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[FIC] What's Wrong With Loving You? Chapter 6

Title: What's Wrong With Loving You?
Author: sbluesnow
Group(s): Super Junior, DBSK
Main: Series Archive | One-Shots Archive
Pairing(s): Changmin x Yesung
Chapter Focus: Eunhyuk, Henry, slight Kibum, Kyuhyun and Changmin
Chapter(s): 6/?
Summary: With time, the love is hidden and the pain appears. Numerous tears are shed and hearts are broken. As time continues on, they're separated and move on from one another. The wounds get deeper and the hearts crumbles into pieces. Will there be a chance to make amends? To fix what is broken? To heal what is hurt? Time's running out.
Dedicated to: renichifreak  because seriously you haven't read a Changsung fic before? And no I don't mean Changsung from 2PM. I mean Changmin (from DBSK not 2AM) and Yesung (not Sungmin from SuJu).
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Eunhyuk ran down the halls, turning left and right, running past nurses, doctors and patients. He didn't think where he was going. He just knew it. His legs knew where to take him. To the place that started it all.

The fountain.

Running straight to the fountain and crashing down onto a nearby park bench, Eunhyuk breathed in and out heavily. His lungs were hurting and so was his heart. Calming down and breathing properly again, Eunhyuk stared at the fountain as if it contained all the answers to what happened and why it did the way it did.

The stupid fountain that became the spot where the lovers started, confessed, broke up and now hurting. All because of one stupid fountain in the middle of a park. Changmin had meet Yesung there. Or to be exact, Yesung had meet Changmin there since his brother wasn't paying attention to his surroundings and Yesung has spoken to him first.

Changmin hadn't told him what Yesung said but one thing led to another and 3 hours later, Changmin had agreed to see Yesung again. To see him but not go on a date just yet. It was too soon for that. It had been around 2 weeks later before they went on a date. During those 2 weeks they acted much like a couple though. They talked on the phone every day, texted each other constantly, hung out with each other's friends and even went to a photo sticker booth and taken pictures together after a day of shopping.

Their date was what made them an official couple. All their friends had already accepted the other as a part of their group. It was like the parents giving their children consent to get married. Of course they all joked about that but everyone could tell that they had thought about it and not just once either. Obviously they hadn't told each other because it was too soon but everyone was just expecting it to happen. And it did. Sort of. Instead of an engagement ring, Changmin had given Yesung couple rings. This just made things worse. The teasing of when to get married was always brought up when the couple were too mushy or just so compatible that it creeped everyone out.

So here he was, staring at the fountain of evil.

He didn't know what happened between the two. No one knew. Changmin hadn't said a word on why they broke up. From what he knew, Yesung didn't even bother telling his friends that they had broken up. It was like Changmin didn't matter at all. That made him mad. He wanted so bad to kick Yesung's ass for hurting his little brother like that. He wanted to but he couldn't. Yesung was nowhere to be found since Changmin's accident. He didn't pick up his phone, answer his door or anything. His friends didn't know where he was. His co-workers only said that Yesung had suddenly quit his job. He would have contacted Yesung's parents, in fact he did but he didn't ask anything about Yesung's whereabouts because it seemed his parents didn't even know he had quit his job.

"Stupid Yesung. If I ever see you, I'm going to give you a black eye and kick you in the balls so hard that you can't have children." Eunhyuk mumbled, glaring at the fountain and thinking dark torturous thoughts on how to hurt Yesung. He ignored the looks he was given by people passing by. Or more like he didn't notice them. He was too busy plotting against Yesung and how to hurt him for hurting his brother. Changmin didn't deserve any of this. The random comas, the panic attacks, and the broken heart. To this day, Changmin still wears his ring. Even though it's been 4 months since the break up, Changmin had never taken it off once. Not even when he's showering. He couldn't bear the thought of losing it.

"Mommy, why is that pretty man glaring at the fountain and mumbling?" A little girl asked her mother.

"I don't know honey. Let's just go okay?" The girl's mother said, clearly not wanting her daughter to go near Eunhyuk even though she had to admit her daughter was right. The boy was very pretty.

The mother and daughter walked away from Eunhyuk just like all the others passing by. They didn't want to know why he was staring at the fountain and mumbling to himself. Maybe some did but they didn't care enough to stop where they were going and ask him.

"If it weren't for stupid you, Changmin wouldn't have meet stupid Yesung and they wouldn't have gotten together to then break up, then Changmin wouldn't be in the hospital and I wouldn't have to meet stupid Kibum."

"Do you really think Kibum is stupid?"

Eunhyuk stopped his mumbling and ranting and turned to look at the person who said that. Turning to his right, sitting on the other end of the bench was a young boy with chubby cheeks, much like a hamster.


"In your mind, do you really feel that Kibum is stupid?"

"How do you know Kibum?" Eunhyuk asked, wary that this boy might know him and say all this to Kibum later.

"How do you know Kibum?" The boy asked back.

"Who are you?" Eunhyuk asked, seriously freaked out by this boy's presence.

"I'm Henry, you?"


"Well Hyuk ah, how do you know Bummie?"

"He's my brother's friend." Eunhyuk left the doctor part out and he was seriously pissed that his brat was addressing him in such a friendly manner and the way he said Kibum's name pissed him off even more.

"Your brother Changmin right?"


"So do you really think Kibum is stupid or just that if you hadn't met him, everything wouldn't be so complicated?"

"The last part."

"Hmm, what's the difference with him in the picture? It's not like you love him or anything."

"How do you know if I do or not?"

"Because even if you do love him, you won't allow yourself to and admit that you do either."

"What makes you think that?"

"Obviously what happened between your brother and stupid Yesung has changed your views on love and you don't want to get hurt. Or more specifically you don't want anything to happen to you so then your brother doesn't have to go through what you're going through now." Henry said nonchalantly as if he was stating the sky was blue.

Eunhyuk stared at the younger boy in awe. He hated him for being able to read him so easily but also because if this kid was able to, was Kibum able to as well?

"Who are you really?" Eunhyuk asked, suspicious of the boy sitting next to him.

"No one really. Just someone passing by who saw you staring at the fountain looking like you wanted to destroy it."

"And you just sat down and started to talk to me and butt into my life?"

"No. I sat down and listened to what you were mumbling about then I talked to you and took your time." Henry corrected.

"So you don't know Kibum?"

"Nope! I just know his name because you mentioned him along with your brother Changmin and the bastard of a Yesung who left your brother."

"How old are you again?" Eunhyuk asked, seriously not able to get over the fact that a stranger had been able to tell what was going on in his mind.

"I'm 20 years old."

"A year younger than Minnie."

"Also a year younger than Bummie."

Eunhyuk glared at Henry. "How do you know they're the same age?"

"Well they're friends you said so I assumed they're the same age. Nothing tricky about that." Henry said, ignoring the glare sent his way.

"How old are you?" Henry asked, continuing to make small talk.

"I'm 23."

"Oh so you're my hyung!"

"Yeah..." Seriously how can this guy be so friendly towards strangers and talk to them so informally?

"So why are you here?" Eunhyuk decided to ask, since it's only fair because Henry knew why he was here.

"Like you, I'm running away from life."

"Who are you running from?"

"My uncle."

"Why? Is he hurting you? Do you want me to help you gather evidence to turn him in?" Eunhyuk asked his face 100% serious.

"What? No! Nothing like that. He's just overprotecting but at the same time very demanding and PMSing a lot. I just need some fresh air that's all."

"All right." Eunhyuk faced away from Henry and continued to glare at the fountain. He didn't mean to now but it sort of became a habit.

"Are you going to be okay?" Henry asked, noticing that Eunhyuk went back to glaring at the fountain.

"Are you?" Eunhyuk asked back.

"I'll live but I'm not so sure about you though."

"What? Cursing me now?"

"No. Not cursing. Just thinking that with what's going on with Changmin, if he does, I'm just saying if, but if he does, you know, and then you won't be able to take it. And on top of that, the whole thing with Kibum, that doesn't lighten your load either."

"It doesn't." Eunhyuk mumbled.

Looking around, Henry tried to think of some way to cheer up the older boy. Coming up empty handed, he decided to just be there for him.

"Gimme your phone."


"Just give it." Henry demanded, putting his hand out, waiting for the phone.

Eunhyuk pulled his phone out of his pocket and passed it to Henry. Henry punched in something for a couple minutes before handing it back to Eunhyuk.

Eunhyuk stared at his phone then at Henry. "What did you do?"

"I added my number so if you ever need someone to talk to you can call me."

"You don't have a crush on me do you?"

"Nah. You're cute but not my style." Henry said, looking forward, arms holding onto the edge of the bench seat and feet swinging back and forth. "Well maybe since I'm pretty flexible but I have Kyuhyun so no thanks."


"My boyfriend."

"How old is Kyu?"

"He's a year older than me. Same age as Minnie. Why? Worried that he's a pedophile?"

"Yeah! You never know. There are a lot of old men who are after those adorable cheeks of yours." Eunhyuk cooed, giving them a pinch.

"Hyung~" Henry whined, rubbing his cheeks.

"Aww! You're soo cute!!!!!!' Eunhyuk squealed, hugging Henry and squishing him into his chest. Henry gave up thrashing around and just let Eunhyuk hug him to his heart's content. For a skinny guy, he had amazing strength.

Someone coughed in front of them. The two ignored the person, too busy hugging each other. Yes, eventually Henry hugged Eunhyuk back. The person coughed again. This time the couple broke apart and looked at the person.

"Kyu!" Henry chirped, excited to see his boyfriend. So excited that he didn't notice the scowl on his face and anger in Kyuhyun's eyes.

"Are you cheating on me Henry?"


"Then why are you hugging a stranger and looking like you don't want to let go?"

"He's not a stranger."

"I bet you don't even know him for more than 2 hours."

"So what if I don't know Henry for more than 2 hours. There's nothing wrong with me."

"Obviously there is if you're hanging onto my boyfriend as if he's your life line."

Eunhyuk was about to give Kyuhyun a piece of his mind when Henry tugged on his sleeve. "It's okay Hyung."

Eunhyuk sighed. Not even knowing the kid for 2 hours and he was already attached.

"Yah Kyu! Henry isn't cheating on you. He was helping me and comforting me. And he's my friend. What's wrong with friends helping each other in need?"

"Kyu?" Kyuhyun asked, the corners of his lips twitching.

"Yeah, your name shortened. Duh."

"Why yo-"

"Okay! Glad to see you two getting along. I'll talk to you later okay Hyung?" Henry stepped in before a war broke out.

"Sure Henli."

"His name is Henry, you idiot."

"I know that! But Henli sounds cuter! And I'll call him what I want Kyu." Eunhyuk taunted, emphasizing on Kyuhyun's little nickname.

"Come on Kyu, let's go. Bye Hyukkie Hyung!" Henry said cheerfully, linking arms with his boyfriend and pushing him away from Eunhyuk before he could hurt his hyung.

"Have fun Henli~" Eunhyuk smiled, waving at the couple.

He felt a lot lighter. It was weird how Henry had gotten to him so much. Not that he minded of course. He likes Henry. Although his boyfriend was a different story but he could tell that Kyuhyun really cares for the hamster boy. Sighing Eunhyuk leaned back on the park bench and looked up at the sky. It wasn't a super bright sunny day but it was fine. The sun was out; the skies were clear blue without a single dark cloud in sight. Perfect afternoon to go on a date.

Why did I automatically imagine Kibum when I think of date? Do I like him that much? Do I love him like Changmin says? Is it possible? Is it possible for me to fall in love?


A/N: KYURY! SO CUTE! LOL and yes random Henry moment. I just had to make him have a boyfriend! Why Kyu? No reason really. Just randomly chose him Hahaha. Anyone know who Henry's uncle is? Kinda obvious really.

Is it possible that you love Bummie, Hyukkie? Definitely 999999999999.99% possible. ^_^

NOTE: Yesung will start to appear in the story in the next chapter and so on!

Comments are welcomed~♥
Tags: !fanfiction, group: dbsk, group: super junior, pairing: changmin x yesung, pairing: eunhyuk x henry, pairing: kibum x eunhyuk, pairing: kyuhyun x henry
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