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[FIC] Sounds like Mario

Title: Sounds like Mario
Author: sbluesnow
Group(s): Super Junior
Main: Series // Mini-Series Archive | One-Shots // Drabbles Archive
Pairing(s): Ryeowook x Super Junior
Chapter(s): One-Shot
Summary: Ryeowook goes to the washroom for two minutes and the party stopped. No music. No noise. Only the sound of a piano is heard.
Warning: Swearing.


The Super Junior dorm was loud as ever. With Kibum hurting his left leg, everyone decided to host a little celebration party. Celebration for what you ask? No one knew really. The only really valid reason and a reason that everyone pitied Kibum out of this whole thing was that their leader, Leeteuk would mother him 24/7 while the rest could do whatever and get away with it. So anyways, the dorm was loud with music blaring through the speakers and 15 voices all shouting over each other.

Everyone was drinking and eating and just having a good time. No one really cared what the party was for; a party is a party with Super Junior. They only wanted a reason to bust out the alcohol.

Ryeowook was in the washroom for like 2 minutes and he felt a chill run down his spine. He was washing his hands and he was able to hear the water falling down the drain and splashing at the side of the counter.

Normally, this is considered normal but when there's a party going on, you usually don't hear it.

That's when Ryeowook realized that something was wrong.

Two minutes ago, the music was pumping and people were partying. Now, the dorm was dead silent except for the sound of someone playing the piano.

Walking out of the washroom and down the hall, Ryeowook looked into the living room. The members were facing the computer screen.

When the song ended, Ryeowook asked what they were all doing. The last thing he remembered before going to the washroom was that the computer wasn't even on and that there was a shots challenge taking place.


"That sucked!" Donghae blurted out.

"Fucking waste of time to listen to!" Heechul huffed in annoyance.

"Then why did you?"

"Shut up Kangin!"

"You shut up!"

"Make me!"

"That sounded so like Ryeowook, didn't it?" Kibum stated more than asked, completely ignoring Kangin's and Heechul's childish argument.

A unanimous "Yeah" was heard.

"WHAT THE FUCK! How the fuck does that sound like me?"


"Sorry Teukie but really, how does that sound remotely like me?"

"Are you kidding? The tune was so like Mario." Kyuhyun said.

"And Mario reminds us of you, so it's you." Yesung said.

~It’s you
It’s you
It’s you
It’s only you
It’s you
It’s you~

"Quit promoting our own song to us." Ryeowook glared at the members.

That did not sound like him. So what if it sounded a lot like Mario, that didn't mean it meant him.


A/N: Inspired by this piano cover that isn't Mario but sounds like it to me. And I will not reveal what it is because it can be offensive towards their fans.

Comments are welcomed~♥
Tags: !fanfiction, character: ryeowook, group: super junior
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