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[FIC] No longer a Ghost

Title: No longer a Ghost
Author: sbluesnow
Main: Series Archive | One-Shots Archive
Pairing(s): Yesung x Sungmin
Chapter(s): One-Shot
Summary: Always there without a word. Always seeing and not seen. Always watching and not watched. Always the first to love but this time, definitely not the last to be loved back.
Requested by: quinnsan  from this closed request post here.


Sleeping in later than usual, it felt amazing. To have a schedule free morning and not have to rush to the bathroom and fight the other members for it. The luxury of being able to take his sweet time and just slow everything down felt good. Sungmin slowly sat up in bed and stretched his arms up above him much like a cat. Blinking the sleepiness of out his eyes, Sungmin looked around his room. Nothing was out of place and it was neat and clean but something didn't feel right.

He looked around his room and gave up, putting off the weird feeling aside. He needed to wash up, change, grab a bite to eat lounge for a bit before his schedule started. Thirty minutes, later Sungmin was sitting in the living room. None of the others were around. They were all in their rooms or out.

Picking up his guitar, he let his fingers play against the string. Plucking and pulling to the way they wanted. No thinking of does it sounds right? Or would it better if it was this note?

He simply played and let all his feelings out. Closing his eyes, Sungmin wiggled on the couch a bit before he was comfortable. He continued to play. He ignored thought of the others walking into the living room. He ignored the presence of the others in the dorm.

His fingers continued to play. His mind continued to wonder. His body continued to relax. His eyes continued to stay closed.

Strumming his guitar and so lost in his own world, he didn't hear someone approaching him from behind. He didn't see them because his eyes were closed. He didn't sense them because he was too focused on the sounds being created by his guitar.

His fingers stopped. Something had wrapped his eyes. Opening them and seeing black, Sungmin was ready to face his attacker.

"Don't." A voice whispered softly into his ear. The voice so soft and light that it didn't sound human.

The person held his hand that was holding the guitar pick and swiftly ran it across the strings. The sound that it created was loud and strong.

A pair of lips met his cheek.

The hand moved away and nothing happened. Sungmin sat there for another 30 seconds before he pulled the blindfold off and looked behind him. No one was there.

Pulling the blindfold off of his neck, he held the piece of black silk in his hands.

He wanted to know who it was. His heart tugged and jumped at the first person that came to mind.


Stuffing the blindfold in his pocket, Sungmin went back to what he was doing before but this time with a shy smile gracing his lips.


Back in his room, Yesung smiled and looked back at his bedroom door. As if he was able to see through the walls and see Sungmin in the living room. When the younger had listened to him and not go after him, he knew that Sungmin knows that he knows. Not doing anything but accepting it, Yesung was content with that little gesture alone. They didn't need to be a couple and shower each other with their love. He's fine with being the stalker in this. To follow to Sungmin around and just be near him is more than enough to make him smile a smile reserved just for Sungmin.


A/N: I hope this meets your expectations quinnsan

I'm so sorry if you don't like it.

Comments are welcomed~♥
Tags: !fanfiction, group: super junior, pairing: yesung x sungmin
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