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[FIC] Love sick

Title: Love sick
Author: sbluesnow
Group(s): Super Junior
Main: Archive
Pairing(s): Leeteuk x Heechul
Chapter(s): One-Shot


"Aww aren’t they cute?" Eeteuk squealed.

"Ha! More like a bunch of love sick puppies!" scoffed Heechul.

"Don’t be so mean Heechul ah."

"I’m not being mean."

"Yes you are."

"Oh really?"

"Yes really."

"How am I being mean then umma?" Heechul said crossing his arms.

"I mean, why are you being so mean to the puppies?"


"Yes the puppies!" Eeteuk exclaimed, throwing his hands up in defeat.

"Who the hell said I was talking about the puppies?" Heechul asked, looking at Eeteuk as if he was crazy.

"Don’t look at me like that. You said ‘love sick puppies.’ That’s mean. They’re cute little animals."

"Idiot! I wasn’t talking about the puppies as in dog puppies. I was taking about all the love sick couples holding and ogling over them."

"What are yo-" Eeteuk was cut off by Heechul’s hand placed over his mouth.

"Look, HanHae is playing fetch with that Cavachons. HenWook is feeding that Yorkie-chon. KangWon is giving that Cavalier King Charles Spaniel a bath. KyuDong are teaching that Maltese new tricks. YeHyukBum are taking a nap with the Lhasa-Poo twins. And MiMing are taking pictures with that little Yorkshire Terrier."

"How do you know all of them?"

"That doesn’t matter!"

"Okay, fine it doesn’t but what’s your point Heenim?"

"My point is that it’s sickening! They’re all lovely dovey!"

"I think someone’s jealous."

"Park Jungsoo. How dare you think that of me! I don’t get jealous."

"Alright, you’re not jealous. You’re lonely. They all have someone or two and you have no one."

"Shut up." Heechul said looking at the others in the dog pound all having fun.

Eeteuk walked behind of Heechul and wrapped his arms around Heechul’s waist. Holding Heechul in a tight hold and resting his chin on Heechul’s shoulder, he took in the sight before him.

"You’re not alone you know." Eeteuk whispered, holding onto Heechul tighter when he said those words.

"I know."

"You do?" Eeteuk asked tilting his head to the side to get a clearer look at Heechul’s face.

"Yeah. I have you." Heechul said fondly turning to look at Eeteuk and smiled at him. Not his signature rotten smile or a fake one either. A real sweet smile.

Seeing that smile, Eeteuk couldn’t help but smile as well. Heechul turned around and looked back at the others again. Leaning against Eeteuk’s chest, he was pulled closer to the older male. Eeteuk’s hold was a little tight and possessive around his waist but he didn’t mind. Heechul just snuggled closer against Eeteuk’s chest and linked his own fingers with the leaders.

A/N: random.
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Tags: !fanfiction, group: super junior, pairing: heechul x leeteuk
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