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[FIC] Only you always

Title: Only you always
Author: sbluesnow
Main: Series Archive | One-Shots Archive
Pairing(s): Kibum x Kyuhyun
Chapter(s): One-Shot
Rated: PG-13
Summary: What we are isn't something that is defined and that's okay. It's just nice to have each other.


"All the boys be loving me. Girls be hating me. They will never stop.
Cause I know I’m so hot hot."

"I want nobody, nobody but you."

"Tell me tell me tell tell tell tell tell tell me. That you love me, that you’ve waited for me. Tell me tell me tell tell tell tell tell tell me."

"Oh my God Hyung! We get it! You like the Wonder Girls! Shut up already!"

Heechul ignored the annoying magnae's remark and continued to belt out and dance to the Wonder Girls.

Kyuhyun growled and screamed into the pillow he had stolen from Yesung's and Ryeowook's room. It was big and fluffy and soft and cuddly. It was a Tarepanda plush.

Suddenly things got quiet. Too quiet. Kyuhyun still hadn't removed his face from the soft cuddly pillow. He sat there and listened to see if his ears were playing tricks on him. He still heard nothing after a few minutes of silence.

Peeking over the top of Tarepanda's head, he pulled the plush down enough to just be below his eyes. He looked around the living room and saw no one. Heechul was gone and so was that God awful music. Don't get him wrong, he likes the Wonder Girls. Really he does but listening to his hyung sing along and louder than their voices while dancing to the songs with the choreography nailed down perfectly while standing in front of the TV was really irritating.

Kyuhyun let out a happy sigh and smiled. Finally he can go back to watching My Fair Lady without any distractions. Too bad the commercial was airing but soon he'd get to watch his show. Smiling, Kyuhyun crossed his legs in his lap like a preschooler and hugged Tarepanda close.

There was a slight creak coming from the hallway. Kyuhyun tensed and no longer smiled. He hated whoever it was. Just when he finally gets the TV to himself, something just has to happen to ruin it for him. Heebum padded into the living room and meowed at him. Kyuhyun let out a sigh of relief and smiled at the annoying cat for scaring him like that.

"I’m so so so hot hot." A deep voice whispered into Kyuhyun's ear.

Whipping around, he came face to face with none other than Super Junior's Missing Man Kim Kibum.

Kyuhyun was going to yell at him for being an asshole but the handsome face with the long perfectly curly hair tied up in a ponytail with that perfect smile, smiling at him and his dark eyes staring into his, made his brain just completely shut off. There was no witty remark. There was no sarcasm. There were no vulgar words. There were just two men looking in each other.

"Miss me?" Kibum asked, head titled to the side and still smiling at him.

"Jerk." Kyuhyun could feel the corner of his lips curling and giving into a soft smile.

Kibum laughed at the magnae's reply. Finally the same old Kyuhyun is back.

"I love you." Kibum said, pecking him lightly on the lips.

The opening song to My Fair Lady came back on and Kyuhyun automatically faced the TV.

Kyuhyun whirled around quickly and pecked Kibum back on the lips.

"I love you too."

Kyuhyun turned back to the TV and focused on it. Kibum reached out and grabbed onto Kyuhyun's chin to make him face him but Kyuhyun smacked his hand away, eyes still glued to the screen.

"Later. Drama."

Kyuhyun literally pushed his boyfriend's (?) face away from him and went back to watching his drama. Kibum stared at Kyuhyun for a good 30 seconds before chuckling silently. Giving Kyuhyun a light kiss on the cheek, he moved away and headed towards the kitchen where he could see Eunhyuk starting to cook something.

From the corner of his eye, Kyuhyun partly watched his boyfriend's (?) retreating back walk into the kitchen and talk to his hyung. He knew he should be spending time with Kibum but right now he didn't feel like it yet.

Their relationship isn't one based on actions or words. It's weird like that. They're still friends. They’re the best of friends actually. But best friends don't kiss each other, make out with each other, have sex with each other and call each other at 3 in the morning just to say "Hi" then hang up. Friends with benefits are one way to describe what they have but it's more than just sex. The feelings are there. The words are there. The action obviously happens. The word 'boyfriend' just hasn't been said.

Well whatever they are, they don't need to say "I love you" to each other but it's nice to hear it every now and then.


A/N: Took me like a week to complete this. Mostly because of school kept getting in the way. The requests, I'm working on those whenever I get a chance. Super sorry that it's taking forever for me to complete them.

Comments are welcomed~♥
Tags: !fanfiction, character: heechul, group: super junior, pairing: kibum x kyuhyun
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