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[FIC] Voice

Title: Voice
Author: sbluesnow
Main: Series Archive | One-Shots Archive
Pairing(s): Hankyung x Yesung, Hankyung x Heechul
Chapter(s): One-Shot
Summary: An angel is taken back by the heavens. In that angel's place is another angel who isn't a replacement but a friend who is to help his world continue.
Warning: Character death
Requested by: ricecakestar  from my closed request post here.


The clear blue sky turns grey and cries. The tears pour and the screams clash with one another. What was once a beautiful day became dark and cold. The streets were clear of humanity. Everyone ran inside looking for shelter. Those in their cars hurrying to go where they're going. The colors of the streets seems to fade as the rain washes it away. The warmth of people around is gone as the cold wind blows. The sidewalk is empty save for the few who are standing in their spot, letting the rain take them. Letting the tears hit them and soak them with its sadness.


"Heechul ah! Come back!"

The feminine man's light laughter rang to his ears. "Catch me if you can Hannie." Heechul continued to laugh freely, smiling and twirling around in front of Hankyung.

"I'll always catch you."



"Do you love me?"

"I love you more than my life."

"Really?" Heechul asked, smiling at his words. It was hard to bring Heechul out of his shell but he did it. Heechul no longer hides behind his witty remarks and smirks anymore. He's carefree, kind and content.


"I'll always love you."

"If I die, will you continue to love me? Will you continue to remember me?"

"You're not going to die Heechul. We have the rest of our lives together. We're going to grow old and wrinkly together." Hankyung smiled, hugging his lover from behind. His arms circling Heechul's waist and holding him tight.

"But if I do, will you?" Heechul turned his head around and looked at his lover in the eyes. His hand holding onto Hankyung's cheek and eyes searching for the truth.

"You know I will."

"I'll always remember you Heechul ah."

The rain continued to pour, soaking Hankyung from head to toe. His hair stuck to his skull and his clothes clung to his body like a second skin. He didn't make an effort to take shelter and move away from the rain. He likes it. The skies matched what he felt inside. The dark sky, the black clouds, the shades of his surroundings and the silence of the city; it matched his world. His world that used to be bright and cheerful. His world that had a sun. His world that had white clouds and clear skies. His once colourful world has disappeared along with Heechul.

Standing there on the sidewalk with his feet together, arms hanging limply to the side, Hankyung looked up at the sky and let the rain slide down his face. The rain mixed with his tears made it easier for everything to just wash away. His eyes were closed. His lips were pressed together into a thin line. His breathing was slow and relaxed. He had all the time in the world. His world is nothing now. He isn't in a hurry to go anywhere.

~A tired heart, like it has lost all its strength
How I wish that I can continue to hold you~

The words reached his ears and listened to it.

~Let love continue walking with a smile~

The voice is deep but strong. The pronunciation is clear despite the cries from the sky.

~If love can't be turned around, this moment will be forever
Hold tight, baby~

The melodic sound went from faint to louder. The source was drawing near but he didn't open his eyes. His mind is focusing on the lyrics and his memories.

~The memories flutter endlessly
Like a long sickness that leaves one weary, slowly recovering
we both agree.
This is timeless love.~

The voice stopped. The song stopped. The rain stopped. Opening his eyes, Hankyung saw nothing but red.

"Wo ai ni." The owner of the voice who was singing the song was standing in front of him, holding a red umbrella over them both.

"You idiot! You're going to get sick!" Heechul scolded, standing in front of Hankyung, one hand holding onto the umbrella over them and the other gently dabbing Hankyung's face with tissue.

"What are you doing in the rain without an umbrella? You know better than that!"

"To see my angel come holding an umbrella."

Heechul didn't say anything but purposely dabbed at his face really hard, looking downwards and hiding his flushed face.

Hankyung looked into the stranger's eyes and wondered is this his angel?

"Wo ai ni." The 'angel' repeated. The words were perfectly pronounced. The voice is so rich and beautiful.

"Yesung." Hankyung whispered. It seemed fitting; Vocal Chords of an Artist.

The 'angel' smiled and nodded at him.

He could have been agreeing with him or it really might be his name, Hankyung isn't sure but he doesn't ask. He doesn't want to know. He doesn't need to know. His angel may be in heaven and the angel in front of him just may be the warmth he needs in his world.


A/N: I'm so sorry if this doesn't make sense or if you don't like it.

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Tags: !fanfiction, group: super junior, pairing: hankyung x heechul, pairing: hankyung x yesung
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