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[FIC] No More Chapter 5

Title: No more
Author: sbluesnow
Group(s): Super Junior
Main: Archive
Pairing(s): Hankyung x Eunhyuk, Eunhyuk x Sungmin, Kyuhyun x Sungmin
Chapter(s): 5/7
Summary: Sungmin gets dumped but refuses to accept it.
BEFORE NOTE: in the link, the 4th picture, the table in the very back with the 2 big windows and white curtains are, that’s where Hankyung and Eunhyuk are sitting (although you can pretty much choose wherever)
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Hankyung goes to pick up Eunhyuk at the hospital. Eunhyuk is awake and he’s packing his things into his bag that Leeteuk had brought for him yesterday, just in case he was bored and also a change of clothes. Hankyung knocks on the door and Eunhyuk calls him to come in without looking up.


"Hey hyung." Eunhyuk answers still not looking up, he was too focused on packing his bag even though there wasn’t much to pack.

"How you feeling?"

"Irritated! My things just won’t fit neatly into my bag." Pouted Eunhyuk, still trying to stuff his clothes, books, and others items into the bag.

Hankyung just chuckled at the sight. Same old Eunhyuk. "Here let me do it." said Hankyung walking over to Eunhyuk and taking the bag away from him.

Eunhyuk was just amazed at Hankyung. He was able to fit everything neatly into his bag, folding his clothes, stacking his books properly, putting his wallet in an accessible but not easy for someone to mug him place. Everything in its place and a place for everything. Once the bag was finally packed, Hankyung looked up at Eunhyuk and he laughed at the sight before him. Eunhyuk was looking at him in amazement with his mouth wide open.

"Yah, it’s rude to stare and have your mouth open that big. Plus I think you’re drooling."

"Am not!" Eunhyuk retorted, unconsciously using the back of his hand to wipe his mouth.

Still laughing at Eunhyuk’s child like behavior Hankyung got up from the bed and moved towards the door. Carrying the bag in one hand the other pushing the door open Hankyung turned around and asked "You coming or are you going to stand there all day?"

"Huh? Oh I’m coming." Said Eunhyuk, following Hankyung out of the hospital.

"Don’t you need to fill in forms and stuff?"

"I did that before I went to your room."


"Hang on. Wait here, while I go get the car."


While Hankyung was getting the car, Eunhyuk was waiting at the entrance. Looking around nothing had really changed that much from that time. The fact that he fell down 2 flights of stairs without a single scratch on him was amazing. He had heard from the others that HanKyung had cuts and bruises all over him. If HanKyung hadn’t caught hold of him, and protected him the he’d be the one who’s hurt. Hankyung really is too nice.

"Hey Eunhyuk, stop spacing out so much. Get in the car already."


Once Eunhyuk was seated in the car, and buckled his seatbelt, Hankyung started to drive but in the opposite direction of the dorms.

"Hyung you’re going the wrong way. The dorms are that way."

"I know. I just want to grab some lunch first."

"You didn’t eat yet?"

"Nope. I didn’t get a chance this morning."

"Oh, is it because of me?" asked Eunhyuk looking guilty.

"No it’s not because of you. I just woke up late, so I didn’t get a chance to eat breakfast then I had to run a couple errands then pick you up so I didn’t get a chance to eat lunch either."

"Oh, then how about we go to a café or something instead of you just grabbing take out. Plus I’m hungry too. I don’t really like hospital food." Eunhyuk said the last part with a face of disgust, his eyes closed and tongue sticking out. It was adorable. Hankyung just couldn’t say no to that face.

"Sure Eunhyuk. Whatever you say."

"Yes! You’re buying!"

"Hahaha Alright."


"When have I ever lied to you Eunhyuk for real and not as a prank?" Hankyung added before the younger man could retaliate.

"You’re the best hyung!" Eunhyuk smiled and hugged Hankyung.

"Hey, I’m driving here." Hankyung scolded but the grin on his face totally ruined it.

It didn’t take long for them to arrive at a local café where they wouldn’t get mobbed by fangirls.

"Welcome to Blue Notes." the receptionist asked.

"Hi, a table for 2 please."

"Right this way."

The 2 Super Junior members followed the male receptionist to a table that was close to the window, allowing them to see the city pass by but in a secluded area where fans wouldn’t spot them through the window and ruin their lunch.

"Here are your menus." the receptionist said placing a menu in front of them, "When you’re ready call one of our waiters over and we’ll be right with you."

"Thank you."

"Enjoy your meal."

Once the receptionist was gone, Eunhyuk looked at Hankyung with a strange look on his face.

"What is it?" Hankyung asked, getting a bit uncomfortable under that scrutinizing look.

"Hyung, this café is nice and all but it’s weird! Sure the interior is really pretty with a unique interior design concept, looking like a children playground. It gives a fun feel, while still being comfortable and enjoyable. It’s a mix of monumental farm style roof composed of huge massive wooden beams. It’s like a playful world by placing furniture and elements that form crossovers between objects and furniture or furniture that refers to the space itself. But th-"

"How do you know all this??"

"As I was saying, but that staff is ALL male here! No females at all. It’s creepy hyung."

"So? Isn’t it better that way? No waitresses bugging us, no stalling for the food, not having to talk to them and answer endless amounts of personal questions before we can actually enjoy our meal. Also not having our pictures taken when we’re eating."

"Well that’s true."

"See. Now what do you want to eat?" Hankyung asked, looking at the menu in his hand.

"I dunno. Everything looks good."

"Well choose something because I’m hungry."

"Just call the waiter over and I’m sure I’ll be able to think of what I want." said Eunhyuk, flipping through the menu intently.




"What is it Hannie??!!!" exclaimed Eunhyuk, looking up from the menu to look at Hankyung. Hankyung just looked back and pointed to the waiter.



"Are you ready to order yet?" asked the waiter.

"Uh, Hankyung can order first."

"Fine. I’ll have a plate of shanghai noodle stir fry, wine country lamb sirloin and a glass of Seagram strawberry Lychee please."

"And I’ll have a plate of grilled chicken pesto fettucini with vegetarian Thai noodle salad and a glass of zero choco-cino mint."

"Excellent choices. Your orders will be done momentarily."

Again once the receptionist was gone, Eunhyuk looked at Hankyung with a strange look on his face.

"What now?"

"Nothing. Just kinda hard to get used to this place that’s all. I mean the shop is about half full. And the customers are all guys too."

"Again better this way. No fan girls."

"True but still weird."

"Eunhyuk, you’re in a group that was 13 members plus 2 additional members who all live in one dorm that only has 2 bathrooms, where you never lock the door because more than 1 person can use the washroom at once. This place isn’t weird."


"You’re just paranoid."

"I guess." Eunhyuk said looking up at the ceiling. "Oh look, the foods here. Wow really fast service."

"Told you there’s nothing weird about this place."

"Quiet Hannie."

"Here you go. Your order of shanghai noodle stir fry, wine country lamb sirloin and a glass of Seagram strawberry Lychee," the waiter said placing the food in front of Hankyung.

"And a plate of grilled chicken pesto fettucini with vegetarian Thai noodle salad and a glass of zero choco-cino mint for you. Enjoy your meal."

"Thank you."

"You’re welcome."

"You know Eunhyuk, you should have thanked him."

"I’ll do that after, right now I wanna eat."

It was nice just sitting there and enjoying their delicious lunch. No hurry to finish it as fast as possible because of busy schedules. No need to try to pile as much food on your plate as possible because of the many members you have to share your food with. Instead of the loud voices and laughter overpowering one another, there was a peaceful melody throughout the cafe. It was a nice change.

Taking a sip of his Seagram strawberry Lychee, Hankyung leaned back in his seat and observed the younger man in front of him. He looked really happy and cheerful. As if yesterday’s events never happened. And that was what was bothering HanKyung. Did Eunhyuk forget about his break up with Sungmin? Did he purposely forget? Or is he just that brilliant of an actor?


"Yah Hammy?" said Eunhyuk with his cheeks puffed out because his mouth just had so much food in it. He was so adorable. He might have even been able to beat Henry’s hamster cheeks at that moment.

"Finish chewing your food. It’s rude to talk with your mouth full."

Eunhyuk nodded his head, as a sign that he got what Hankyung meant. Once finishing chewing on the food in his mouth, Eunhyuk took a sip of his zero choco-cino mint then gave his attention to Hankyung.

"You were saying something before?"

"Yeah, do you remember what happened yesterday?"

"As in how I got a phone call then ran out the studio and fell down the stairs?"


"Not really. I remember what happened in that morning like having a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast and that’s pretty much it."

"Are you hiding anything from me Eunhyuk?"


"Anything at all? Say like a secret relationship or you just broke off a recent relationship?"

Laughing that pure laugh of his, the laugh he always seems to laugh with everything he has, Eunhyuk called Hankyung crazy. "Is the madness of 15 finally getting to you Hannie?" Eunhyukjoked.

"What’s with the interrogation? I’m single Hannie. I’m not in love with anyone or dating anyone at the moment. Or out of love either." Eunhyuk said quickly adding the last part.

"Why are you interested in my love life Hangeng?" Leaning closer to Hankyung, Eunhyuk whispered the words "Are you interested?" in a breathy voice.

Hankyung stares at Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk leans back in his seat and stares back at Hankyung. Suddenly, Hankyung bursts out laughing, clutching onto his sides because it hurt too much.


"I get it Hannie."


"I get it Hannie."



"Oh sorry! Aha it’s just ahaha soo hhaha funny."

"It’s not that funny." Eunhyuk said crossing his arms and pouting in his seat.

"Aww Hyukkie. Don’t be like that. I was just kidding."

"Sure you were." Eunhyuk said sarcastically. "Why did you want to know about my love life anyways?" Eunhyuk asked looking at Hankyung with genuine curiosity and all anger gone.

It amused him how Eunhyuk’s mood could change so fast.

"I heard Heechul and Yesung talking about talking the member’s love lives or lack of love lives as they put it."

Eunhyuk laughed at that. It was true though. A typical thing that Heechul and Yesung would talk about. They joked around for a bit more and continued to enjoy their lunch. After their meal, Hankyung pays for it as he had promised and they head back to the dorm.

Once back at the dorms, the moment Eunhyuk steps into the living room, he gets dog pilled by all the members. Hankyung is just standing at the side watching and laughing. Well they’re all trying to hug him at once which in reality looked a lot more like half the members hugging him and the other half tackling him.

All except one other member, Sungmin. Everyone’s cheering and laughing, talking happily over one another except for Sungmin. He’s standing close to the others and Eunhyuk but not so close as to being a part of the big group hug. He’s standing at the side, smiling a bright smile and laughing along with the others but it’s one of his fake camera smiles. Not a real Lee Sungmin smile.

By now, all the members reluctantly let go of Eunhyuk to let him breathe and walk over to the couch and sit down. Everyone’s chatting happily and bouncing all over the place. Kyuhyun turned to see Sungmin watching the rest of them from the far end of the room. Walking over to Sungmin, Kyuhyun led Sungmin out to the balcony and closed the door behind them.

"Sungmin, are you alright?"

Sungmin doesn’t answer. He just moves to rest his arms on the balcony railings and stare out into the busy city.

"Is it because of Eunhyuk and how he doesn’t seem to remember what happened between the two of you? And what happened between us?"

Sungmin turned to look at Kyuhyun. There was no anger no jealousy in his voice, only concern. Sungmin poured his heart out to Kyuhyun. All the held back feelings, thoughts and tears came rushing out.

"He doesn’t remember. He doesn’t remember our love, our trust, our love. He doesn’t remember anything! I don’t even have a chance to fix things. I love him." Sungmin said grabbing onto Kyuhyun’s t-shirt and sobbing. "I need him Kyu. I need my Hyukkie."

Kyuhyun doesn’t say anything. He just wraps his arms around Sungmin’s waist and lets him cry his heart out.

Back inside, Eunhyuk witnessed the whole thing. He was eating a banana when he walked out of the kitchen and saw Sungmin run into Kyuhyun’s arms and Kyuhyun wrapped his arms around Sungmin’s waist on the balcony. Hankyung comes up and stands beside Eunhyuk and wonders what Eunhyuk is looking at. Looking in the same direction the younger man is looking he sees KyuMin hugging.

"What’s wrong?" Hankyung asked Eunhyuk. The younger man was looking at the other couple while eating the banana, soon to be gone banana in his hand.

"Nothing," Eunhyuk replied finish eating his banana and tossing it into the garbage can near the intercom where he was standing. "Are those two together? As in dating?"

"Why do you want to know?"

"Are they together?"

Hankyung sighed. This is going nowhere. Eunhyuk was just ignoring his question. "No I don’t know if they’re together or not. Why do you want to know anyways?"

"Nothing. They just look good together." With that said Eunhyuk walks over to the couch where Kibum, Henry and Donghae are in an intense video game tournament with Kibum in the lead. Yesung and Zhou mi are debating about which pairs of pants will make their asses look even hotter. Shindong and Kangin are arm wrestling on the floor. And for once, Kangin is losing! When there’s a seafood dinner on the line, Shindong is even more amazing than normal. Heechul and Leeteuk are squealing like total fan girls over their Boys in the City 2 photo book. Ryeowook is sitting on the couch next to Eunhyuk, reading his book.

Hankyung is now positive that Eunhyuk forgot about it. It as in what happened between him and Sungmin and also the involvement of Kyuhyun. About him and Sungmin dating, how Sungmin cheated on him with Kyu, how it was because of Sungmin that he threw his cell phone at the wall and tripped.


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