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[FIC] No More Chapter 2

Title: No more
Author: sbluesnow
Group(s): Super Junior
Main: Archive
Pairing(s): Hankyung x Eunhyuk, Eunhyuk x Sungmin, Kyuhyun x Sungmin
Chapter(s): 2/7
Summary: Sungmin gets dumped but refuses to accept it.
Previous: Chapter 1


Eunhyuk’s POV

It was for the best I suppose. Aimlessly, Eunhyuk’s feet brought him to SM building. He walked through the lobby and got into the lift. I mean if I were to go to him when he was crying on the floor then it means that I’d forgiven him for what he’s done. Getting out, he walked in the direction of the dance studio where the others were practicing. Can I really live without seeing that bright smile and know that I’m not the reason behind it? Can I do that? Can I- "Eunhyuk. LEE HYUKJAE!" Yelled Donghae right into his ear.

"What??" Yelled Eunhyuk back covering his now hurt and wet left ear with his hand.

"What What?"

"What What What?"

"What What What What?"

"What Wha- Oh stop that!"

"What? I thought we were playing," pouts Donghae.

"YAH! What did you want anyways?

"Huh?? Oh right! Nothing really, just-"

"NOTHING? You shouted and got spit in my ear for nothing Hae?" said Eunhyuk staring at Hae with an incredulous expression on his face. Honestly how does your brain work?

"As I was saying, nothing really just that you seemed really sad and I wanted to know if you were alright, that’s all."


"So are you? Ok I mean."

"Yeah, I’m fine." Said Eunhyuk not meeting Donghae’s eyes.

"YAH! Lee Hyukjae! You’re hiding something from me."

"No I’m not."

"Oh yeah?"


"Then tell me you’re okay looking straight at me!"

"Pffhh Why should I?"

"See! You’re avoiding the question."

"No I’m not!"

"Yes you are!"

"Nuh uh."

"Yah huh."

"Nuh uh."

"Yah huh."

"Nuh uh."

"Don’t you ‘Nuh uh’ my ‘Yah huh’" said Donghae with his hand on his hips.

"Hey Eunhyuk" called Kangin from down the hall, with his head poking out the studio’s door, 6 feet away.

"Yeah hyung?"

"Leader shii said he wants to ask you about the chorography you and Shindong made."

"Oh, thanks hyung, I’m coming." Replied Eunhyuk, turning to Donghae "I’m fine really Hae."

Hopefully Hae will forget. I don’t want to lie to him, seeing that hurt expression is bad enough. If the others notice him upset they’ll start asking questions and they’ll come after me. I don’t need that right now.
With a sigh, Eunhyuk picked up his pace and went towards the studio to help Leeteuk with the chorography. Once standing in front of the door, hand on the handle, Eunhyuk took a deep breath and forced a smile on his face before going in. Stepping inside, Eunhyuk noticed that everyone was happy, laughing and talking with one another, none of them having a clue what just happened to 2 of their band mates.

To think that a group this big, secrets would be hard to keep. How could they not have noticed? We weren’t all over each other but if you looked closely you would have noticed that we did more skinship with one another, on and off camera. I guess being in a group this big, you just overlook these things. Oh well. Its better this way I guess. No one nagging about is it going to be awkward for the band. Only awkward for us. What used to be us. What USED to be us. The only person who knows is Kyuhyun. But I doubt he’ll say anything. Unless he wants 12 other members harassing him. That guy, of all people too! Why did Sungmin have to choose him? Why him??!!! The fans already paired you too together so you decided to make it true? Did you really ever loved me once at all? Only in the end did you actually tell me you loved me that actually sounded believable. Or was it that I wanted to believe it? What does it even matter anymore, I-

"Hey Eunhyuk hyung, why are you just standing there?" asked Henry.

At hearing no reply from Eunhyuk everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at him, waited for his reply.


"Eunhyuk hyung?"


"HYUNG!" exclaimed Henry shaking his hyungs shoulders.

"Wahhh Hennnlliiii! Sttoppp shakkiinng mmee."

"Sorry." Said Henry sheepishly, letting go of Eunhyuk’s shoulders and taking a step back.

"It’s okay."

"Yah! What’s with you? Just standing there like a tree in front of the door?"

"Heechul hyung. Don’t compare Eunhyuk to a tree."

"Why not? He’s skinny enough plus standing there not moving at all. It works."

"It’s just mean."

"No it’s not Siwon. You’re just too nice."

"Just give up Siwon. Heechul will never change."

"But Hankyung hyu-"

"All of you quiet!"

"But it was just Siwon, Hankyung and Heechul, Leeteuk hyung" pointed out Ryeowook.

"I said QUIET!" said a very annoyed Leeteuk making Ryeowook hide behind Kibum.

The leader walked over to Eunhyuk and Henry. Talking in a very worried motherly tone, "Eunhyuk are you alright? Did something happen on your way over?"

"No hyung. I was just thinking that’s all."

"You thinking? That’s-"

"Heechul quiet," Leeteuk commanded, glaring at Heechul before turning back to face Eunhyuk "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I’m sure hyung."

"Alright, if you say so."

"I do."

"Okay then, anyways help me with the chorography, I can’t get the steps right after the jump."

"Oh, here, I’ll work with you on it."

"Thanks Eunhyuk."

"No problem Leader shii."

Eunhyuk and Leeteuk walked over towards the mirrors on the other side of the room, away from the others and the door. "We’ll talk about this later, and-"

"But I’m fi-"

"And no buts. We will talk about this later Eunhyuk."


"Good. Now show me how to do the routine properly."

"Sure. Shindong, can you press play on the stereo?" Eunhyuk called out from across the room.

"Sure thing."

~Nuh uhbshi honjasuh nan amuguhtdo mothae
Nuh uhbneun nae haruga iruhkedo ginde
Nuh uhbshi jigeumgguht uhttuhke sarawanneunji
Ijeneun domuji nan ihaejocha andwae

Gamanhi gwi giwooryuh nae shimjange sorireul deuruhbwa
Nae maeumen uhneusae nado moreuge niga sanabwa
Doo nooneul gameumyuhn uhnjena niga boyuhsuh
Maeil bam kkoomsogedo woorin neul hamkkeyuhsuh

Uhnjena nuhui gyuhte isseulge ijeneun maeil bam nuhreul baraeda julge
Hansumdo mot jan narir~

"Here’s what you do, turn, pop, lock, wave, step, jump, step, crunch, spin, stand, point, arms out, arms up, ste-"

While Eunhyuk and Leeteuk were busy practicing, the other members huddled into a circle-ish shape and starting gossiping discussing their concern about what just happened with Eunhyuk.

"What’s with him? He doesn’t usually space out like that." Said Shindong.

"Yeah that’s your job Yesung."

"HEY! Oh like you’re one to talk baby."

"Yah!! I’m not the baby! Henli is!"

"Eternal magnae, baby, same thing."

"I’m the baby? Right. Anyways, what do you think what happened to Eunhyuk hyung?" asked Henry.

Everyone was thinking about what it could have been that made their happy gummy smiling Eunhyuk down. Right at this moment Donghae walked into the dance studio and saw the members sitting on in the far corner looking troubled. Walking over and sitting down next to Zhou mi, "What are you guys talking about?" asked Donghae.

"Oh hey hyung we were just talking about what could have made Eunhyuk hyung sad." Replied Kyuhyun.

"Have you guys figured it out yet?"

"Not yet gege," said Zhou Mi moving his head to rest on Hae’s shoulder.

"What do you think it could be? Do you think it could be about his family?" asked Siwon.

"No, if it was, then Leeteuk hyung would already know about it and would have told us." Answered Hankyung.

"Then what could it be?" asked Kibum.

"Well since its now about us, his friends or his family that only means," paused Heechul, looking over at Leeteuk and Eunhyuk then back at the group before answering.

"Means what hyung?" asked Kangin.

"Yah! I wasn’t finished. As I was saying before the raccoon butted in," Heechul said looking at Kangin "It could only mean it has to do with his love life!"

"Love life?" Kangin repeated.

"Yes! Love life! What are you deaf??"

"Heechul, don’t be mean. Kangin hyung was just asking."

"Oh be quiet Siwon."

"Fine~ Geng, Heechul’s-"

"Look if you’re going to talk in Chinese about me to Hankyung then you better watch it otherwise I’ll get Seasoning to translate for me and I’ll swear at you in Chinese!"

"Fine!" said Siwon pouting.

"Right. Anyways do you guys really think it could be about his love life?"

"Or lack of a love life." Whispered Yesung. "Oww! Wookie! Why’d you hit my arm for? That hurt."

"I heard that."

"You still didn’t have to hit me that hard."

"So? You deserved it." Ryeowook said looking at Yesung before turning to Shindong, "As you were saying before hyung?"

"Do you guys really think it could be about his love life?" said Shindong "Something that happened or didn’t happen." adding that last part shooting a look at Yesung.

"It’s possible." Stated Kyuhyun.

"What’s possible?" asked Leeteuk, walking with Eunhyuk towards the group.

"Oh nothing, Leeteuk umma." Said Henry a faint blush coming onto his cheeks.

"Oh all right~" said Leeteuk, his voice sounding like a mother’s voice when her baby first calls her umma.

"Come on Henli, let’s go eat dinner together, you must be hungry."

"When isn’t he hungry?"

"Kangin! Be nice!"

"Yah! Amm if I dowt woant to?" came the muffled reply from Kangin with Zhou Mi’s hand covering his mouth.

"Can I come too?"

"Sure you can Zhou mi."

"Okay~" smiled Zhou mi, removing his hand from Kangin’s mouth before he tried to bite his hand.

"Yah! Are you treating?"

"Not for you Kangin. I’m only paying for myself, Zhou mi and Henli."

"Oh I see how it is. Playing favourites aren’t we, leader shii?"

"And what’s wrong with me treating my baby?"

"But Zhou mi isn’t a baby!"

"That’s true. But I still want to treat him."

"That’s unfair!"

"Say what you want Kangin. But I’m not paying for anyone else!"

"The leader is being unfair!"

"Take it up with Henli if you think it’s unfair."

"Henli! Say something! Don’t you think it’s unfair?"

"Just let Teukie Umma do whatever he wants, Kangin Appa."

"Why you litt- WAIT! Appa??"

"Yeah. Kangin Appa."


"Enough already. Let’s go and eat." Commanded Heechul, who was tired of listening to their bickering. Everyone started to gather their things and file out of the studio. No one wanted to go against a pissed and hungry Heechul. Everyone was piling into the big van until Leeteuk noticed that they were missing a couple members. Three to be exact.

"Has anyone seen Sungmin, Hankyung and Eunhyuk?"

"Where is Sungmin? Do you know Kyu?" asked Ryeowook turning to look at Kyuhyun.

"No. I don’t. Earlier he said that he had an errand to run."

"But that was over an hour ago. Kangin do you think he’s okay? Do you think he’s in trouble? Oh no what if he got hurt? Or lost? Or attacked? Or if he’s unconscious somewhere, lying in a ditch just waiting for me to go and rescue him and save him and make spur hee is alriwht and fhiohfh hihdihw ifihr fishrn fsfihohsj hoadhif- " said Leeteuk going into one of his panic attacks thinking of the worst case scenarios.

"Hyung! Calm down. I’m sure he’s fine. I’m going to move my hand from your mouth and call him now alright? "

Leeteuk nodded as a reply.

"OK." Says Kangin removing his hand and starts to call Sungmin on his cell.

~Zutto boku ni wa mabushikatta
Sou egao ga niau kimi
Mou nakanaide
Dakishimetaku naru kara
Kimi ni
Goodbye Goodbye
Sayonara wa iwanai
Dakara saki ni se o mukeru
You’ll be fine still be mind~

"Hello? Sungmin-ah where are you? Oh okay. Are you sure? If you need anything don’t hesitate to call alright. Okay. Huh? Yeah he’s here. Okay. I’ll tell him that. Remember to leave your cell on alright? Okay."

"What did Sungmin say? Is he alright? Where is he? Is he safe? Is he o-"

"Teukie! Relax. He says he’s fine. He’s just tired that’s all. And he told me to tell Shindong to remember to get him his pumpkin pie to go once we get to the restaurant."

"Oh alright, so Sungmin’s fine but what about Hankyung and Eunhyuk? Where are they?"


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