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[FIC] The malicious and destructive Kibum

Title: The malicious and destructive Kibum
Author: sbluesnow
Group(s): Super Junior
Main: Series Archive | One-Shots Archive
Pairing(s): Kibum x Sungmin
Chapter(s): One-Shot
Prompt by: SJ Random Pairing Generator | Sungmin / Kibum | it's not hiding when you close your eyes and pretend everyone else isn't there


"Kibum?" Sungmin called out to the figure standing by the corner, looking into the hallway suspiciously.

Kibum turned around and smiled at Sungmin. Smiling back, Sungmin walked over to Kibum.

"Hey Kibum. Long time no see." Sungmin said happily.

"Hi Sungmin hyung."

"Where have you been?"



A silence fell over them. It wasn't awkward. It was just a bit uncomfortable.

"So what were you doing?"


Sungmin rolled his eyes and lightly slapped Kibum in the arm.

"Don't play innocent with me. You were up to something."

"I wasn't."

"Oh really?"


"Then why were you hiding behind the corner and looking into the hall like you were watching or waiting for someone?"

"It's not hiding when you close your eyes and pretend everyone else isn't there."

"But everyone isn't here and you had your eyes open."

"Then I wasn't hiding now was I?"

"What do you mean?" Sungmin asked warily, not liking the dark look in Kibum's eyes but made no move to move away from his dongsaeng.

"I didn't have to pretend that everyone isn't here because they aren't so I didn't need to close my eyes therefore I wasn't hiding."

"Right." Sungmin stretched the word out, trying to get understand and analyze Kibum's answer for any hidden meaning he is trying to hide.

"Well, later Sungmin hyung." Kibum waved, backing away from the wall and walking past Sungmin.

"Bye." Sungmin said back, not his usual cheery voice but more monotone.

He really wants to know what his dongsaeng was up to but he didn't want to force the answer of out him. Also he was scared of what Kibum wanted. That dark look that he saw earlier, he had seen it once before in Kibum's eyes and the outcome were terrible. Kibum had come back to the dorm with a few broken ribs, his lips bleeding, an evil aura surrounding him and a twisted smile gracing his lips.

When asked how he could be smiling when he was beaten up, he cackled and said that his condition is nothing compared to the other 5. The members were worried. They didn't know what Kibum had done and they weren't sure if they wanted to ask what happened. Heechul asked straight out "What the fuck happened to you?"

Kibum smiled his innocent smile and said 5 guys ticked him off last month and earlier they caused more trouble for him. So he cleared his path, removing them from his sight. The others were freaked. This is the first time they had seen this side of Kibum.

The malicious and destructive Kibum.

Looking at Kibum walking away from him, Sungmin prayed that whatever Kibum is planning, no one would get hurt too bad. He would pray that no one gets hurt but that's impossible. With the Kibum he just saw moments ago, there will be bloodshed. It's inevitable.


A/N: Scary!Kibum for once. Well at least I didn't kill him or hurt him in this fic. That's an improvement. A lame one but better than him dying.

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Tags: !fanfiction, group: super junior, pairing: kibum x sungmin
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