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[FIC] Love Bye Love

Title: Love Bye Love
Author: sbluesnow
Main: Series Archive | One-Shots Archive
Pairing(s): Eunhyuk x Yoochun
Chapter(s): One-Shot
Summary: There's no doubt when there's someone who's just so loveable, you love them. But love can hurt.
Requested by: renichifreak 


"He is able to give emptiness an aura."

Eunhyuk replayed that clip over and over. He had pre-ordered the DVD when it came out and watched every single DVD a part of the set when he got it in the mail weeks later. It was nice to see his friends’ achievements and how they've changed during the process of making of the film. He got to see his absolute best friend slave be an idiot and make lame gags. He'd never admit it that he misses him to the duck's face or butt; however you wanted to look at it.

What annoyed him a bit was what Yunho had said. He was slightly annoyed but really deep down he knew the real reason. Yunho's words caught his attention yes but what annoyed him was the truth of his words.

Yoochun has the ability to create warmth just by being in the space. Something he envied. Sure he has the ability to brighten up the mood of the room but that's after trying and making gags. His presence alone doesn't bring in warmth that starts from your head and spread all the way to your toes. Some ELF would disagree but their opinions don't count in this particular matter.

Eunhyuk is very proud of ELF and very happy that they'd defend him when others bash him but this is something he himself accepts. He's just not like Yoochun.

The man is able to give emptiness an aura. A beautiful aura that fills the space and makes it no longer empty. At times it may feel empty but the aura lures people in like how opposites attract.

It's just another thing to admire about Yoochun. His compositions, his personality, his beauty, his presence is something he envies a lot. Envy. Admire. Same difference really.

Leeteuk would laugh his ass off and say that he's in love with the slightly younger male by a few months. Leeteuk had once joked about it and he had laughed it off and changed the subject professionally. At the time he hadn't really thought of Leeteuk's words. He let his brain register the words and that was it. He didn't take time to think about the Leader's words.

Does he love Yoochun? Is he in love with Yoochun?

There's no way he'd ever tell Junsu about this. It's not like it'd be a problem to tell him. It's just, he himself isn't sure what it is he feels towards the younger man.

"He is able to give emptiness an aura."

Yunho's words keeps on ringing in his mind.

The words kept bugging him like they're suppose to tell him something besides the truth of those words. Like there's a hidden message that he's not getting. It irritates him that something this simple and not that big of a deal sentence keeps replaying in his mind.

Park Yoochun. You are a man of many talents. Your charming smile can make the grouchiest person smile instead of frown. You are able to give emptiness an aura. What's there not to love?

Eunhyuk snorted at the question in mind.

"There's everything to love but unrequited love."


A/N: -sighs- I suck. I need to improve more. I have no idea what this is about even really so forgive my incoherent thoughts.

Comments are welcomed~♥
Tags: !fanfiction, group: dbsk, group: super junior, pairing: eunhyuk x yoochun
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