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[FIC] Are You Ready?

Title: Are You Ready?
Author: sbluesnow
Group(s): Super Junior
Main: Archive
Pairing(s): Hankyung x Kyuhyun
Chapter(s): One-Shot


"Money!" the princess Heechul commanded, and Hankyung cringed as he pulled out a good-sized amount of won bills and handed it over. "… This is it?"

Hankyung cringed.
"Yes…" He said hesitantly.

"Oh come on! It’s not like I’m going to bite your head off."

"Are you sure about that?"

"Do you want me to get mad?"


"Then don’t talk back to me!"

"But-" Heechul glared at him. Hankyung sighed in defeat. It was pointless to fight against Heechul. Seeing that Hankyung had given up, Heechul smiled and counted the won bills in his hands. Smiling to himself, he kissed Hankyung on the cheek and left to go shopping.

"How many times are you going to give in to him?"

Hankyung turned around to face that voice. It was none other than Math Genius of Super Junior, Cho Kyuhyun.

"What are you talking about Kyuhyun?"

"Don’t play innocent Hangeng. I know that you’re only following Heechul’s crazy demands because he’s holding something against you."

"And if he is?"

"Then what would you say if I knew about your little secret too?"

Hankyung visibly tensed at Kyuhyun’s words. Its’ not possible for the younger man to know. No matter how sneaky or conniving the younger maybe at getting others to reveal information, it’s not possible for him to find out. It’s just NOT. Heechul had only found out because Hankyung had no choice but to tell him.

"You’re lying."

"I’m not."

"Yes you are. There’s no way for you to find out."

"Heechul found out."

"That’s because I told him."

"And why did you do that?"

"I have my reasons."

"And I have my ways of finding things out Hangeng."

"So? What are you going to do? Take my money?"

"No, that’s Heechul’s job," Kyuhyun said taking quick steps towards Hankyung until he was right in front of him. Leaning towards Hankyung, Kyuhyun whispered into Hankyung’s ear, purposely letting his hot breath blow down Hankyung’s neck.

"I want you as my personal slave."

"NO!" Hankyung shouted, shoving Kyuhyun away from him and taking a few steps back from the younger man.

"You don’t have a choice."

"Yes I do."

"No you don’t. If you don’t do as I say, I’ll tell everyone your little secret."

"Hahahahaha." The laughter coming from Hankyung wasn’t his gentle airy laugh that was calm and comforting. It was more hollow and menacing.

"Go ahead Kyuhyun. If you really knew my secret you wouldn’t say anything to anyone. You’d avoid me instead of telling the whole world."

Kyuhyun didn’t say anything. He just looked at Hankyung blankly. But Hankyung wasn’t fooled. He knew that at this moment, Kyuhyun’s brain was racing to think and put the pieces together of what he just said.

"Do you really want to know my secret that badly Kyu?" Hankyung asked, walking slowly towards the younger man. So slowly compared to a normal person. As if giving him a chance to run away but that’s futile. No matter how fast he’d run Hankyung would catch him and stop him from moving an inch. The situation wasn’t good. He was supposed to have the upper hand! He was supposed to win!

"The tables have turned Kyu," Hankyung said taking a step closer.

"Do you want to know that badly?" Another step closer to the target.

"Are you ready for it?" Just one step away from the target.

"Are you ready?" Lock and center on the target. Kyuhyun hadn’t even realized that with each step Hankyung took towards him he had taken a step back. Until he had reached the wall where he had nowhere else to go. Hankyung trailed his finger’s up from Kyuhyun’s stomach to his neck and held onto his chin. The touch was gentle but the hold was strong. Doing what Kyuhyun had done to him earlier, Hankyung thought it was time to get even. Leaning towards Kyuhyun, Hankyung whispered into Kyuhyun’s ear, purposely letting his hot breath blow down Kyuhyun’s neck.

"Are you ready?" He said, his lips touching the outer shell of Kyuhyun’s ears for a second. It was so gentle that Kyuhyun would have wondered if it really happened. But of course it did. His heart was beating a mile a minute. His brain was a complete mess. His senses were on fire. Even the feather like touches burned his skin.

"Yes…" He said with confidence, where he got that from he didn’t know.

Hankyung pulled back instantly and his hold on Kyuhyun’s chin was a little tighter. His other hand flew to the front of Kyuhyun’s shirt and grabbed onto the fabric. Forming a fist within the fabric. His eyes were cold. There was no warmth. No love. No gentle caring Hankyung.

"All because of you. All because of fucking you! You Kyuhyun! Why I put up with Heechul and his stupid schemes and endless demands! Why I end up acting like a fucking idiot when you’re around. Because of YOU! I loved you! I FUCKING LOVED YOU! But not anymore! I’m tired of being toyed with. I’m sick of your games and antics! There’s only so many times I’m willing to believe and get my heart broken in a million pieces again. I FUCKING LOVED YOU!!!" Hankyung said, fists grabbing onto Kyuhyun’s shirt and shaking him against the wall. Letting Kyuhyun’s back slam against the wall again and again.

"I lovED you." Hankyung said his fists clenched into Kyuhyun’s shirt even tighter than before. Hankyung released his hold on Kyuhyun’s shirt, his arms dropping to his sides and face down. "But not anymore."

Hankyung walked away from Kyuhyun. Never once looking back. Kyuhyun didn’t say anything. He didn’t call out to Hankyung. He didn’t stop him. He didn’t stop himself from hurting Hankyung in the past. And he couldn’t stop himself from hurting Hankyung now.

It was balanced. And he knew that. For their lives to be in perfect balance, in perfect harmony, he’d have to show his love to Hankyung. That would be a perfect world. A balance between the bad and good. But so far it seemed, Kyuhyun’s the bad and Hankyung’s the good. The two worlds can co-exist to have a balance but they can’t merge. To merge and become one. Even if he was to try to show his feelings now, it’s too late. Hankyung had already left. He left and he was never coming back.


A/N: The end! Lol crappy ending but yeah…..

Stuff in blue font in the first couple lines isn’t owned by me. The owner is obsidian-rain@DA

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Tags: !fanfiction, group: super junior, pairing: hankyung x kyuhyun
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