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[FIC] To Love Again Chapter 2

Title: To Love Again
Chapter Title: Heartbreaker
Author: sbluesnow
Group(s): Super Junior
Main: Archive
Pairing(s): Kibum x Eunhyuk, Eunhyuk x Sungmin, Shindong x Eunhyuk, Yesung x Eunhyuk, Leeteuk x Eunhyuk
Chapter(s): 2/6
Summary: When it's not love, its hate but the feeling of love lingers. What is it then? To not love again when you're still in love, how do you forget?
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Eeteuk’s POV

After watching the video and commenting on it, everyone went back to what they were previously doing. Heechul went back to updating his cyworld, probably talking about Donghae’s solo. Kangin and Shindong went into the kitchen to make dinner. Sungmin and Yesung went back to their rooms. Kibum went into his room to sleep. Eeteuk noticed that Eunhyuk kept quiet the whole time. Usually EunHyuk would point out things in Donghae’s dance. Things he could improve or things that was really good. But this time Eunhyuk didn’t say a word. He just sat there. Something was troubling the younger male. Pulling Eunhyuk aside, he asked what was wrong.

"Eunhyuk, is everything fine? You haven’t said a word."

"Yeah I’m fine."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah I’m sure."

"Come on, how about we talk about this over a couple strawberry milkshakes? Hmm? It’s your favourite."

"Alright hyung."

"Great. Come on lets go." said Eeteuk, draping an arm around Eunhyuk’s shoulders.

"Heechul, EunHyuk and I are going out for a bit. If you ne-"

"Yeah! I’m not deaf you know. You’re going to talk. If I need anything I’ll call."

"Great." Eeteuk smiled his dimpled smile.

- At the café -

"Hi, what can I get you?"

"2 strawberry milkshakes please."

"Coming right up."

Throughout the car ride and the order of their drinks, Eunhyuk hasn’t said a word. That scared Eeteuk. He knew that even if something was bothering Eunhyuk, he’d pretend everything was fine and put on an act. He’d act like everything was perfect, he’d be funny when he needed to be and laugh when it was funny. But now, there wasn’t even that act.

"Here you go 2 strawberry milkshakes. Enjoy."

"Thank you."

"You’re welcome." smiled the waitress before walking away.

The café was pretty empty. It was already 10:55 pm. Most people would be at home. Eeteuk sipped his strawberry milkshake and continue to observe Eunhyuk. He was leaning in his chair, one arm on the arm rest, and his hand under his chin, looking out the window at nothing in particular.

"Eunhyuk, what’s wrong?"


"Look at me."

Eunhyuk didn’t respond to Eeteuk. He continued to look out the window. Looking at the passengers walking by in his life. Couples holding hands, standing close to each other laughing, smiling. Little children running around their parents, so carefree. Parents looking at each other, then at their children, laughing along. Senior citizens walking with a smile. Everyone so happy.

"Eunhyuk, please look at me."

Eunhyuk tore his gaze away from the outside world and focused his attention on Eeteuk. Eeteuk sat there, with his hands in his lap, looking so worried and concerned. His milkshake almost finished, sat on the table neglected by its owner. How could things be so different? Inside it’s dark and so many things to worry about. Outside it’s light and carefree.

"Are you alright?"

"I’m fine Eeteuk."

"You don’t seem fine."

"But I am."


"I’m accepting things and moving on with my life."

"Accepting what?"


"Is this about Donghae? About him dancing and singing to that fan girl?"

"No. It’s not about Donghae. It’s about what he did. It’s the same as before." Eunhyuk said with a sad smile.


"Yeah. Before."

"Has Donghae done something like this before to hurt you?"

"What Donghae did was similar to what…" Suddenly thunder roars in the background. It started to rain. The wind had picked up. It was pouring really hard now. Everyone outside was running for shelter. The café became very crowded. People were soaked. Children were scared of the thunder and lightning. The peace was broken.

Eunhyuk looked back outside again. His eyes looking all over the place. As if searching for something. As if remembering something he needed to find. Or rather someone he needed to find.

"What Donghae did was similar to what, Eunhyuk?"

Eunhyuk didn’t take his gaze away from the window. He answered the leader without looking at him.

"What Donghae did was similar to what a heartbreaker would do."


"Yes. Heartbreaker."


"He made her happy. He made her happy momentarily. When the show ends, he’s not with her anymore. He gave her hope. He gave her a chance."

"Eunhyuk, it isn’t that serious."

Turning, Eunhyuk looked at the leader. He held his gaze. Eeteuk couldn’t do anything but look back into those eyes. Those emotionless eyes. That show nothing of what he’s feeling inside. Those eyes that showed what his heart was like at the moment. An army protecting it. Walls upon walls to defend itself from getting hurt.

"Maybe you’re right. Maybe this isn’t serious. Maybe I’m just thinking too much." Eunhyuk said, breaking the eye contact and reaching for his milkshake. Drinking it to the last drop, Eunhyuk put it back on the table.

"I wonder when this storm will let up."

"I don’t know Eunhyuk."

Are you talking about the storm outside or the storm in your heart and mind?


A/N: I was gonna slip in the person Eunhyuk was talking about but I couldn’t figure out who it could be, so I left it out.
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Tags: !fanfiction, character: eunhyuk, group: super junior, pairing: eunhyuk x sungmin, pairing: kibum x eunhyuk, pairing: leeteuk x eunhyuk, pairing: shindong x eunhyuk, pairing: yesung x eunhyuk
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