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[FIC] Second Chances Are Everything

Title: Second Chances Are Everything
Author: sbluesnow
Main: Series Archive | One-Shots Archive
Pairing(s): Yesung x Yoochun
Chapter(s): One-Shot
Warning: Explicit themes
Summary: The first time Jongwoon sees Yoochun, he hated his guts. The second time, he fell so deep in love. One night can change it all.
Requested by: myfadingmelody  from my closed request post here.


Love is weird. That's what Jongwoon has learned over the years. He has fallen in love at first sight and gotten his heart broken. The others mostly Ryeowook, Sungmin, Jungsu and occasionally Heechul had told him to move on and get himself a new lover. If only it's that easy. Heechul had said that is it easy but this is coming from Heechul here. He knows better than to trust Heechul but at times he can be right. CAN BE! Although he'd never admit it. The man is already full of himself as is. He doesn't need to go rubbing it in his face anymore than he already does.

He can love a person and let them walk all over him like Ryeowook although Wookie is special like that. He's so adorable. And no Jongwoon isn't in love with his best friend. It's just similar to a big brother complex.

He can hate a person but be close with them like Heechul. It's not like he really hates the man just how he is most of the time. It drives him insane and he's usually the end of Heechul's jokes.

Sungmin had resorted to setting him up on a blind date once. That so did not turn out well. It was more of a disaster if anything. Let's just say by the end of the night he had bitch slapped his date and kicked him in the nuts for being a perverted freak. He still gets Goosebumps just thinking about it.

Jungsu just has a complex to hook all his friends up so he really couldn't say ‘No’ when the older man told him to come to his friend's birthday party tonight. He couldn't also say no because Youngwoon, Jungsu's boyfriend, was staring him down and had his fist raised. That man is even scarier when it comes to his Teukie.

Of course when he arrived at said party, it was at a booked club and the birthday boy was the man he hated. Park. Yoo. Chun.

Once his eyes landed on him, he turned around and was headed for the door. Jungsu of course knew this so he had Youngwoon stand behind him. Jongwoon didn't see this and slammed right into Youngwoon's broad chest. It hurt a lot. He had stumbled backwards, tripped over his own feet and landed on his butt. Everyone who saw what happened was trying to hold in their laughter. Even Heechul knew better than to laugh at him when he's pissed at the person this party is for. Of course Park Yoochun had laughed at him right out and that only made him hate the man even more.

There isn't a special reason why he hates him. It's just one of those things in life where you look at someone or something and you know that no matter how hard you try or get to know the person, you just can't like them.

He has tried on many separate occasions to befriend the birthday boy and get to know him better. In the end of it all, the hate just grew. It's been about half a year since Jongwoon has come within distance of Yoochun and now all the hate is swarming back.

For most of the night, he had stayed far away from Park Yoochun. The others knew that whenever they got in sight of each other, one would interfere and drag them away. And like that, the night rocked. Hard.

Last night had rocked. He doesn't remember much but it definitely had rocked. That may contradict but it's true! Jongwoon doesn't remember what he had drank or all the people he had talked to but bottom line, last night was awesome. The random strip fest, eating off each other, an drinking off body parts. At one point he was sure they started to have a fuck tournament but it was more like a free for all. You basically fuck who you want and just go at it like humping bunnies.

He didn't participate in the tournament but it was a fun show to watch. Live porn, live hot porrn right in from of him for free. He was probably too intoxicated to not watch what was in front of him. Plus it was funny how much he had caught on tape to use for blackmail.

Heechul working that pole; Henry shaking that hamster butt and giving lap dances; Hangeng putting on a one man show; Zhou mi giving head; Kyuhyun receiving head; Sungmin being finger fucked; Ryeowook riding Siwon; Donghee in a five some (all he can remember was a lot of boobs and giggles); YoungSu were missing for the most part (probably in the washroom fucking each other's brains out); Donghae dancing on the bar's counter between 2 very naked hot guys; Hyukjae was either fucking Kyuhyun's little hole who was still in the whole thing with Zhou mi and Sungmin or he had cross dressed as a girl and lead a very tall boy (he look an awful lot like Changmin) into one of the back rooms.

That being said, everyone was accounted for except for Kibum who somehow whisking through everyone and "catching up" with their friends everywhere. Yunho and the others were doing something with each other, Kibum or with the others or whoever they saw.

Groggily sitting up in his bed, he tried to ignore the pangs of pain going on in his head and blocked the bright light coming in from the window with the back of his hand. Blinking away his sleep and getting used to the sunlight, Jongwoon looked around the darkly decorated room. Black bedding, double black curtains; the front layer being black velvet and the back layer being white silk; black double doors leading to somewhere, black hardwood floors and a handful of black trinkets around the room. The walls weren't all black. Three of the four walls were black patterned floral wallpaper and one long wall of the black curtains. He assumed it was a wall of floor to ceilings of windows.

This isn't his room. In his room, he has a white bed, blue curtains, colourful paintings on the walls, light bamboo floors and a turtle tank for his little potato. This definitely isn't his room.

"Hello?" Jongwoon called out tentatively, half expecting some sort of creature to pop out of the shadows or semi-shadows. The curtains were drawn for the most part and the white silk underneath were doing a poor job of blocking the light that was streaming into the room.

He heard footsteps in the hallway and froze. He held his breath and waited for the door to open. When it did, he was shocked at who was there.

"Oh, you're up."

Jongwoon didn't say anything. He sat still on the bed, just staring at the man in front of him. The man who was dressed in loose black silk pajama bottoms with a white long shirt with all the buttons undone except for one right in the middle.

"How are you feeling?"

Jongwoon was craning his mind to remember what exactly did he do or say last night. He really needed to know. Like NOW!

"Hey? Jongwoon? You okay?" The man asked, stepping further into the room.

"Yeah! I'm great. Never been better." Jongwoon shouted, effectively stopping the man in his tracks. "Why are you here Yoochun shi?" He was stalling for time, hoping to remember what he did isn't what he thinks he did.

Yoochun laughed out loud and throwing a smile at Jongwoon. That sorta creeped Jongwoon out a bit but also made him flush.

"Well I live here and wanted to make sure you're okay after what happened last night and all."

Jongwoon visibly paled at Yoochun's words.

"No! No way! No no no no! We dddidn't!" Jongwoon was stuttering and shaking over his words. "Did we?"

"You don't remember." It seemed like Yoochun had said that more to himself.

"It's nothing. Don't worry about it." Yoochun flashed a smile at Jongwoon.

Somehow, Jongwoon felt sad by Yoochun's words. It was like last night meant something to him. Did I say something that I didn't mean last night and made him believe it was true?


"Hmm?" Jongwoon blinked and looked at Yoochun.

"You might want to get dressed or at least pull the covers up. You look a lot more tempting then the breakfast downstairs. And I know for a fact that you taste a lot better too. Filling? Not so much unless you mean a different kind." Yoochun winked at him, predatory smile still in place.

Jongwoon blinked and looked down. He was topless and he could see the patch of hair leading downwards. Gasping, he pulled the covers up completely to his neck and glared at Yoochun. By then Yoochun had already left the room and was laughing loudly down the hallway.

Just exactly, what happened last night? It looks like we had sex because I'm naked. Then again, he could have just stripped me. He is a pervert. He makes it sounds like we did it but he could be lying. I don't see any cum on the sheets unless he did something weird to stop the cum from spilling everywhere which I am not going to think about thank you very much. Whatever happened last night I will find out! Now the only problem is getting up and possibly not falling to the ground butt naked and having that pervert walk in on me.

Mentally cheering himself, Jongwoon slowly lifted the black blanket off his body and planted both feet on the ground. Taking a deep breath and nodding, Jongwoon planted his hands on the either side of him on the bed and stood up. He took a step forward and squeezed his eyes shut. He waited for the pain in his butt and lower back but it never came.

"YES!" He whispered.

That means he didn't get fucked. Quickly grabbing his discarded clothes on the floor, he put them back on. Walking down the hall and poking into the washroom, he went on with his daily morning business. After a few minutes, he headed down the hall and saw Yoochun in the kitchen, drinking his coffee and looking intently at his laptop.

"Ahem." Jongwoon cleared his throat to catch Yoochun's attention. The man sitting at the kitchen table stopped reading and looked up.

"I'll be leaving now." He really didn’t want to make this awkward but it already is.

"You're not going to stay for breakfast?" Yoochun asked, putting the newspaper down and standing up from his seat.

Jongwoon's eyes looked to the neatly set table. He admits he's hungry but it just doesn't feel right to be here an eating breakfast with the man he hates.

Last night, whatever happened, does not change how I feel about him.

"Um, I have to go."

Jongwoon ignored the slight flicker of sadness in the other man's eyes. He doesn't need this right now. He doesn't need Yoochun's heart. A thought struck him and it scared him of what he was thinking.

His heart? Why did I think that? I don't love him.

Yoochun moved to stand in front of Jongwoon and see if the older man was breathing. He was talking for one second then spacing out and now looks like he's seen a ghost.

Feeling someone breathing on him, Jongwoon shook his head of those thoughts and jumped backwards. Yoochun was in his personal space and standing way too close in front of him.

"Didn't mean to scare you. You just sorta froze on me. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, never been better."

"Alright. Are you sure you don't want to stay for breakfast?"

"Maybe another time."

This time Jongwoon couldn't ignore the happiness that he had seen in Yoochun's eyes. It's like by that little possibility, the young man's eyes lit up and his whole mood had elevated into a happier one.

His heart pumped a little faster knowing that Yoochun is like this because of him.

Is this love at second sight? Maybe.


A/N: I'm so sorry for the long wait. School is just taking over everything and life is already chaos as is.

Comments are welcomed~♥
Tags: !fanfiction, group: dbsk, group: super junior, pairing: yesung x yoochun
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