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[FIC] Yes, I'm in love

Title: Yes, I'm in love
Author: sbluesnow
Group(s): DBSK
Main: Series Archive | One-Shots Archive
Pairing(s): Changmin x Yoochun
Chapter(s): One-Shot
Summary: Being with your other half, it feels weird not to have them by your side. When they go missing, it's only right to go find them.
Dedicated to: everkitsune, yeonah, music_loner and renichifreak
Prompt: Disney, Feathers, Glow sticks, Button, Hands, 12 years old


It's been days since you spoke to him. Too many hours since you've heard his voice. Too much time has passed since you've been in his arms. You miss him.

You miss his warm hands that would hold yours when you felt alone. Even if it lasted seconds, it'd be enough.

Walking down the dark empty hall that Jaejoong hyung had threatened to not cook for you ever again if you didn't go to, you sigh for the whatever amount of time. You lost count after the 25th time. Standing in front of the tall rich mahogany double doors, you held onto the handle and slowly pushed forward.

The room was dark and you were scared but you took a step forward, closing the door gently behind you. Turning back to face the room, your eyes were suddenly blinded by all the lights. Blinking continuously, you let your eyes adjust to the darkness and the lights coming from the seats.

Walking down the stairs you realize that the lights are glow sticks of all colors. Glow sticks clustered together creating beautiful crystals of lights. The stage lights came on. You eyes immediately looked away from the sea of glow sticks to the center stage. There on the stage it was like a 12 year olds fantasy world. The place they'd want to go and have fun, Disney Land.

Getting up on stage, Changmin stopped right in the center standing on top of the big red 'X' on the ground. Looking out into the stadium did he see what all the glow sticks were shining.

"Will you be mine, Minnie?
- Micky"

Changmin laughed out loud.

A pair of arms wrapped themselves around your waist. You leaned into the touch. You knew who it was. Those feather like touches that were so light but so strong that it caused you to melt, it could only belong to your Yoochun.

"Do you know who I belong to?" Yoochun's left arm held onto Changmin's waist in a tight grip. His right hand was running up and down Changmin's chest.

"No, I don't. Tell me." Of course that was a lie. Changmin knew who it was; he just wanted to hear Yoochun say it.

"I belong to you Minnie." Yoochun whispered in a deep sexy voice into Changmin’s ear, fingers working on the last button of his button up shirt.

"Who do you belong to Changmin?" Yoochun stressed on his name, fingers lightly tweaking his nipple.

Tired of all this foreplay, Changmin swiftly turned Yoochun around and held onto his chin.

"How about we find out?"

Yoochun's eyes brightened and smirked. Yoochun pulled him into a passionate kiss. Changmin didn't really care; he let the older man have his way with him. He had a different idea in mind. Gently manoeuvring Yoochun to lie down on the dressed up stage, Changmin positioned himself in between Yoochun's spread legs.

Yoochun pulled away when he realized what Changmin was doing.

"OH HELL NO!" Yoochun shouted in accented English.

"I am not goi-" He tried to sit up when Changmin pushed him back down with one hand.

"I'm always on top." Changmin hissed out.

The glint in Changmin's eyes, his pearly white teeth just slightly peeking out of his plump pink wet kissable lips with his chest exposed to Yoochun's eyes were too hot to ignore. Changmin could do whatever he wanted as long as he did it now!

Also he was too scared to go against the angry magnae but of course he'd never admit that.


A/N: First happy fic in a while. Feels weird to write it LOL. What do you guys think?

Comments are welcomed~♥
Tags: !fanfiction, group: dbsk, pairing: changmin x yoochun
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