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[FIC] What's Wrong With Loving You? Chapter 2

Title: What's Wrong With Loving You?
Author: sbluesnow
Group(s): Super Junior, DBSK
Main: Series // Mini-Series Archive | One-Shots // Drabbles Archive
Pairing(s): Changmin x Yesung
Chapter(s): 2/?
Summary: With time, the love is hidden and the pain appears. Numerous tears are shed and hearts are broken. As time continues on, they're separated and move on from one another. The wounds get deeper and the hearts crumbles into pieces. Will there be a chance to make amends? To fix what is broken? To heal what is hurt? Time's running out.
Dedicated to: renichifreak  because seriously you haven't read a Changsung fic before? And no I don't mean Changsung from 2PM. I mean Changmin (from DBSK not 2AM) and Yesung (not Sungmin from SuJu).
Previous Chapters: 1


Changmin's POV

You're running for your life. You're running like mad down the street, ignoring the pouring rain, ignoring that you're soaking wet. You're running as fast as your long legs can carry you to the fountain, you need to get there.

When Yesung said to break up, you agreed absentmindedly.

The words "break up" didn't really mean anything to you. You guys were always on and off with each other. You would break up and then 5 minutes later you'd be together again. The record for the fastest time you've broken up was 30 seconds.

You didn't really think Yesung meant, breaking up for real until he disappeared from your life. At first you thought of it as him being busy. You both were.

Both your careers were growing and your lives became busy. You didn't notice that he wasn't around.

You were so caught up in your own world that you didn't notice the nonexistent calls, the missing presence at home and most of all, all his things around your apartment were gone. You didn't notice anything until a while ago.

So here you are, running for your life, to not screw up. To fix what you've broken.

You're late. You're hours late.

You hope that he's still there. That he's still sitting by the fountain waiting for you.

You push past people on the street, not caring that they're yelling at you and cursing you. As long as you have Yesung back, you're okay with the world hating you.

You rush out on the road, running past the people walking under their umbrellas, all off drowned in their own sorrows.

Someone's screaming, guns were shot, tires screeching, and you don't care. You don't look back. Horns are honking, women and children and crying and then you're falling. Falling to the ground and gasping out in pain.

People rush to your side, asking you if you're okay. You ignore them and push yourself off the ground. You try to get up but lose your balance and fall again.

Help arrives and nurses and doctors try to get you into the ambulance and treat your wounds. You push off, telling them that you're okay and that you're busy. That you have somewhere to be right now.

The doctors are yelling at you to calm down and not thrash out. Your wounds are opening even more and you're losing blood profusely. You don't care. You have to get to Yesung. This is your last chance to apologize and heal his heart. Heal his heart and be with him again.

One of the nurses is holding a towel to your head, trying to stop you from moving. Others are attending to your arms and legs. You've had enough. You're already late as is. You can't let him wait any longer.

Using all your strength, you push the doctors and nurses aside, and jump out of the ambulance, and try to make a run for it. You run a couple feet before you're soaring through the air and crash to the ground, rolling and clutching your stomach in pain.

You see a pair of feet in front of you. You lift your head and see Yesung smiling at you. The same sweet smile that is yours. You see him, standing in front of you with the sun behind him, in clean clothes smelling like vanilla and a hint of coffee, smiling down at you.

You look at him one last time before everything around you fades away. The voices around you gets tuned out and the world goes black.


A/N: Yah, I have no idea where Yesung or should I say Jongwoon is now. What about Changmin? Hopefully he makes it without any problems, like memory loss or something.

Comments are welcomed~♥
Tags: !fanfiction, group: dbsk, group: super junior, pairing: changmin x yesung
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