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[FIC] New Love Chapter 3 A

Title: New Love
Author: sbluesnow
Group(s): Super Junior, DBSK, Epik High
Main: Series Archive | One-Shots Archive
Pairing(s): Kibum x Donghae, Eunhyuk x Tablo, Eunhyuk x Yoochun
Chapter(s): 3 A/4
Summary: Time will help ease the pain. Sometimes it’s easier with the help of someone who has love to give.
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Waking up and turning over, Kibum was surprised that he didn't fall off the bed or have a certain Fishy glued to his side. Getting out of bed, Kibum went to the washroom first to freshen up before going to find his Fishy.

Ten minutes later, Kibum went back to his room to see if Donghae had left a note or anything to indicate where he went.

Usually, he would have to trick, bribe, threaten or get intimate with Donghae for him to let go of Kibum in the morning. Most of the time tricking, bribing or threatening Donghae worked but sometimes he had to go deeper. Teasing him and pushing the right buttons to mess with Donghae and his friend always got the job done but he'd end up getting out of bed much later. Not that he minded. It was definitely never tiring to wake up to that.

Anyways, looking around his room and seeing no sign of the older boy or a note, Kibum headed for the kitchen for some breakfast.

Peeking into the kitchen, Kibum found his Fishy swirling his spoon in a soggy bowl of cereal, looking at the wall blankly.

"Hey." Kibum said, grabbing a bowl and making himself some cereal.

"Hiya Bummie!" Donghae chirped, like a big ball of energy just blasted him.

"You're up early." Kibum commented, taking a spoonful of cereal into his mouth.

Donghae just smiled cutely at Kibum, his breakfast completely forgotten, eyes too focused on his Bummie in front of him.

"Hae, eat your cereal."

"But you're so much yummier to look at." Donghae whined.

"Cereal's more filling."

"You could be too." Donghae said in a sultry voice.

Kibum stopped eating, lifted his head and looked at Donghae seriously. Their eyes meet in an intense gaze. Eyes locked onto each other's. Suddenly Kibum busted out laughing.

"Oh that's funny Hae, you using that voice trying to seduce me." Kibum laughed, clutching his side and the table from falling over.

"Is not!" Donghae pouted, grimly going back to his now very soggy cereal.

Kibum seeing that pout on his lover's lips completely caved. Getting up and swiftly moving around the table to stand in front of Donghae, Kibum tilted his boyfriend's chin upwards, eyes looking straight at him.

"Hmm, I'll make it up to you tonight." Kibum whispered into Donghae's ear, his hot breath against Donghae's skin, making him feel like he was on fire.

He yelped at the cold touch of Kibum's finger under his shirt, the tips of his fingers lightly trailing to his nipples, tweaking them and then going back down to the edge of his pants.

Donghae raised his hips higher to get Kibum to touch him. To get Kibum to continue his movements.

"Tsk tsk tsk. Tonight not now." Kibum chuckled, roughly palming Donghae's through his pajamas before making his way back to his forgotten cereal on the kitchen table.

Donghae snapped his eyes opened. He hadn't even realized that he had closed his eyes, basking in the attention Kibum was giving to his body.

He was pissed to say the least. His boyfriend had started something but he didn't finish.

"Kibum." Donghae said in a low growl.

"Donghae." Kibum deadpanned.

"You better finish what you started."

"And what would that be?"

"You know what." Donghae hissed.

"I will take responsibility and finish you off but not right now."

"Why the hell not?!" Donghae shouted, abruptly standing up and knocking his chair over in the process.

"Because there's something more important at hand."

"What could be more important than my problem?"

"How about Eunhyuk's happiness and getting him away from his cheating bastard of a boyfriend and hooking him up with someone who really loves him before he distances himself away from the Super Junior members?"

"Ohh." Donghae said, mouth forming the shape of an 'O'.

"So do you have an idea of what you want to do Hae?"

"Punch Tablo?"

"Besides that."

"Kidnap him then beat the shit out of him then gives him no food then let Heebum claw his way at him then throw salt on the wounds then give him to Yoochun to deal with?"

"Uh, no. That's too violent and a lot of work."

"But he deserves it!" Donghae shouted, banging his fist on the table rather loudly and so hard that Kibum's bowl of cereal shook.

"He may deserve it but you don't deserve going to jail because of him."

"Fine." Donghae pouted, crossing his arms and glaring at Kibum for shooting down his ideas.

"Quit glaring at me. I'm sorry for not letting you continue with your illegal plans and possibly getting convicted for it."

"I don't see you coming up with anything." Donghae shot back.

"Hooking him up with Yoochun."

"Why him?"

"Why'd you mention him earlier?"

"Because he likes Eunhyuk."


"OH! We're going to play match maker!"


"Bummie you're so amazing." Donghae said dreamily, arms propped up, cradling his face, staring at Kibum intently.

"I know." Kibum smirked.

"Even better in bed." Donghae added, hoping his boyfriend would finally take him already.

"I know I am but that's not happening Hae."

"When is it going to happen then?" Donghae half shouted, half pouted in frustration.

"Like I said earlier, tonight."

"But that's so long!" Donghae whined like a 3 year old being neglected of it's bottle of milk.

"Too bad. Hold it in. Or take your frustrations out in the washroom."

"You're so mean. Not helping your boyfriend when he needs it."

"I'm not being mean. You're just horny."

"Yeah cause of you and you're not doing anything about it."

"Then I guess I'm mean."

"You! GRRR!"

"Reverse psychology won't work on me. I'm the smart one remember?"

"HEY! I can be smart too!"

"You can but not this time."

Donghae continued to pout and glare at Kibum. He hated it when Kibum was all smartical on him.

"Quit glaring and start thinking of how we can set them up."

"More like you think of the plan while I be the distraction and fool them into meeting up."

"See you're smart!" Kibum cooed.

Donghae frowned at Kibum. Sometimes he couldn't remember why he loved this idiot who treated him like a baby.

"You love me because I'm awesome and you know it. Plus I so own your ass in bed."

"Oh yeah!" Donghae chirped, frown breaking into a smile and happily eating his now very soggy cereal.

Kibum laughed at his boyfriend's cute antics. It's always something uniquely Donghae with him.

"So any ideas on what to do about Hyukkie?"

Kibum blinked twice at Donghae before laughing. His boyfriend was so random and cute.

"I have a plan." Kibum smiled a bright smile at Donghae.

"Ooh~ I love it when you have a plan." Donghae said, smiling with glee.

Kibum chuckled. "You don't even know what the plan is yet."

"If it's from you, I'm sure it's awesome." Donghae smiled.

Kibum shook his head. It always amazed him why the simplest of things made him thankful that Donghae loved him back and agreed to be his.

"Who are you going to set Hyukkie up with? Someone from SuJu or DBSK?"

Kibum ignored the fact that he had mention earlier that he was going to set Eunhyuk up with to Donghae. He was used to Donghae acting like he had ADD. Although sometimes he doesn’t question if his boyfriend have it or not.

"DBSK. Everyone else in SuJu is paired up and I know for sure that Yoochun is single right now."

"So what's your plan? Kidnap Eunhyuk and push him into a room with a naked Yoochun tied to the bedposts? Ohh! Or shove them both into the showers and make sure the shower is running and don't let them out until Yoochun makes Eunhyuk scream his name and turn him into a pile of goo?" Donghae asked, his eyes sparkling.

Kibum laughed at his boyfriend. "Is sex all you think about?"

"No! There's you too!"

"Me or me and you having sex?"

"Both!" Donghae beamed.

Kibum sighed. Donghae just proved the stereotype of guys thinking about sex every 30 seconds true. "No Hae, unlike you, I'm aiming for something more subtle and slow."

"Oh like a date then?"


"Yeah that seems more them." Donghae said nodding his head in approval.

Seriously sometimes Kibum wondered how his boyfriend could change his mood faster than Eunhyuk and Eunhyuk's mood changes like every 2 seconds.

"So how are you going to do it? There's no way Eunhyuk would go for it and we don't even know if Yoochun likes Eunhyuk that way or heck, if he even swings that way!"

"Oh trust me, he definitely swings our way." Kibum smiled an all knowing smile and again ignoring the fact that Donghae said it himself that Yoochun likes Eunhyuk. Sometimes when it's just too easy to tease someone, it's just not worth it.

Donghae's eyes narrowed at Kibum's words. What Kibum had just said made it sound like he knew firsthand what Yoochun's sexual preference was. "Kim Kibum, are you cheating on me with Park Yoochun?"

Kibum rolled his eyes. "Just because I know he's gay doesn't mean I slept with him Hae. Changmin told me he was okay?"

"Oh okay! But if Changmin told you he was gay, does that mean Changmin likes Yoochun that way?" Donghae asked, eyebrows brunched together, confused on whether or not it was unrequited love or a love triangle if they were going to set Eunhyuk and Yoochun together.

"Nah, Changmin has his eyes set on someone in SuJu."

"Really?? Who? Kyu?"

"Try someone's whose older and a lot more fail."


Kibum stared at Donghae blankly.

"Uh, I meant Zhou mi?"

"Yesung actually. Unless Changmin wants an angry Heechul after him, he wouldn't even try touching Zhou mi more than necessary."

"Yesung?? Seriously?? The turtle?? Wow! I never knew Yesung was his type."

"You'd be surprised just how much Changmin won't shut up about him and what he wants to do to him."

"Eww! That's too much information Bummie!" Donghae pouted, covering his ears with his hands.

"Relax. It's all just big talk. He hasn't even confessed to Yesung yet."

"Aww that's so sad. I wanna set them up!" Donghae announced with a determined look on his face.

"Focus Hae. We have to get Eunhyuk and Yoochun to go on a date remember?"

"OH YEAH!" Donghae shouted standing up and knocking his chair over before looking down at the floor sheepishly and picking his chair up and taking a seat in it.

Kibum didn't even say anything. He could save teasing Donghae for another time. Right now, he needed to come up with a way to get Eunhyuk and Yoochun to go on a date without knowing about it and making sure they get there and actually go out and not leave right away.

"So do you have a plan?" Donghae asked, all traces of hyperness disappeared, only seriousness present.

"I do." Kibum smirked.

"Ohh~ I love it when you're smirking when you have an idea!"

"Why's that?" Kibum chuckled, an eye brow raised.

"Because that means you're going to use some kind of evil influence!" Donghae said excited. Honestly, if he was a puppy, his tail and ears and tongue would be flapping all over like crazy.

"What do you think I'm going to do then?"



"But you don't have anything on Yoochun do you? I mean I can totally give up secret information about Eunhyuk."

"But won't he be mad at you for telling his secrets?"

"Yes but I'm helping him."

"You know he won't see it that way, Hae."

"Then what do you suppose I do genius?" Donghae growled.

"We set them up. Tell them to meet up at the same place at the same time and make them wait 10 minutes. Let the realization of them being ditched sink in. Then when they're about to leave and go their separate ways, we strike. I text Yoochun and you text Eunhyuk. We tell them that they can't leave and that if they do, their secrets wouldn't be secrets anymore. If they refuse, we take action."

"That way I'm not telling anyone but Eunhyuk his secrets!"


"Aww Bummie! You're so smart!" Donghae cheered, jumping into Kibum's lap and wrapping his arms around his neck.

"But if they refuse what do you mean by taking action?"

"Everyone has their secrets." Kibum said, emphasizing the "s".

"Oh I know! Their number one secret is what we use to blackmail them with and if they refuse, one by one we tell everyone their other secrets right?"

"Right." Kibum smiled.

"OHH! This is going to be fun." Donghae clapped his hand together madly and imagining all the things he would reveal about Eunhyuk.

"When do we start?"

"30 minutes from now. That'll be when Eunhyuk will probably wake up. You leave a note by his bed to meet you at the amusement park's entrance at 9:00 AM."

"Yes, sir!" Donghae saluted Kibum, jumping off his lap and getting ready to write the note and drop it off in Eunhyuk's room.

"Let Cupid strike." Kibum chuckled, a big smile on his lips.

Yesung passing by Kibum at the kitchen table paused in his step seeing the younger smiling creepily like that before making his way over to his beloved coffee maker.

"And they say I'm weird." Yesung rolled his eyes, making himself a big cup of coffee.


A/N: SO SOO SORRY! Took me forever to write this cause I forgot about it honestly. LOL I think Chapter 3 will have 1 or 2 more parts before it's chapter4 (the last chapter) XDD

Jenna and Carey, please continue to be patient with me. You both know that the longer I leave the fic unfinished, the faster the story dies on me. I swear I'll finish this though.

And to everyone else wanting more KiHae bedroom stuff, I will not write it. I don't write smut. Most of my "smut" fic's are like close to it. Only on super rare occasions does that happen.

Comments are welcomed~♥
Tags: !fanfiction, group: dbsk, group: epik high, group: super junior, pairing: eunhyuk x yoochun, pairing: kibum x donghae, pairing: tablo x eunhyuk
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