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[FIC] No More Chapter 4

Title: No more
Author: sbluesnow
Group(s): Super Junior
Main: Archive
Pairing(s): Hankyung x Eunhyuk, Eunhyuk x Sungmin, Kyuhyun x Sungmin
Chapter(s): 4/7
Summary: Sungmin gets dumped but refuses to accept it.
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href="">Chapter 3


- At the restaurant -

Leeteuk closed his phone and let out a sigh. Turning around and walking back into the private room where the others were, he called out "Everyone stop what you’re doing. We’re leaving."

"What? Why? We were just about to have a lot of fun!" complained Heechul.

"We’re leaving." Leeteuk repeated.

This time no one argued.

"Kangin, can you lead the others back to the van? I’ll meet you guys out front in a bit. I’ll go pay the bill."


They got their things and piled out of the restaurant and into the van. Once everyone was in the van, Leeteuk told Kangin to drive to Seoul National University Hospital. No one still said anything, they were all scared of Teukie Umma’s wrath and also

because if Kangin appa hadn’t asked for the reason then they knew better than to ask until it was safe. Henry being the youngest got pressured into asking Teukie umma why they are going to the hospital by his hyungs.

"Why are we going to the hospital Teukie umma?"

"Because Henli."

"Why Leeteuk? You still haven’t told us the reason why we had to leave the restaurant."

"Yeah, Yesung hyung’s right. You haven’t told us anything. Did something happen?"

"To who Hyukkie?"

"I don’t know Donghae, that’s why I was asking."

Shindong rolled his eyes at EunHae and turned to look at the leader.

"Did something happen to Sungmin, Hankyung or Eunhyuk? You left the room to answer your cell earlier in the restaurant."

"Yeah Teukie. Why are we going to the hospital?" asked Kangin, taking the chance to look at the leader when the light was red.

"Everyone SHUT UP!" yelled the Leader turning to look at them, then turning to Kangin he said "Kangin JUST DRIVE!"

Everyone knew now was the time to be like Kibum. Silent and not say anything unless spoken to. The leader was mad now. Even Kangin got yelled at.

Pulling out his cell phone from his pocket, the leader called Sungmin. Leeteuk tells Sungmin to meet them at the hospital. Sungmin doesn’t ask why or anything. He just agrees and says that he’s leaving the dorm now.

They arrive at the hospital in record time. Getting out of the van they see Sungmin stepping out of the cab near the curb. Walking in together, they walk up to the front desk.

"Hi, we’re here to see Lee HyukJae."

"Please hang on while I access my records."

For what seemed to be like forever while the nurse was looking for Eunhyuk’s room number, some members were breaking down. At hearing Eunhyuk’s name Ryeowook, Donghae, and Henry were on the verge of crying. Not again. This felt like

before with the car accident of Leeteuk, Kyuhyun, Shindong and Eunhyuk.

"He’s in the South Wing room number 15. Just take the lift up to level 5 and his room is down the hall on the left."

"Thank you." said Leeteuk leading the boys to Eunhyuk’s room.

Outside Eunhyuk’s bedroom was Hankyung pacing back and forth. He looked like a total wreck. Like he just went through a nightmare, which isn’t exactly far from what happened. They were all thinking the same thing. It can’t be true right? It’s

not serious is it? Running up to Hankyung they all desperately wanted to know what happened but before anyone could get a say in the matter, Leeteuk beat them to it. "How is he?"

Just then the doctor opened the door and everyone turned their attention to him. Repeating his question Leeteuk asked, "How is he?"

The doctor tells him and the rest of the members his condition.

"He’s fine. No harm inflicted on his body at all. Hankyung here is the one with bruises and cuts." Turning to Hankyung the doctor says "Don’t forget to clean your wounds and put anti-biotic on it every 3 hours." Turning back to the rest "He’s

sleeping now. He has a slight concussion, nothing major. He might have forgotten what happened in the past couple of days to weeks to months, nothing big just minor details like how many times he went to the washroom. When he wakes up we’ll

do a couple tests to see his mental state to see if he remembers who he is and similar things."

"Can we go in and see him?" Leeteuk asked.

"I don’t see why not. Just don’t make too much noise. He needs his rest."

"Thank you." Leeteuk said and bowed. Everyone followed suit, bowing to the doctor before walking into the white room.

There in the room were two beds. One by the door and one closer to the window. Eunhyuk was sleeping soundly on the white bed under the white covers in the white room with faint light coming from in through the windows covers. It seems so

surreal. Like this was all a dream. A sick, twisted dream.

"Hankyung gege, what happened?" whispered Henry not taking his eyes off Eunhyuk, scared that he’d disappear into the whiteness of the room.

"We were in the dance studio, sitting on the floor near the stereo just talking when Eunhyuk’s phone rang. He said ‘Hello’ then hung up without saying a word. He ran out of the dance studio towards the lift then tired of waiting for it I guess he ran

down the stairs. His phone rang again but this time he threw his phone at the wall but missed a step and fell. I caught on to him but we both fell. Then I called Leeteuk because I didn’t know what to do. The rest you know."
Everyone is just sort of shocked. Eunhyuk would never act like that. What was it that bugged him so much? Ryeowook, Henry and Donghae were now crying. They just couldn’t believe that Eunhyuk was really lying in the bed in front of them

unconscious. It was too dreamlike.

"Excuse me," All 14 members turn to look at the voice. "Um, visiting hours are over." Said the nurse shyly her gaze down, with a slight hint of blush on her cheeks. The fact that Super Junior looking at her was just too much.

"Thank you for letting us know." Leeteuk said to the nurse, turning to look at his family he said "Alright, we’re leaving. We’ll come back tomorrow morning to visit Eunhyuk."

They quietly filed out of the room and left the hospital. The ride back to the dorms was quiet. No one said anything. Every now and then, you’d hear someone sniffing, coughing, hiccupping or all.

Morning came faster than expected but for once that was something they were happy about. It didn’t matter that they didn’t get enough sleep or that they were all tired. If it meant they were able to see Eunhyuk faster and see how their friend and

brother was then it was worth it.

The ride to the hospital was just the same as last night. The atmosphere was heavy. Not even Heechul could make the mood lighter by trash talking Kangin. Once they arrived at the hospital, they made their way to Eunhyuk’s room. Just outside the

door, the doctor had stopped them from entering.

"Before you go in, I would like you to do something once you go in."

"What is it that you want us to do?" Kangin asked in place of Leeteuk who paled at the doctor’s words.

"Don’t worry. He’s fine. He just woke up about an hour ago. I just want your co-operation."

"Our co-operation?" asked the Leader who had recovered from his shock.

"Yes. I want you to ask him a couple questions. Like what your names are, the year you were born in, the events of a couple days ago to years. Just to see if his concussion did more than just knock him out."

"Oh, okay. We can do that. Right guys?"

"Right!" the members answered as one.

Chuckling, the doctor smiles and left the boys to go into the room. Everyone rushed to Eunhyuk to give him a hug. After they had to be pulled off of Eunhyuk (they were crushing the poor boy) Ryeowook, Henry and Donghae rush to Eunhyuk’s

side. Each hugging him (again) with a fresh batch of tears threatening to fall, forming in their eyes. Heechul and Hankyung sat on the bed beside Eunhyuk’s bed. Yesung, Siwon, Shindong, and Zhou mi sat on the couch directly facing Eunhyuk’s

bed. Kyuhyun stood beside Zhou mi on the couch. Kibum sat on the chair next to Eunhyuk’s bed by the window. Leeteuk sat on the edge of the bed with Kangin standing behind him, holding onto his shoulders. Sungmin stood beside Shindong on

the couch.

"Eunhyuk hyung!" Henry wailed before crying in his arms.

"Henli ah, calm down. It’s okay. I’m not hurt. A slight headache but other than that I’m fine." Eunhyuk said wrapping his arms around the boy, trying to calm him down.

"Really?" sniffed Henry looking up at Eunhyuk.


"Really really?"

"Really really really."

Henry stopped crying and smiled a big bright smile at his hyung. He was so cute. His cheeks were puffed out and so adorable. Eunhyuk couldn’t help but hug his adorable dongsaeng.

"Yah Monkey! I want a hug too!" The random outburst coming from none other than Donghae.

"Be quiet Fishy! You’re in the hospital besides you can run to Heechul for a hug!" Eunhyuk teased half joking and half serious.

"Oh yeah? Well nnnnuhhhhhh" said Donghae sticking his tongue out at Eunhyuk and running to hide behind Kangin before Eunhyuk could hit him with one of the pillows Kibum conveniently handed to Eunhyuk.

"Yah! Lee HyukJae! Do you remember everything and forgot nothing?"

"Of course Shin DongHee!" Eunhyuk smiled his signature gummy smile.

"You sure?"

"Of course!"

"Then if you get someone wrong, you owe me dinner after this."

"Fine but if I get everyone right, you owe me dinner AND dessert after this."

"Hey! No fair! I wa-"

"DEAL!" Heechul interjected. "Alright, whose the 4th heaviest drinker?" Heechul asked in rapid Korean before Shindong could complain about the deal.

Laughing that pure laugh of his, the laugh he always seems to laugh with everything he has, "The eternal magnae, Wookie." He said ruffling Ryeowook’s hair at the same time.

"Hyung!" Ryeowook complained. Deciding to take revenge, Ryeowook, stuck both his hands on Eunhyuk’s head and ruffled it like a mad man. The end result looked a lot like an overgrown under groomed monkey’s hairstyle. Everyone was

laughing at that.

"Hyukkie! You really are a monkey!" Zhou mi said, clutching his sides and doubling over in laughter.

"I wouldn’t be talking Siwon’s SON!"

"Am not!"

"Yah huh!"

"Nu uh!"

"Yah huh!"

"Better than being a monkey at least I’m human!"

"Oh yeah? Well monkeys are smarter than humans so HA!"

"Ohhhhh~ he got you there Seasoning."

"Fine," pouted Zhou mi before he smiled a devil’s smile. "Who ate that last slice of Ukrainian Festive Walnut Torte that was left in the fridge and left a note saying Teukie ate it?"

"Kim HeeChul." Eunhyuk answered with an ‘is-that-all-you-got?-it’s-so-easy-to-answer‘ expression on his face.

"KIM HEECHUL! YOU ATE MY SLICE OF CAKE???" shouted Kangin, ready to pummel the feminine man.

"Now, Kangin calm down." Said Leeteuk calmly, holding Kangin back from attacking Heechul.


"Now, Leeteuk calm down." Kangin mocked him.

"Oh don’t you start using my words against me." Leeteuk turned to stare at Kangin with fire in his eyes. Not fire of flaming passion but the wrath of Teukie Umma.

"Seasoning! You bastard!" Heechul yelled, really wanting to take a punch at him but can’t because KangTeuk are in the way.

Zhou mi just smirks at Heechul. He’s totally enjoying Heechul being under the submission of umma and appa of the group.

Heechul, one who never likes to lose, decided to get back at Zhou mi for getting back at him. Not once breaking eye contact with Zhou mi, Heechul said "Hey Eunhyuk, who did Seasoning walk in on yesterday morning and what did he do after?"
"He walked in on Kibum showering and joined him."

Zhou mi growled at hearing that. This is war!

"Who did Heechul serenade Marry U to?"

"Fishy! He was so cute about it too! He even recorded it! Both audio and visual!"

"EUNHYUK! THAT WAS A SECRET!" yelled Donghae.


"Don’t you be ‘whoopsing me!"

"Technically Donghae he just did."

"Quiet Kyu! Don’t be rude to your elders."

This was coming from a 22 year old male, sitting on his knees; legs spread a part on a hospital bed with his hands on his hips and lips pouting. Kyuhyun obviously didn’t take him seriously. Donghae sensing this decided he needed to learn his lesson.

Glaring at Kyuhyun, he began thinking of what he was going to say to make Kyuhyun regret not treating him like a hyung.

"As if he can Donghae."

"What do you mean Shindong?" asked Donghae cocking his head to the side with a confused expression on his face.

"That’s what I mean. You act like a little kid so how do you expect him to treat you like a hyung."

Even though Shindong may have been telling the truth, Donghae’s glare was now fixed on Shindong. He’d deal with Kyuhyun later. Right now, he’d make sure Shindong know not to look down on him just because he may act like a kid. Suddenly a

thought came to mind. A brilliant one. One that’d let him show both his hyung and dongsaeng what he’s made of.

"Eunhyuk, who stole Shindong’s secret stash of chocolate?"

"Kyuhyun ate it all."

Shindong gasps and Kyuhyun fidgeted in his spot, moving closer to Kibum.


"Yes, hyung." Kyuhyun said dejectedly.

Donghae just smiled brightly. That’ll teach them not to mess with him. Heechul’s influence is evident that he has corrupted the innocent Fishy. Catching Yesung’s smirk, Kyuhyun suddenly got fired up. Sure the others were laughing as well, but

because he just happened to make eye contact with Yesung, he was going to pay.

"Hyung, who was Henli’s first time and how did it happen?"

"Henli was depressed and Yesung was drunk."

Henry turned bright red and Yesung was just glaring at Kyuhyun. Two could play at this game.

"Who was the one who broke Kyuhyun’s new wireless video game remote controller?"

"Ryeowook did."

Ryeowook froze when Eunhyuk said his name. He didn’t need to see that Kyuhyun was throwing daggers at him. He could feel it. If those daggers were real, he’d be dead by now. Looking really scared and honestly being really scared, Ryeowook

latched his arms around Eunhyuk’s waist and hid his face in Eunhyuk’s chest. Not once daring to turn his head around to look at Kyuhyun.

It was getting on Siwon’s nerves that Kyuhyun dare to frighten his lover like that. Siwon being Siwon was never the type to get back at others but if they so much as scare his Wookie then screw his morals.

"Eunhyuk in the Exploration of the Human Body variety show episode 11, where we had to do underwater breathing exchange mouth to mouth, who was the person, you trusted your life with?"

"That’s easy, Minnie of course." Eunhyuk said titling his head to the side smiling his gummy smile straight at Sungmin.

There was no hint of pain at all when Eunhyuk said that. Just pure joy and happiness. That was really weird. Something felt off to Hankyung.

Kyuhyun glared at Siwon. Stooping that low to mess with his feelings. Kyuhyun was just about to retort to that remark when there was a knock at the door. It’s the doctor again.

"I’m glad you all are having fun. Everything is perfectly fine so Eunhyuk shii will be released tomorrow."

The members cheers and laughs as if everything that just happened was forgotten. The doctor chuckles and leaves. Once he’s out the door and it closes, the war is on. Members are staring at another. Some glaring. Some hiding.

"Eunhyuk, why are you answering all the questions honestly?" asked the Leader.

"I dunno. It might be the medicine."

Everyone pretty much made a mental note to themselves not to give Eunhyuk medicine and let him answer questions about what they did or didn’t do.

Sungmin this whole time hasn’t said a word. He looked happy and was still the happy-go-lucky Sungmin but his eyes were full of anguish and pain. He was happy that Eunhyuk was fine and in one piece. No injuries to worry about. What made him

sad was how Eunhyuk smiled directly at him when he called out his name. That voice was full of pure joy and love. Love that wasn’t what they had for each other but more of brotherly love. It pained him to see that Eunhyuk had already moved on

so fast. Or that he’d blocked the memories that they created together.

"All right guys, we’re leaving. We all have our own schedules to follow today."

"Aww, do we have to hyung?" whined Ryeowook.

"Yeah, I wanna stay here with hyung." said Henry hugging onto Eunhyuk, not wanting to let go.

"I’m sorry but we have to. Now everyone out, Eunhyuk needs his rest."

"Can we come and pick him up tomorrow?" Kibum asked.

"Yeah can we umma?" Yesung asked in a child like voice.

"Of cou-"

"It’s okay you guys. I can check out myself."

"Oh, no you don’t Eunhyuk. One of us has to at least be with you."

"I’ll do it."

"Alright Hankyung, you can take Eunhyuk home tomorrow."

"Hey! That’s not fair!" Donghae complained.

"Yeah! Hannie gets the morning off to take Eunhyuk home!"

"Eunhyuk isn’t checking out of the hospital until around lunch time and everyone else is busy in the afternoon."

"Seriously guys, it’s okay. Hankyung will come and pick me up. I’ll see you back at the dorm."

Everyone stopped arguing and complaining on hearing Eunhyuk talk. It’s true that they would see him in the dorm again. They just wanted to spend more time with him.

"Okay, now that that’s settled, we’re leaving. Eunhyuk, take care alright? You’ll be home soon."

"I know Teukie umma. I will."

"Come on you guys. We have to leave now so you all can get to where you need to go."

Everyone got up from their seats and slowly made their way towards the door.

"Bye bye hyung. See you back at the dorm." said Henry giving Eunhyuk one last hug and a kiss on the cheek before blushing and running to hide behind Yesung.

"Thanks Henli. Ohh! I almost forgot! SHIN DONGHEE! You owe me dinner and dessert!"

"Shoot! I was hoping you forgot!"

"And miss out on a free expensive meal? Not a chance, buddy!"

"Fine fine, I’ll treat you to it later alright?"


"Hey hyung, can you treat me too?"

"Sure Donghae, if you pay for me and Eunhyuk, I’ll treat you."


"NO DEAL!" shouted Heechul at Shindong before turning to Donghae "Idiot! I just saved you money! You owe me."

"You did? Okay Heechul." said Donghae with a confused expression on his face still not comprehending what just happened.

Everyone said their goodbyes and each gave Eunhyuk a hug. Hankyung was the last to leave the room. Just before he was about to walk out the door Eunhyuk called him back.

"Thanks hyung."

"You’re welcome Eunhyuk." Hankyung said softly with that gentle smile of his before walking out of the room and closing the door behind him.


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