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[FIC] Goodbye

Title: Goodbye
Author: sbluesnow
Group(s): Super Junior
Main: Archive
Pairing(s): Kibum x Super Junior
Chapter(s): One-Shot
Summary: Saying goodbye is easier once you're gone.


The walls that were separated, the doors that was open, the windows that carried the voices outside are now all closing. All closing in.
The walls are crashing.
The doors locking.
The windows closing.
My big world is resizing itself. It’s becoming smaller and smaller.
Those who I thought were my friends, those who I thought I could talk to, is no longer there.
I’m no longer a part of their lives.
Then what's the point of being here, right?

What I once had, what I once treasured is now just for me.
Not open to the world. To the voices. To the people who I care about.

My heart is no longer theirs to see.
It’s no longer here.
It’s not in their world.
It’s in mine.

My world that is not accessible to anyone.
Not even me at times.

I’m trapped.
I’m disconnected.
I’m not lost. I know where I am. I’m at the border of reality and fantasy.
Reality is their world.
Fantasy is mine.

I don't belong in either.

I guess this is goodbye.

Goodbye Leeteuk, the amazing umma who takes care of us all.
Goodbye Heechul, the princess who never fails to drive us crazy but we love you for it.
Goodbye Hankyung, the patient hyung who cooks for us and never complains.
Goodbye Yesung, I’ll miss your weirdness.
Goodbye Kangin, the strong appa who protects us all.
Goodbye Shindong, who makes sure we have food to eat.
Goodbye Sungmin, whose cuteness still remains since out pre-debut days.
Goodbye Eunhyuk, whose gummy smiles makes us smile.
Goodbye Siwon, the gentleman who we envy.
Goodbye Zhou mi, the bright cheerful hyung that became one of us.
Goodbye Donghae, guy who has earned a soft spot in all our hearts.
Goodbye Ryeowook, the second best umma of the group who loves and takes care of us when Leeteuk can't.
Goodbye Kyuhyun, the witty dongsaeng who knows what to do to tick others off.
Goodbye Henry, the sweet baby who ties us all together.

By the time you finish reading this, you will know that this really is goodbye for me. This is where I belong. Not with you guys on stage but somewhere else. Somewhere far away that no can reach me. No one can call me, no can hear me and no one can see me.

Goodbye Super Junior.

- Super Junior Kim Kibum


A/N: As always, well recently, the ending isn't the real ending that I have in mind.

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Tags: !fanfiction, character: kibum, group: super junior
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