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[FIC] What's Wrong With Loving You? Chapter 3

Title: What's Wrong With Loving You?
Author: sbluesnow
Group(s): Super Junior, DBSK
Main: Series Archive | One-Shots Archive
Pairing(s): Changmin x Yesung
Chapter(s): 3/?
Summary: With time, the love is hidden and the pain appears. Numerous tears are shed and hearts are broken. As time continues on, they're separated and move on from one another. The wounds get deeper and the hearts crumbles into pieces. Will there be a chance to make amends? To fix what is broken? To heal what is hurt? Time's running out.
Dedicated to: renichifreak because seriously you haven't read a Changsung fic before? And no I don't mean Changsung from 2PM. I mean Changmin (from DBSK not 2AM) and Yesung (not Sungmin from SuJu).
Previous Chapters: Chapter 1 | Chapter 2


It's been 28 days 15 hours 33 minutes and 46 seconds. Let's just round that to a month. It's been close to a month and the world continues to move on. Except for a certain group of people.

On July 11, 2009 at 7:50 PM, Shim Changmin was admitted into the emergency room and undergone surgery for 14 hours. The doctors were successful in extracting all the shards of glass, the 3 bullets and the big piece of metal out of the patient. The patient has now been moved into the intensive care unit.

The patient has been in and out of a coma for almost a month now. He would sometimes wake up for a couple hours before going back in a deep sleep for a week. Or he would be up for a few days before his heart rate would go as high as 169 bmp's leading to heart attack and having to have the doctor inject a sedative for him to calm down and have his heart rate be stable again.

The patient sat in his bed, staring ahead at the door, eyes looking at the doctor in front of him and through him. So far, he hasn't gone into either outbreak yet.

After checking a couple charts and signed the correct documents, the doctor put the clipboard aside and looked at his patient.

"How are you Changmin?"

"How are you Kibum?"

Kibum smiled then sighed. Taking a seat on the end of the bed and stretching his legs out in front of him, he looked at Changmin.

Yes, Kibum is Dr. Kim, in charge of Changmin. They've become friends and every now and then they would sit on the bed, each man on either end with their legs straightened out in front of them and talk. Or sit in silence.

"Do you think he'll come?" Changmin asked, eyes still looking at the door.

Kibum knew what and who Changmin was talking about. When Changmin was still in his coma, his brother had visited and told Kibum what happened.

"Do you want him to come?" Kibum asked back.

Their conversations always revolved around this question.

"Do you ever think of giving up?" Kibum asked when Changmin didn't answer his question.


"Are you going to?"

"Yeah. I think I am."

Kibum's eyes widened. This was definitely a first. Changmin was going to let Yesung go. The younger had always stubbornly said no that he'd wait or that when he was released he would try to find the older man.

A knock at the door snapped Kibum out of this thoughts. Both men in the room looked at the door. The door opened and in came Changmin's older brother.

"Hey Minnie how are you feeling?" Eunhyuk asked, as he placed the bag of food on the moveable breakfast tray.

"I'm okay." Changmin smiled. Even though he has given up on waiting for him, he didn't want his brother to know and be sad.

"You hungry?" Eunhyuk asked, taking out the big thermos, bowls, spoons, 3 lunch boxes (2 large and 1 small), 3 bottles of different liquids (water, strawberry milk and orange juice) and a couple pairs of chopsticks.

"Always for your cooking."

Eunhyuk and Kibum laughed.

"Do you want some too Kibum? I brought enough for the three of us."

"I'd love some, thank you." Kibum smiled his 1000 mega watt smile.

Eunhyuk smiled his gummy smile back and started to distribute the food. Inside the thermos was udong noodles. The small lunch box holding all the toppings for the noodles. The 2 large lunch boxes had a variety of barbecued beef, steamed chicken, spicy stir-fried pork with vegetables, kimchi, bellflower root salad, steamed eggplants, pan fried summer squash, boiled and seasoned bean sprouts, stir-fried octopus, gimbap, dumplings, and stir fried rice cakes.

Changmin so did not miss the smile exchange between his hyungs. He decided he would interigate the two later on what exactly is their relationship after he eats. Because really, the two can wait, the food can't.

"Wow you made a lot hyung!"

"You have a big appetite Changmin. Why are you so surprised?"

"Because this is a lot to make!"

"A lot to make but enough for you to eat."

"Shut up Kibum!" Changmin pouted, whacking Kibum with one of the many pillows behind him.

"Yah! Hyuk do something about your little brother!" Kibum shouted, arms up trying to block all of Changmin's hits.

Eunhyuk pretty much ignored the two, focusing on setting up the make-shift table and spreading the food out.

"Changmin stop hitting Kibum."

"Not until he apologizes." Changmin whined still hitting Kibum.

"The food's ready."

At the mention of food, Changmin threw the pillow at Kibum and shifted closer to the table, ready to eat.

Kibum glared at the younger and hit him on the head with the pillow before turning around and getting ready to eat.

Changmin was too busy staring at the food and deciding what to eat first to care about being hit on the head.

Pushing the table a little closer to the middle of the bed, Eunhyuk sat down and looked up to the two eager boys sitting across from him.

"Yes, you can eat now."

At his words, Changmin and Kibum started to place food into their bowls and bicker about who got what piece first when there still was a small plate of it. Eunhyuk rolled his eyes and started to eat the noodles.

"So when does your shift start Kibum?"

"Huh? I'm still on my shift now."

"What?!" Eunhyuk stared at Kibum.

"Then stop eating and get back to work Dr. Kim."

"Shut up! You just want more food to yourself."

"Can't help it. Hyukkie's food is awesome! It's a crime not to have it all to myself."


Changmin stopped his eating and stared at Kibum. He looked so sad and hurt. Changmin turned his gaze to Eunhyuk and pouted at his hyung.


Kibum looked at Eunhyuk and then at Changmin.


"It's okay." Changmin whispered.

"Changmin I-"

"It's okay Kibum. Really."

Eunhyuk and Kibum shared a look. It's still too soon to be joking around like this.

The three sat on the bed, eating the delicious lunch that Eunhyuk had slaved over in silence.

There was a knock at the door and a young female nurse entered the room.

"Um, Dr. Kim? There's a man claiming to be your boyfriend downstairs in the lobby."

Kibum froze for a mila-second before finishing his bowl and gently putting it down on the table.

"The lunch was delicious Hyuk, thank you." Kibum smiled.

Eunhyuk smiled back weakly and continued to place food into Changmin's bowl.

Kibum got up off the bed and walked out the door with the nurse following behind.

Changmin didn't say anything to his hyung. He didn't know what to say. He knew for sure that something was going on between his hyung and Kibum but he didn't know what exactly and saying something dumb about Kibum's "boyfriend" downstairs would be a bad move. Best case scenario would be that Eunhyuk would put laxatives in his food. Worst case scenario would that Eunhyuk wouldn't even make food for him to eat.



"What's your relationship with Kibum?"

Eunhyuk stopped eating and looked at Changmin.


"What is your relationship with Kibum?"

"We're friends..?" Eunhyuk said slowly, tilting his head to the side a bit.

"You're not sure if you're friends or not?"

"Well we're not close friends but I could safely say we're friends. Why?"

Changmin complimented what he should say. He could say that Kibum likes him but then that might freak him out and then it'd be awkward when his hyung will ignore the doctor. Or he could say that his hyung likes the doctor and see how much he likes him. Deciding on the safer option, Changmin hoped that his hyung wouldn't get mad and take his delicious food away.

"You like him."

"I like who?"

Changmin rolled his eyes. It's cute how his hyung is dense at times but it can also be really annoying. It's ironic how Eunhyuk is really sharp about who likes who but he's oblivious to who likes him and who he likes.

"You, my big brother, Lee Hyukjae like my doctor Kim Kibum more than a friend."

Changmin waited for his words to sink in.

5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.


"You like him."

"I do not! I'm not even gay!"

"You're only gay for him." Changmin said calmly, sipping his udon broth.


"Oh really? Then what was up with this glances you took at him? Or all the time you talked with him outside in the hallway? Or when you had late night talks with him outside my room?"

"I was asking out your condition in the hallway and he stayed with me and comforted me when you were in your room slipping in and out of sub-consciousness."

"You still didn't explain those glances you took at him and the way you smile at him is a lot different than the way you smile at everyone else."

"I was only looking at him to make sure he was eating. He's too skinny and I smile the same way to you. There's no difference."


"Shim Changmin! Do you want me to take away all this food and not cook for you ever again?"

"What? Ever?? Cause of stupid Kibum you'd never cook for me again? You so don't like him at all."

"Exactly. I don't."

"You fricking love him if you'd go that far."

"What?! NO!"

"You've never threaten to never cook for me again. This is a first and it's because of Bummie."

"It's not because of Bummie. It's because you're being delusional and making up stupid theories based on what you think you see."

"Oh, so it's Bummie now eh?" Changmin said smugly.

"What?" Eunhyuk asked, looking at Changmin like he had grown 3 heads, 8 eyes, and 10 arms.

"You called him Bummie and not Kibum. I didn't know you guys were that close."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Admit it. You so like him!"

"It's not true so why should I admit it?"

"Right. You don't like him. You love him so just give in already."

"I don't love him!"

"Then why did you smile back at him when he thanked you for the food before going to see his boyfriend?"

"I was being polite! I have manners unlike some people who just stuff their face and ignore everyone else in the room!" Eunhyuk spat, glaring at Changmin.

Changmin ignored the glare, because really, this is Eunhyuk here. The guy is too cute to glare. Plus being his younger brother, he was immune to his looks already.

"Then why did you look so pained when you heard the nurse say boyfriend? Why did your heart tug a little?"

"How would you even know that?"

"So you admit it? It did happen?"

"Did not!"

"Hyung, you know as well as I do that this can and will go on forever by the looks of it so just make things easier for the both of us. Give in already!"

"Never!!!!!" Eunhyuk gave out a war-like cry.

Calmly pushing the table a good distance away from the bed, Changmin made sure it was out of harms way.

Eunhyuk's eyes followed his brother's every movement. This was the first time since Changmin had been admitted into the hospital that he had seen his brother move. Even though Changmin hadn't gotten up from the bed and was only using his upper half of his body to push the table like tray away, his eyes never left his brother.

Being too absorbed in watching his brother, Eunhyuk's mind didn't register what Changmin was doing with the pillow in his hand until he was hit in the face with said pillow.

"Ad. Mit. It." With each pause, Eunhyuk got hit in the face with the pillow by Changmin.

"YAH! How dare you hit me!" Eunhyuk shouted, grabbing the pillow out of Changmin's hands and getting payback. Changmin retreated to the far side of the bed, away from Eunhyuk. He grabbed another pillow to hide behind from the Eunhyuk's revenge.

"Ah! Ah! Hyung! IT HURTS!" Changmin cried out.

Eunhyuk immediately tossed the pillow in his hand aside and ripped the pillow in Changmin's hand and threw it over his shoulder. He was looking over Changmin's body like crazy, checking for injuries, checking his old wounds, checking for new wounds or any bruises.

"Are you okay? Does it hurt? Where does it hurt? Do I need to call Kibum? Should I call the nurse? Do you feel any pain? Where's the pain coming from? Ohmygosh! Did I hit one of your surgical wounds? I'm so soo sooo sorry Minnie!" Eunhyuk rambled on.

Changmin stared at his brother in amazement. If his brother let him off the hook that easily he should hurt more often.

"I'm so sorry! Minnie! I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. I'm sor-"


"Please forgive me! I'll make it up to you! I swear I will. Just don't hate me. I only have you. Sure I have mom and dad too but they're busy overseas and I don't want to lose you to-"

"HYUNG!" Changmin shouted, grabbing onto Eunhyuk's shoulders and shaking him out of his rant.

"It's okay. I'm fine." Changmin said softly. "I don't hate you and you're not going to lose me. We've been together since forever, you can't lose me that easily."

Eunhyuk smiled and pulled Changmin into his arms. It's obvious that these two brothers care and love each other a lot.

"But really! Just confess to him! So what if he has a boyfriend, I'll kick the guy's ass!" Changmin said, pulling back and flicking his brother's forehead.

Eunhyuk rubbed the spot where Changmin flicked him. "Yah! I don't like him!"

"No, you LOVE him~"

Eunhyuk gasped and pouted, crossing his arms and puffing out his cheeks.

Changmin laughed at his older brother. He missed this. The two of them joking around without a care in the world. He missed this a lot.


A/N: So Changmin's views. Sort of. And still no idea where Jongwoon is.

Comments are welcomed~♥
Tags: !fanfiction, group: dbsk, group: super junior, pairing: changmin x eunhyuk, pairing: changmin x yesung, pairing: kibum x changmin, pairing: kibum x eunhyuk
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