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[Modpost] Requests CLOSED!

The first FIVE people to REQUEST in this post gets to have a drabble/one-shot of any pairing/character (to a point) of their choosing from me.

First of all:


2. Totally for any random and wierd pairing you can think of in Super Junior (A lot easier for me to write)

3. Allowed Fandom Options: (I generally write these 2 the most)
  • Super Junior
  • DBSK
4. Other Fandom Options: (I don't follow these fandoms as much)
  • SHINee (Depending on which member)
  • 2PM (Depending on which member)
  • Epik High (Depending on which member)
  • Other...
Other... as in possible that I might if I know enough about that person/fandom otherwise NO.

5. CrossOvers are allowed.

6. OTP3 is allowed (Like KRY, etc). Beyond that is negotiable.

7. The fic can range from a drabble (hardly write drabbles) to fic to long one-shot to possibly mini series (like 2 chapters or something).

So onwards to the list:


1. yunsias  - Ryeowook x Heechul or Kangin x Ryeowook Done // Posted here
2. everkitsune  - Kyuhyun x Heechul Done // Posted here
3. quinnsan  - Yesung x Sungmin Done // Posted here
4. ahmilli  - Kyuhyun x Eunhyuk Done // Posted here
5. myfadingmelody  - Kibum x Yesung x Changmin Done // Posted here

I'll try to get them done as fast as possible. So comment away~ ^_^

- Julie (sbluesnow)
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