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[Multiple Fic]

Author: sbluesnow
Group(s): Super Junior
Main: Archive
Chapter(s): Multiple Drabbles
Dedicated to: everkitsune  because the first 2 drabbles are what went through my mind after reading her drabbles.

Moving on --> Kibum x Donghae (110 words)

Kibum's POV

I just had to check my emails and see that.

That stupid email that made me cry.

The words that you said to me was nothing but sincere and loving words but why am I crying then you want to ask.

I'm crying because you said "Even if it’s hard, you have to go towards your dreams, or you’ll never be happy."

That had made me sad.

This made me cry.

"You have to live your own life."

Living my own.

It means being away from you. To go after my dream, I have to leave everyone.

They'll always be in my heart but it won't be the same again.

Like a sponge --> Kyuhyun x Yesung (100 words)

We bumped into each other in the library. Well not really bump but more surprised at the gaze that was met.

We went out for coffee.

It was something different.

Two different people gathered together over coffee.

You spat my coffee in my face saying it was too sweet and how could I possibly drink it. You continued to ramble on and on about things that were irrelevant to me.

I sat there, letting you continue your "lecture" and just soaking it all you. Soaking you in.

I watched you talk. I watched you complain about so and so. I sat there watching you. And only you.

The Patience Breaks --> Ryeowook x Everyone (132 words)

First the cupcakes, then Kibum and now my fucking address?


What did I do?

Did I fucking kill someone for this to happen?

And on top of all that, today just fucking sucks!

To say that it sucked would be an insult to all things that suck.

Today was just terrible.

My emotions got the better of me.

Heechul hyung, I'm sorry for calling HeeBum stupid.

Hankyung hyung, I'm sorry for complaining about you making Beijing Fried rice for us to eat.

Donghae, I'm sorry for slapping you.

Yesung, I'm sorry for saying that you're better off dead.

I'm sorry everyone.

You guys didn't do anything wrong.

You were just there at the wrong time, just being near me and I vented my anger on you.

I'm sorry.

I really am.


A/N: Random drabbles.

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Tags: !fanfiction, character: ryeowook, group: super junior, pairing: kibum x donghae, pairing: kyuhyun x yesung
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