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[FIC] No More Chapter 7

Title: No more
Author: sbluesnow
Group(s): Super Junior
Main: Archive
Pairing(s): Hankyung x Eunhyuk, Eunhyuk x Sungmin, Kyuhyun x Sungmin
Chapter(s): 7/7
Summary: Sungmin gets dumped but refuses to accept it.
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- 1 week has passed by -

A week had passed by and everything seemed to be normal again. As normal as it can be for Super Junior. Hankyung sat there on the couch thinking over everything that had happened in the past week.

It’s been a week since the incident on Eunhyuk falling down the stairs. Everyone is back to their usual selves. Kangin had gotten drunk and starting swearing just because the TV wouldn’t turn on when he pressed the on button on the remote. The remote he was pressing at the time wasn’t the TV remote but the iPod docking station one. And because he was drunk and swearing, Leeteuk ignored him for the week. Much to Kangin’s dismay who kept apologizing and saying that Leeteuk should have just hit him or knocked him out. Leeteuk just simply said "I did knock you out but I still don’t forgive you for coming late and home drunk, swearing because you were using the wrong remote, and for hitting on me."

"But we’re already practically married. What’s wrong with appa hitting on umma?"

"Because you did that in front of the children that’s why!"

"The children? They’re not little kids anymore."

"I don’t care! They are to me Jongwoon."

Kangin didn’t really have much say in the matter. Let’s just say that the ‘children’ were the ones who really suffered. Kangin appa was mad at the ‘children’ for being children in Leeteuk’s eyes so they were picked on and bullied relentlessly. Leeteuk was mad at Kangin so he showered his affections to his children. That meant babying them, feeding them, running after them to get them to wear a turtleneck when it’s burning outside, and most of all calling at the most random times asking if they remembered to wear clean underwear.

Heechul loved the fact that Kangin was being ignored by the Angel, so he made it his number one goal to rub it in his face every chance he got about how having a loving lover who didn’t ignore you was just amazing. This meant a lot of sex so Donghae didn’t really complain. That is until; he couldn’t walk or sit properly by the end of the week.

Kibum being declared the arms of sex and Zhou mi being declared as the guy who’d fuck anything that had a beat and nice legs were at it more than ever. They took out their frustrations on each other. The frustrations of how KangTeuk were treating them just because they couldn’t deal with their own umma and appa problems and had to dump it on their kids.

The eternal magnae and the baby of the group had it much worse. Leeteuk would practically baby those two until they were more than willing to run to the dark side; aka Kangin’s side. They were willing to have to deal with Kangin’s bullying then Leeteuk’s babying. Their lovers of course were furious. Because of umma and appa, they didn’t get much alone time with their lovers. So whenever they had a chance, Siwon and Yesung would drag, kidnap, pull, carry, or knock out Ryeowook and Henry just so they could have them all to themselves.

Shindong had it the worst. Everyone in the dorm has someone. Shindong being the only straight one in the group had a lot more freedom with going where ever he wants and doing whatever he wants without having to have permission first. Misery loves company. That is so true. Kangin and Leeteuk who wouldn’t talk to each other would talk to Shindong because he knows what they’re feeling. Rejection. Rejected by who they love. Felling left out and alone. A broken hearts needs mending. It was because of Shindong that umma and appa decided to help their son get over that Ha Joo Yun who dared to turn him down. Umma and appa not only did they help their son get over her, they also found him a girl who loves him for him and who he loves back as well.

Kyuhyun confessed to Sungmin that he loved him and much to Sungmin’s own surprise he accepted Kyuhyun’s feelings. They decided to take things slow. A fresh start, to forget about the past and just start over.

Hankyung looks around and notices the Eunhyuk isn’t in the dorm which is odd because his schedule is done for the day. Hankyung asks the others if they’ve seen him. Shindong was too busy getting ready for his date with Sunmi to answer Hankyung’s question. KangTeuk were in their bedroom with the door locked. The remaining member’s answers weren’t that helpful. As his last resort Hankyung went to see the one person he knew would know the answer, Heechul.

"Finally! You’ve come to ask me. About time!"Heechul exclaimed spinning around in his chair to look at Hankyung.


"Damn straight you’re sorry!"

Letting out a sigh, Hankyung proceeds to ask Heechul "Do you know where Eunhyuk is?"


Hankyung waits for Heechul’s answer. After waiting for more than 10 minutes, Heechul still says nothing.

"Okay, how much is this going to cost me?" asked Hankyung, hand reaching into this pocket to take out his wallet.

Heechul just smirks. "I don’t want your money. I want something more than that. I want something special to you."

Hankyung halts his movements. Heechul wanting something other than money for information is never a good thing. Cautiously, he asked "Then what do you want from me Heechul?"

Heechul leans forward in his seat, crosses his legs, elbows resting on the arm rests, hands coming together as if he's praying, and smirks at Hankyung. Hankyung gulps.

"I want you to answer me honestly and I’ll tell you where he is."

"Alright. What’s the question?"

"Why do you want to know where Eunhyuk is? What is he to you?"

Hankyung doesn’t answer automatically. He takes his time to think of his answer.

"Hurry it up! I don’t have all day!" Heechul snaps at him.

Hankyung just smiles that gentle smile of his at Heechul. "That’s easy. I love him."

Heechul breaks into a soft smile at hearing those words. "Eunhyuk is heading along the beach. If you go now, you might be able to catch him."

Hankyung ran out of the dorm to go after Eunhyuk. He didn’t even bother to say ‘thank you’ to Heechul. Hankyung arrives at the beach and looks around. There are a lot of couples and families laughing and having fun together. It makes him smile a bit and he sees Eunhyuk leaning on the stone ledge gaze fixed on the horizon.

Walking over to Eunhyuk, Hankyung can’t think of anything more perfect than this. Standing beside Eunhyuk, Hankyung doesn’t say anything. Just standing there enjoying the cool ocean breeze. Neither of them says anything for a long time. Just when Hankyung is about to speak, Eunhyuk beats him to it.

"Why are you here?"Eunhyuk asked in a cold tone turning to face Hankyung.

Hankyung is taken backed by the cold tone. Eunhyuk never uses that tone of voice. Not even when he was depressed and angry when he broke up with Sungmin did he use that tone.

"What do you mean why am I here?"

Eunhyuk rolled his eyes and turned back to look at the beach in front of him.

"Tell me. What did you mean by that? Do you not want me here?"

"What I want to know is why are you here?"

"Because my mom gave birth to m-"

"NO! I’m asking why are you here at the beach?"

"Oh. I came to look for you."


"Eunhyuk are you okay? You seem really angry."


"Why are you shouting?"

"I’m not."

"You were."

"Do you want me to shout?" Eunhyuk asked glaring at Hankyung.

"Are you alright?" Hankyung asked trying to touch Eunhyuk’s arm.

Eunhyuk noticed what Hankyung was trying to do and moved away from Hankyung. The hurt was evident on Hankyung’s face but that didn’t stop Eunhyuk.

"Why are you looking for me?"


"Answer me Hangeng."

"I was worried. You were in the dorm and you didn’t leave a note saying where you went either."

"You could have called. I’m not an idiot. I brought my phone with me."

"Oh. Well I didn’t think about calling you."

"Obviously not." Eunhyuk said turning around and walking away from Hankyung.

"Hey wait!" Hankyung called out, this time catching onto Eunhyuk’s arm, stopping him from leaving. "Where are you going?"


"To where?"

"None of your business Hangeng!" Eunhyuk snapped, trying to yank his arm away. Surprisingly Hankyung released his grip on Eunhyuk.

"I’m sorry for bothering you." Hankyung said with a bow before turning around and walking away.


Hankyung stopped in his tracks and stood there. He didn’t turn around, face facing the sun, his back facing Eunhyuk.

"You know about my past relationship with Sungmin and Kyuhyun right?"

"Yeah but wh-," Hankyung stopped short. Eunhyuk had lost those memories or he had suppressed them. It wasn’t possible that he’d been acting all this time. "Wait! You remember?" Hankyung asked turning around to face Eunhyuk.


"Since when?"

"Since the night you and Sungmin had a talk in the living room."

"Why didn’t you say anything?"

"Like it matters. What you said to Sungmin was true. He loves me but he loves Kyuhyun more. He cannot live without me in his life but he can with Kyu. He can continue to live but it’d be devoid of love. You were right."

"I’m sorry that I am."

"Don’t be. I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you sooner."

"Tell me what?"

"I know you love me Hangeng. I’m not as dense as the fans make me out. I can’t say that I love you too because that’d be a lie. But give me time." Eunhyuk said stuffing his hands in his front jean pockets.

"This time give me a chance." Eunhyuk said taking a step towards Hankyung.

"You love me and I like you." Another step closer.

"Wait for me. It’s not hard for like to turn into love." Another step forward.

"You said it so yourself, ‘best friends before lovers’. I want you to show me that you can be both. That you will always come first in my heart. I want that." Eunhyuk said now standing right in front of Hankyung, their shoes just centimetres apart.

"Can you give that to me?"

"Can you give me your heart?"

"You already have it. You just need to show it your love."

"Then I can." Hankyung said softly, pushing a couple stray hairs out of the way and looking into those beautiful dark brown orbs. Those orbs that made or break his heart. Those orbs that always brightened his day. Those orbs that belonged to Eunhyuk who always made him feel 100% better again even if he was dead tired from the excruciating training the choreographers put them through. Eunhyuk who is his everything.

"I’ll be waiting for you to show me."

"How about I start now?" asked Hankyung holding Eunhyuk’s cheek, not once breaking eye contact.

"I’m yours to take."

"Then I’ll take what’s mine."


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