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[FIC] Secrets are Evil

Title: Secrets are Evil
Author: sbluesnow
Group(s): Super Junior, DBSK
Main: Series Archive | One-Shots Archive
Main Pairing(s): Kibum x Donghae
Hinted Pairing(s): Changmin x Eunhyuk, Zhou mi x Ryeowook
Chapter(s): One-Shot
Summary: Secrets in due time will no longer be a secret if someone goes looking for the answer. A young man wants his Fish back. He does many things to get to the man that he wants. Many things such as calling him, texting him, bribing someone for his whereabouts, kidnapping him and plotting revenge to get even. Until it's the secrets out they are considered evil because of the mischief and the suffering they may cause just like this young man's actions.
Dedicated to: music_loner  for providing the prompt


Kibum's back. He's back at the dorms waiting for a certain brunette Fish. He's waiting and waiting. The others are surprised to see him. It's not unexpected of course. It's been a while since he's seen them. About 4 day’s maybe? It doesn’t matter. He greets them with smiles and they smile genuine smiles back. It's nice to have him back. They know why he's here and they all one way or another look at him smugly. Heechul had even said "You're just here for some ass."

Kibum didn't say anything but smile his 1000 mega-watt smile. Heechul scoffed and went off to find Zhou mi with an evil smirk on his face.

Kibum felt sorry for Zhou mi for whatever Heechul had in mind but he didn't feel sorry enough to go and warn Zhou mi about it. He was waiting for his Fish to come.

He sat on the couch bored of his mind. He waited for 10 minutes already and Donghae was nowhere in sight. Flipping the TV on, he watched some boring drama and waited for his Fish.

After the show was over, Donghae still didn't appear. Kibum had called and texted him numerous times. He didn't get a reply to either. It wasn't until Eunhyuk woke up sometime after lunch and came out of him room that Kibum knew where Donghae was.

"Oh Kibum. You're here." Eunhyuk said, doing a double take at his dongsaeng sitting on the couch.

"I am. Do you know where Donghae is?"

"He's out I think. He said he wanted to go for a walk, then hang out at the park for a while then grab something to eat and possibly go shopping for a while."

"I see."

"Donghae forgot about meeting you huh?" Eunhyuk noticed the dejected look on Kibum's face. It wasn't that hard to miss. His dongsaeng had probably gotten a day off finally and was waiting for his forgetful close friend since morning.

"I guess. I'll see you around Hyung." Kibum got up from the couch and left the apartment.

Eunhyuk didn't bother to keep the young man back. There's nothing to keep him here anyways when the reason he came was gone. Sighing Eunhyuk hoped that everything would work out okay.

This continued to happen for quite a while. Not once or twice but for the past 3 months, Donghae kept blowing Kibum off. Kibum was starting to suspect that Donghae was cheating on him. Sure, Donghae didn't look like a player but he knew that if Donghae got bored of something, he'd find something new to keep himself occupied. Occasionally Donghae would text him back only after he had called and texted the older man like 20 times.

The messages were always short and simple too. The most recent text went something like this.

"Sorry Kibummie. I'm busy today. I promise we'll have dinner at that Seafood place next time okay?

I Love you,
- Hae"

It's gotten to the point where Kibum no longer feels the warmth of those words. They just feel like words. Tired of Donghae's disappearances, Kibum was determined to find the Fish and get his much needed answers. After getting information about Donghae's current location from a Monkey with the bribes of getting him a 25 pack of strawberry milk, Kibum set out of find Donghae.

Reaching the park, Kibum parked his car near the entrance with the big trees casting a dark shadow over his car providing privacy when needed. Scanning his eyes at the playground in the center, he looked for Donghae.

Got cha.

Smirking, Kibum got out of his car, making sure that his oversized sunglasses and his hat covered his face.

Walking towards Donghae, Kibum's eyes followed his every movement. Currently Donghae's back was facing him. He was sitting in the sandbox with his hands occupied with something. Kibum had just dismissed it as Donghae making a sandcastle.

Getting closer, Kibum made sure that Donghae hadn't notice him yet. Once standing arms length behind him, Kibum reached out and grabbed the back of Donghae's collar upwards, successfully bringing the older man to stand onto his two feet.

Donghae felt at the sudden attack, he was ready to knock his fist into the person's face when his attacker started to drag him towards the park's entrance. He was going to protest and tell the asshole to let him go but something about the man's back seemed familiar to him.

Getting pushed roughly into a car, Donghae scrambled from the driver's seat into the passenger's seat as his attacker nudged him to move over. Sitting in his seat, Donghae looked around in the car. It looked familiar. Really familiar. Memories of him in this car doing certain things came flooding back.

"Bummie?" Donghae called out, looking at the man whose face wasn't turned his way. He was facing the lock mechanism of the car and locking it so Donghae couldn't escape.

"Long time no see Hae." Kibum turned around and looked at Donghae. Taking off his hat and glasses, he bored his eyes into Donghae's. Donghae gulped and shrunk back in his seat. He didn't like that look. Well okay that'd be a lie that he said he did. The look was hot on Kibum.

"Uh yeah. What are you doing here?" Donghae asked wearily, wondering how he could get out of the car when Kibum locked it.

"Oh nothing. Just looking for my boyfriend who seems to be avoiding me for the past 3 months."

Donghae let out an awkward laugh. There was no way out of this. Kibum was going to skin him alive when he found out. It's not like Kibum will hate him for what he did. Just maybe not love him for it. He felt Kibum's steady gaze on him and he forced himself not to look into Kibum's eyes because he knew if he did, everything would just come of his mouth. He wouldn't be able to say no to Kibum.

"Now that you got my love you leave me hanging? Why?"

Donghae's blood raced. He's hoping this doesn't end how he's thinking it will end. A part of him wanted it but just not right now. It’d be unfair and it'd be cruel. Plus he'd be in a big amount of trouble later for it if he ever found out.

"I love you. I'm never giving you up. I'll always need your kiss and your touch. I'll always need your love. Don't think you can cheat on me Lee Donghae because you want me, you’ve fallen for me, and you’re crazy for me. You can’t break out and I got you under my skin."

Donghae's heart pounded madly against his rib cage at Kibum's words. He literally melted into a pile of goo.

Kibum grabbed onto his chin and before he even blinked, Kibum's lips were ravishing his. He missed those lips. Those plump wet kissable lips. Moaning into the wet lip lock, Donghae wrapped his arms around Kibum's neck and pulled him closer, tongues battling each other and mapping each other's mouths.

Donghae's mind completely shut off. He wanted more. He needed more. Pushing himself against Kibum's body as best as he can with the gear shift in the way, he wanted to go to further.

Kibum felt Donghae's hand loosen around his neck to make their way downwards. He felt a wet tongue licking and nipping at his neck. He moaned at the feel of the wet muscle marking him.

Kibum's brain went to red alert. Something wasn't right. Pushing Donghae away, he ignored the other man's protests. Holding onto the wet spot onto his neck he stared down to the front of Donghae's sweater. There peeking out of the hoodie was a head of white fluff. Its eyes blinked innocently at Kibum and titled its head to the side cutely.

Everything started to make sense. His mind went into overdrive remembering the events of the past couple of months.

"You've been ditching me for a dog?"

"Eh?" Donghae said dumbly, looking down at to his chest.

"Shit!" He had completely forgotten that the little girl was there.

"I was taking care of her." Donghae said weakly.

"You adopted another dog and ditched our scarce alone time together to take care of her?"

Kibum wasn't mad. He was beyond mad. If Donghae had just told him in the beginning he'd understand. He wouldn't have minded taking the dog out either but to hide it from him? That's low.

"I didn't adopt her! Well sorta. I'm Mandoongie's godfather!" Donghae proudly announced, taking her out of his hoodie and hugging her close to him.

"Wait! Mandoongie?"

"Yup!" Donghae chirped and smiled brightly at Kibum, his hands constantly petting her or playing with her paw.

"As in Changmin's dog??"

"Yeah!" Donghae held her in his arms and kissed the top of her head.

Kibum rolled his eyes and buckled in his seat belt. He was so not jealous of her. So not. Okay, maybe he is. He hasn't gotten any moments with Donghae for the past 3 months and here his boyfriend was, showering her with love.

Kibum started the engine and made a mental note to kill Changmin for this.

I'm so going to take pictures of Eunhyuk topless or in a sleeveless shirt and send it to him. Or better yet I'll do that and then send a "Kibum-creations" virus to his computer that even Kyuhyun doesn't know how to solve.

Smirking at this thought, Kibum was just dying to put his revenge into action.

"Uh, Bummie you okay?" Donghae was worried about Kibum. The look on his face definitely meant he was up to revenge.

"Yeah. Just buckle your seatbelt. We're heading back to the dorms."

"Eh? Why?"

"We're finishing what you started. One of the members can watch her while we have our much needed alone time together."

Kibum smiled, lightly pecking Donghae's lips before driving off to the dorms.

Sure he wanted revenge on Changmin but he's not mean enough to put Mandoong through rated scenes.

Donghae happily buckled his seat belt and played with Mandoong through the whole ride. He knew that once he got back, he wouldn't be able to play with her until tomorrow morning or possibly over the next couple of days.

When they got back, Heechul was the first to comment about the mark on Kibum's neck. Kibum growled and Donghae laughed. He had forgotten that the cutie in his arms here had marked his boyfriend.

Laughing definitely wasn't the best thing in the world to do because suddenly Mandoong was taken from his arms and passed onto Eunhyuk. He was suddenly thrown over Kibum's shoulders and taken to his room like a sack of rice. Nobody tried to save him when he demanded Kibum to put him down. Everyone watched the door to Leeteuk's and Donghae's room slammed shut with a bang and the lock clicking into place. They knew better then to mess with Kibum when he's pissed and sexually frustrated.

Holding the little cutie in front of his face, Eunhyuk smiled.

"Looks like Godfather Hae are busy. I'll keep you company okay?"

Mandoongie ruffed cutely at him and licked his face. Eunhyuk laughed and carried her back to his floor. Things were going to get loud on the 12th floor. Everyone practically raced out the door after him. No one wanted to hear Donghae's moans and begging Kibum to go faster and do him harder.

In the Super Junior dorm on the 11th floor, you could slightly hear KiHae's "activity".

Eunhyuk rolled his eyes and went into his room with Mandoong in his arms. Playing the music at a reasonable level but also blocking out his close friends cries, Eunhyuk curled up on his bed and decided to take a nap with Mandoong. Once his head hit his pillow with Mandoong snuggling into him, he was instantly asleep. Because he was asleep he never knew that someone had taken countless of pictures as well as strategically placed a video camera on his bookshelf so that it had the whole view of his bed.

"Done yet?" An impatient voiced whispered.

"Done hyung." Zhou mi came back out of Eunhyuk's room with the camera in hand.

"Excellent." Heechul smirked.

"Remember to take the tap out after he wakes up and leaves his room. Then replace the tape with a blank one and record it."

"Why are we doing this hyung? I mean Hyukkie hasn't done anything recently to make you do this. He didn't eat his egg that was in his noodles. He gave it to you."

"This isn't about revenge Seasoning. It's about someone who’s willing to pay a very high price for the photos and videos."

"You're not going to give them to ELF are you?" Zhou mi asked flabbergast at what he had done.

"You idiot! I'm not stupid. I know what I'm doing. Just follow what I say and you won't be my next victim."

"You got nothing on me." Zhou mi said smugly.

"Oh really Li Xu." Heechul whispered Ryeowook's Chinese name.

Zhou mi gasped. He only had started to like Ryeowook yesterday.


"I have my ways. Don't go against me Seasoning. You've learned well but you'll never be a match for me." With a flick of his hair, Heechul grabbed the camera in Zhou mi's hands and walked to Yesung's room, leaving Zhou mi to stand there in the living room like an idiot.

"Got the pictures?"

"Obviously." Heechul snorted placing the camera on the table.

"Perfect." Yesung smirked, already hooking the camera up to his computer.

"You may be a lot of fail Yesung but you really are the evil genius in Super Junior."

"And you're not just Cinderella either Heechul. The witch appears more than the princess does." Yesung said bluntly, which earned him a big slap in the head from the "witch".


A/N: Happy fic! This took me 2 hours and a half to write. I'm so fail.

What do you think Jenna? Like it? Hate it? I tried as much as possible to make it happy.

And seriously I'm having a major bias for Changmin right now so he's in like everything! Haha. If you want to see Minnie and Mandoongie then you can see recent screencaps of them together here and a video of them here. Both links are to dbsg and it's from AADBSK-3.

Comments are welcomed~♥

Tags: !fanfiction, group: dbsk, group: super junior, pairing: changmin x eunhyuk, pairing: kibum x donghae, pairing: zhou mi x ryeowook
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