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[FIC] A Pair

Title: A Pair
Author: sbluesnow
Main: Series Archive | One-Shots Archive
Pairing(s): Kibum x Donghae
Chapter(s): One-Shot
Summary: When there's a pair, it means there's two of it. Just like people and love. There may be many people and many loves but somewhere along the path of life, there's something to hold 2 people together. Like love. A pair.
Dedicated to: everkitsune  for providing me with the prompt cups


Working in a designer household items store may not be the manliest and coolest job there is but it definitely beats working at McDonald's. The pay is 100 times better. Plus the customers aren't as annoying or loud or rude.

They're rich and classy and polite. Sometimes too polite to be normal but at least they buy a lot of expensive one of a kind pieces and make your commission go up. A high commission on top of a salary is a heck of a lot better than working at a fast food joint.

So here, Lee Donghae is, placing one of a kind couple cups with intricate modern designs that are too pretty to actually use to drink from on the shelves and displaying them in a perfect formation to give each couple cups a place to shine.

"Stupid cups. It’s your entire fault that I have to spend the first half of my lunch hour to put you all on display." Donghae mumbled, glaring at the two cups in the centre on the stand.

"And I only have an hour of lunch too."

Suddenly his head dropped forward from the slap that he had received in the back of his head. Turning around he was ready to yell at the person for hitting him when he did nothing wrong.

"Yah!" Donghae yelled, turning around to see who dared to hit him. He came face to face with his jerk of a boss Kim Kibum.

"YAH! Is that any way to talk to your boss?" Kibum shouted back and stared Donghae down.

Donghae rolled his eyes. Honestly why was someone younger than him his boss and so disrespectful? So what if the guy is taller than him and has a sparkling smile that can make anything with a pulse melt? So what if the guy is fit and slim and has arms of sex? That still doesn't mean anything. Yup it means nothing at all.

Why the hell did I just think that he has arms of sex? He does not! Lee Donghae stop staring at hi-OHH his arms are so toned. His biceps looks so hard. I wonder if I can touc-YAH! LEE DONGHAE! QUIT THINKING THOSE THOUGHTS!

While Donghae was busily arguing with himself in his mind, Kibum smiled at the sight before him. His cute employee spacing out and pouting those kissable lips.

Seeing that there was only 25 minutes left of Donghae's lunch break, Kibum gently snapped the other out of his trance. Poking his cheeks, Kibum waited for Donghae to notice his touch.

Why the hell is the manager wearing a sleeveless shirt anyways? Whatever happened to dress shirts? Oh! A black silk dress shirt with the top buttons opened would look hot on Bummie. WAIT! BUMMIE! WHAT THE FUCK! SINCE WHEN HAVE I CALLED HIM THAT?!

Still getting no response from Donghae, Kibum got tired of poking the boy's cheek. Sighing, Kibum did the one thing that would always snap him out of his daydreams. Reaching behind Donghae's head, he swiftly swung down and hit the older boy.

"AHHH!" Donghae cried out in pain. He clutched his head and glared at Kibum.

"What was that for?!"

"You have 25, well 20 minutes now left of lunch. I tried to get you to stop day dreaming by poking your cheeks but you didn't respond so I had to do that. Be grateful I actually woke you up to eat and not let you stand here like a statue during what's left of your lunch break."

"Shut up." Donghae mumbled, walking past Kibum to the staff's room and quickly eat his lunch before his lunch time was over.

Less than 20 minutes later, Donghae was back to work, helping a couple pick out which couple cups were for them. After helping them choose, he led them over to the front desk and wrapped it up for them. Smiling at them and thanking them for shopping here, he bowed and waved to the happy couple.

"Those cups were so pretty too. Bye bye cups. I hope you have a happy home." Donghae whispered, looking out the door.

"Did you just say good bye to those cups you just sold?"

Donghae knew who that voice belonged too without having to turn around. His HOT boss Kibum.

"NO!" Donghae strongly denied. There was no way in hell was he going to admit to that to Kibum of all people. Anyone else sure but to Kibum? He'd rather run through the street naked. Okay maybe not that far but he definitely wouldn't tell Kibum that.

Kibum looked at Donghae like he had grown a second head but shrugged his shoulders and went over to help a customer.

After that incident, Donghae had spent the rest of the afternoon helping customers as much as he could and avoid any unnecessary contact with Kibum. He didn't need to make a even more fool of himself in front of his HOT boss.

The afternoon passed by quickly like that. Donghae didn't make any more mistakes and Kibum didn't catch him do something stupid. Grabbing his bag from his locker and changing out of his uniform which really was just a vest, Donghae noticed a bag inside his locker. Putting his bag on the ground and the carefully taking the white bag out of his locker, Donghae sat on one of the benches in the middle of the lockers and looked inside.

There were 2 very cute but also stylish couple cups. Ones that were even prettier than the one he had said goodbye to. He didn't have to guess to know who placed it in his locker. The only person who could have gotten to these before passing them onto the employees to put on display was his boss.

Carefully taking one cup out, Donghae held the box in his hand and stared at it. He was single right now and he didn't have a crush either so he didn't need the second cup. It'd be weird if he kept them both. He'd only end up using one anyways.

Maybe Kibum would like it.

Donghae blushed at the thought.

Babo. What makes you think he likes you? He probably isn't even gay.
Inner-voice: But he gave it to you didn't he?
Inner-voice: So that means he's interested in you dummy!
You think so?
Inner voice: I KNOW SO!
Okay no need to yell!

Smiling Donghae finished changing and grabbed his stuff. Looking out into the store, he looked for Kibum. Kibum was at the front desk taking a call. Giggling, Donghae sneaked into Kibum's office and placed the second cup onto his desk. Closing the door to Kibum's office as quietly as possible, he walked out the front door with the white bag in hand, making sure to not make eye contact with Kibum. He knew he'd be a bright red Fish if he looked into Kibum's eyes.

Watching Donghae walk out, Kibum didn't say anything to the older man. He finished the order and let his eyes follow the older man out. His soft hair swishing back and forth with each step, his clothes rustling softly, his smile bright as the sun and his eyes beautiful as pearls.

Getting ready to close up and go home, Kibum walked back to his office and opened the door. The sight before him shocked him.

On his desk was one of the couple cups. The cups that he had given to Donghae.

Picking the cup up and smiling, he knew that things were going to be different from now on. Donghae's finally realized his intentions. Kibum smiled his 1000 mega watt smile. Locking up and stepping outside, Kibum looked up at the clear night sky. The full moon was out.

"The next time we meet, you're mine Lee Donghae." Kibum said to no one in particular and started to walk home.


A/N:  yeah. A fluff fic for once. LOL

Comments are welcomed~♥
Tags: !fanfiction, group: super junior, pairing: kibum x donghae
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