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[FIC] Somebody to Love Chapter 2

Title: Somebody to Love
Author: sbluesnow
Group(s): Super Junior, DBSK
Main: Archive
Main Pairing(s): Eunhyuk x Junsu, Hankyung x Kibum
Side Pairings(s): Donghae x Bada, Leeteuk x Henry, Siwon x Eunhyuk, Zhou mi x Eunhyuk, Heechul x Sungmin, Kyuhyun x Ryeowook x Yesung, Changmin x Jaejoong, Yunho x Yoochun, Family: Kangin x Eunhyuk, Shindong x Eunhyuk
Friend(s): Hankyung x Eunhyuk, Leeteuk x Eunhyuk, Eunhyuk x Bada, Hankyung x Bada, Leeteuk x Bada, Hankyung x Heechul, Heechul x Bada
Chapter(s): 2/6
Summary: A one night stay in his apartment that he doesn't call home changed his life. He cried and loved and loves again. The past hurts. This very day does. Moving on is easier when you let others in and help you.
Previous: Chapter 1


"Do you know why Hannie wants to see me?"

"He didn’t say. Just that he had something to ask you."

"Oh." They were close to the building. Just another 5 minutes and they’d be there. They walked in a slow pace, arms linked and enjoying the peace. Until Bada said something that made Eunhyuk tense.

"Eunhyuk aren’t you tired of this?"

Eunhyuk didn’t need an explanation of what ‘this’ is. He already knew. She meant him living alone, relationships not lasting for more than 3 months, being alone, not having someone to love, a passion for something other than dancing and food. He

knew it all. He just didn’t know what to do about it.

"I am Bada. I really am."

The sadness in his voice and his eyes was painful. Even though he was wearing shades, Bada knew what those eyes looked like right now. She had seen it the same one too many times over the past year. Letting out a sigh, she leaned onto Eunhyuk’s

shoulder and they continued to walk in silence.

They still hadn’t said a word until Hankyung greeted them with a bright smile.

Eunhyuk snapped out of his thoughts when he saw the sight in front of him. Hankyung was glowing. A different glowing from Leeteuk. More of a happy glow then an angelic kind of glow. It’s been a while since Eunhyuk had seen Hankyung smile

like that. Even though he was tired of everything, it was nice to see Hankyung back to his old self again.

"Hey, what’s eating the two of you?"

"Nothing Hannie, you worry too much."

"Coming from someone who almost got hit by a car today."

"Key word almost." Bada grinned cheekily.

"Pffh! If it wasn’t fo-" "Hannie you told Bada to tell me to meet you for something?" Eunhyuk said cutting their childish conversation short.

Hankyung and Bada could tell something was off. Usually Eunhyuk would join in on the fun and joke around. He isn’t the first to stop the silliness. It was either Hankyung or Leeteuk would do it so they could get some work done.

"Uh, right, I was wondering if you could drive my cousin back to my place since I have to stay late and help some of my students."

"Your cousin?"

"Yeah. He just came today."

"Why am I just hearing about this now? Gosh Hannie! We’re close friends and you don’t even tell me you have a cousin in town!" Eunhyuk pouted.

Hankyung had to laugh at his friend. One minute he’s serious and the next he’s acting like a child.

"Because he wasn’t sure if he would come or not. He just told me this morning."

"Oh. Okay so just drop him off at your place right?"

"Yup my place. Is that okay?"

"Sure, when?"

"Uh, after school I guess since I don’t want him to have to carry his luggage with him everywhere."

"Okay where do I pick him up?"

"What’s with all the questions today?" Hankyung asked trying to stifle a laugh.

"What? I need to know everything. I don’t want to have to call you like 10 times later to ask about these things."


"How is that being stingy Bada?"

"Your cell phone bill at the end of the month that’s how."

"So not true!"

"Sure keep telling yourself that."

"You’re sounding like Heechul now. Cut it out. It’s creepy."

"Haha you’d want that wouldn’t you?"

"Hannie~" Eunhyuk wailed latching onto Hankyung’s arm. Hankyung patted his head and looked sternly at Bada.

"Don’t tease him like that. Heechul does more than enough of that already. And besides don’t you have a class to teach soon?"

"Nope! Not for another 2 hours I don’t."


"I know which is why I’m here. To sit and watch."

"Oh no you don’t! Since you’re here, you’re dancing too."

"What do you have in mind Hyukkie?"

"Help me teach my morning class."

"What do I get out of it?" Bada asked crossing her arms.

"Half a lunch box."

"Make it a whole one and you got yourself a deal."



Hankyung stood there and watch his friends shaking hands. Really, can’t they just help each other out for the heck of it and not get something in return? Although if Eunhyuk made the lunchboxes himself then he wouldn’t mind being a part of the

deal too.

"We’ll see you later Hannie." Bada said waving from the door way standing next to Eunhyuk. Just as they were about to leave his dance studio, Eunhyuk ran back to Hankyung and gave him a hug.

"Don’t worry. I made lunch for you too Hannie." Eunhyuk whispered shyly. As fast as he ran at Hankyung to give him a hug, he ran out the door past Bada. She quickly nodded at him before running after Eunhyuk and screaming down the hall. He

could hear her saying "Yah! Monkey! Get back here!"

Hankyung chuckled at his friends. Sure they were weird but they’re still his friends.

"He really is too cute sometimes."

"More like all the time."

Turning around Hankyung smiled at his cousin. Walking over the ruffled the younger man’s hair and went to get ready to teach his class.

"Yah! What was that for? I spent time getting my hair to look like the way I want it to!"

"Why? Fixing it for a special someone?" Hankyung teased.

"No. Can’t I just look hot?"

Hankyung stopped what he was doing and looked at his cousin for a full minute before laughing like a maniac.


"I get it Hannie."


"I get it Hannie."



"Oh sorry! Aha it’s just ahaha soo hhaha funny."

"Whatever old man."

"Hey! Who you calling old?"

"You obviously! You’re already 25 and single! Get yourself a girlfriend already. Heck even a boyfriend would be okay too."

The atmosphere in the room suddenly turned heavy and moody. Junsu didn’t know what he said to his cousin to make him distant and cold.

"Junsu, you should be getting to you class now. It’s your first day of work. You don’t want to be late."

Hankyung’s tone wasn’t completely emotionless but the forced tone was there. Taking a hint, Junsu nodded at his cousin and left the studio.

"I wonder what that was about. Did I say something wrong? I was just joking. I’ll have to ask that guy hyung was talking to earlier."

Back in the dance studio Hankyung took a seat in front of the mirror on the floor and looked at himself. It’s already been a year. Exactly one year. One very long and painful year. He still couldn’t forget. He can never forget. Not that night.


A/N: end of chapter 2
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