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[FIC] Finally

Title: Finally
Author: sbluesnow
Main: Series Archive | One-Shots Archive
Pairing(s): Eunhyuk x Donghae
Chapter(s): One-Shot
Summary: Now or never, it's bound to happen. Love hurts.
Requested by: krnqt96  from my closed request post here.


The two of you froze. Neither of you had expected that to happen.


"You. You. You." Eunhyuk's eyes were staring at Donghae, shocked at what just happened. He couldn't believe it.

"Hyukkie I'm so sor-" Donghae pleaded, taking small steps closer to the man he had inflicted pain upon in so many ways that he didn't even think is possible.

"You slapped me."

"I'm sorry Hyukkie." Donghae begged, his hands reaching out to hug Eunhyuk.

Eunhyuk's eyes widened and didn't want to be slapped again. He slapped away Donghae's hands and forced his legs to move and run. Donghae ignored the sting on his hands where Eunhyuk had slapped him and wrapped his arms around his lover. Eunhyuk thrashed around in his arms and yelled at him to let go.

"Let me go!"



"I know and I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to. Please just don't leave me. Please don't leave." Donghae wasn't ashamed to beg his lover to stay by his side. He's willing to do anything as long as Eunhyuk didn't leave him.

Eunhyuk could feel something wet against his neck and sliding down his shoulder. He could safely say it was Donghae's tears and not sweat because they didn't do anything to sweat. Plus he'd rather think it's Donghae's tears then Donghae's perspiration.

"Please please please don't leave me. Please." Donghae mumbled into his neck.

"Donghae let go."

"NO! You're going to leave." Donghae shook his head and wrapped his arms around Eunhyuk tighter.

"I promise you I won't okay. Just loosen your hold a bit." Eunhyuk whispered.

Donghae hesitated but trusted his lover's words. Loosening his hold just a bit and leaning back, he did as Eunhyuk told. Eunhyuk turned around on the spot and faced Donghae.

"I'm not leaving you okay. I love you Hae." Eunhyuk held Donghae's face in his hands and pecked his boyfriend on the lips.

"Promise?" Donghae asked, raising his pinky.

"I promise." Eunhyuk nodded, hooking his pinking with Donghae's.

"You're mine and I'm yours forever." Donghae giggled, kissing Eunhyuk on the cheek.



A/N: I hope this is what you wanted. Sorry for the long wait.

Comments are welcomed~♥
Tags: !fanfiction, group: super junior, pairing: donghae x eunhyuk
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