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[FIC] Hurting

Title: Hurting
Author: sbluesnow
Group(s): Super Junior
Main: Archive
Pairing(s): Sungmin x Henry
Chapter(s): One-Shot
Summary: There's no heat. There's no power. How can there be life?
Dedicated to: jishu  from my meme fic here. There's 2 spots left.


You're sitting in your room, minding your own business, trying to finish this stupid English Essay about People and the 3 categories they fall under. You're typing and you're typing and suddenly your laptop freezes on you. The screen goes black. Everything that requires a plug turns off in your room. You stare around in disbelief.

"There's only one person who could have been behind this."

Pushing your chair away from your desk, you stomp your way out into the living room. You had worked on that stupid essay for hours and hours and now it was gone. Sure you saved it every 5 minutes and probably only lost a couple sentences to at most a paragraph but that was beside the point. Point is, this is your apartment too and you don't deserve this shitty behaviour from your fucktard of a roommate.

The halls are dark and you feel this sudden draft coming from the living room. Your body shivers. It's like those horror movies where the power cuts out and then a killer pops out from a corner.

Taking small steps towards the living room, Henry readies himself for anything that might scar him for life.

The living room's dark. There's no light coming from the kitchen. The television isn't on. Nothing's turned on. Just pitch black. It doesn't help that it's almost midnight and it's dark and starting to pour outside.

You hear shuffling near the couch. Your body tenses. You take slow steps towards the couch, hoping it isn't a psycho killer who’s running away from the cops and decided to take refuge in your apartment and hold you hostage if you don't want to die.

Your heart’s pumping. Your body’s shaking. You’re panting. You take a step closer to the couch and you see a head. Someone with shoulder length hair wrapped up snuggly in blankets.

"Just fucking great. A crazy bitch who probably got cheated on by her boyfriend so she went and killed him and the bitch he cheated on her with and now she's gonna go berserk on me and kill me for being a guy."

Taking another step closer, Henry titled his head to the side to try and get a clearer look at the girl's face.

You see her curled up and looking very warm and comfortable wrapped up within the blankets.

"Should I wake her? She'll probably go crazy on me whether she wakes up now so why the hell not."

You silently lift the small coffee table and place a couple feet back. Your trembling hand reaches for the blanket and gives it a soft tug, revealing a stuffed animal near her head.

Your eyes double in size at the stuffed animal that's so familiar to you. Rolling your eyes, you grab a strong hold onto the blanket, take a couple steps back and yank as hard as you can.

The person ungracefully falls to the floor with a loud thump.

"Yah! Lee Sungmin! Get the hell up!"

"Shhhadup." Sungmin said in a groggy voice, hands blindly trying to reach for his blanket and be back in his warm cocoon.

"No. What the hell did you do this time Sungmin?"

"Gimme back my blankie~"

"Not until you answer me." Henry said, holding the blanket out of arms reach from Sungmin and wrapping it around himself.

"It's fucking freezing in here." Henry shivered, wrapping the blanket tighter around himself.

He knew that it would have been the right thing to give the blanket back to Sungmin and share it with him but too bad. He was tired of this. Every now and then Sungmin would do something or go through some messed up phase where he'd suddenly cut the power, heat, hot water, or something off. Why he did it, Henry had no idea. He had given up asking a long time ago. The older male never gave him answers.

"Yo! Sungmin answer me! Why isn't there power or heat?" Henry asked not so nicely and nudging Sungmin's lifeless body on the cold hard floor with his foot.

Sungmin didn't answer. He continued to lie on the floor hugging his bunny with his eyes closed.

"Sungmin?" Henry asked again, this time voice softer and gentler. This was the first time Henry saw Sungmin like this. Sure the older man had his quirks like turning stuff off for reasons that were unknown to him but this was weird even for Sungmin to behave.


Again, not receiving any acknowledgement, Henry sighed. Moving forward a couple steps, he got on his knees and looked at Sungmin's "sleeping" face. He really doubted that the older man was actually sleeping but he didn't say anything.

Lying down next to Sungmin, Henry draped the blanket over Sungmin's body and pulled the older man closer to him.

Sungmin's arms automatically wrapped themselves around Henry's torso and buried his face in his chest.

"What's wrong?" Henry asked, seriously concerned for his roommate.

"He left me. Again. And this time I know he's not coming back."

Henry could feel his shirt getting wet but he didn't care.

"So this is why you've done these random acts of cutting things off. You're hurting."

Henry didn't bother to ask who "he" was. He didn't need to know and he didn't want to make Sungmin cry even more.

"Well he may be gone but I'm here for you. Sure we fight and argue and stuff but I still care about you. Even when I have tons of homework I need to do and hand in by a few hours from now, I'm still here for you."

Sungmin cried harder into his chest.

Henry gave up trying to comfort his hyung. It was pointless. The best he could do was just be there for him and shut his mouth from spewing crap that'll only make things worse.

"Goodnight hyung." Henry whispered, giving up on his homework and just focusing on closing his eyes and sleep.

"Night Henry." Sungmin whispered, through his sobs and hiccups.

"How long will you be here for me until you leave me too Henry?"


A/N: Poor Minnie. And no I don't know who "he" is. You're free to picture it to be anyone. Didn't have a specific person in mind.

Comments are welcomed~♥
Tags: !fanfiction, group: super junior, pairing: sungmin x henry
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