to step out of that door. You've forgotten the thing called "freedom." You've forgotten the feeling.

The feeling to fly. To soar and be who you want to be. Not who you're expected to be. Not who you're told to be. Not who you're seen as.

Opening your eyes, you lift your hand and look in the mirror. You stare at the reflection in the mirror. The reflection you've grown accustomed to but not recogonize. The reflection that you hate. The reflection that you want to break. The reflection that is staring back at you with blank emotionless eyes.

You sigh.

You stand straight and grab onto the counter for support. You close your eyes and take a deep breath. Just another day. Just one more of the 35277 days to come.

You continue to stand. To stay in the same spot. In the same stance from seconds into minutes into almost an hour.

Your eyes are still closed. You don't want to open them and see what you hate. To see what you've become.

A cold wind floats through the room. Your body shivers from the cold. Your hands have gone numb while you were standing. Your legs are asleep. If you move, you will fall.

You eyes snap open at the feeling of someone behind you.

There in your reflection behind you is him.

Your eyes go wide. You look at him. He looks at you. You don't move. You don't breath.

The water is still running. The tap is still spouting cold water down the drain. There are little splashes of water on the counter but you don't care. You see him looking at you with eyes that are red. Red as a flame. Red as fire. Red as blood.

He moves. He walks closer to you. Small steps towards you. You don't turn around to push him away or yell at him for invading your space. You just stay where you are, waiting for his next move.

He stands behind you. His hand is close to you. It's around you. You look at him but he's not looking at you. He's looking at the tap. He turns the water off.

There isn't anymore splashes. Anymore sound. Silence.

It's what you've asked for but you feel incomplete. Unsatisfied.

His arms link around your waist. He hugs you close from behind. You don't move. He moves to you. His face is buried into your shoulder.

"You're alone."

You say nothing. You still look at him through the mirror. You're standing there like a doll.

"I'm alone."

No you're not. You're one of them. You belong there. Not in here. You want to tell him to get out, to leave but you don't. You just wait for his words.

"We're both alone."

No. You have them. I have no one.

"Yesung, be with me." He says, lifting his head and looking at you, right back through the mirror. He holds your gaze. You can't look away.

"Be with me. Be mine." You inhale. You breathe.

"Kyuhyun." The name slips out.

Kyuhyun says nothing. He turns you around and look at you.

You feel the walls breaking. You feel the windows cracking. You feel the doors opening.

Kyuhyun leans forward. His lips touch yours.

You feel the chains loosening.

He kisses you.

The shackles comes off.

You kiss him back.

They fall to the ground.

You wrap your arms around his neck and pull him closer, to deepen the kiss.

You're flying. You're flying without wings. The wings that were taken from you, you don't need them as long as you have Kyuhyun. You're flying. You're in the air.


A/N: It's sad that this took me an hour to write. But it didn't feel like it.

Comments are welcomed~♥
Tags: !fanfiction, group: super junior, pairing: kyuhyun x yesung
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