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[FIC] We Will Go On Chapter 1

Title: We Will Go On
Author: sbluesnow
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Pairing(s): Kibum x Yesung
Included Pairing(s): Yesung x Heechul
Chapter(s): 1/4
Summary: The world continues to spin no matter how things are on Earth. There can be peace or war, it doesn't change a thing. The world continues to spin. Just like the angels in the sky are holy and complete while the devils in the shadows are tainted and broken.


Watching his crush walk by with his eyes still glued to the book in his hands, Yesung literally stopped breathing and held in his breath until his crush was out of sight. Once he was sure his crush was around the corner and done did he let out the breath he was holding and sighed. It’s been months since he liked the younger boy. It’s been even longer since he's known of the boy. There were so many times he wanted to walk up to the younger boy and confess but something always came up.

The first time he tried to confess was when he saw the younger boy alone, early in the morning, jogging at the park. He was sitting on a park bench just on a early morning stroll and decided to just do it. He was going to but like the boy magnet he is, suddenly out of nowhere a swarm of girls rushed to his crush and huddled around him. The second time he tried, they were standing at the bus stop alone and it was perfect but out of nowhere it started to pour and everyone ran to the bus stop for cover. He didn't even end up standing next to his crush. They were on opposite sides of each other at the stop. The third time was just fail. The next couple times after that was just as a failure. Something would come up or he'd suddenly be surrounded by either friends or fangirls or someone else would confess. Whenever someone else confessed he never stuck around to hear the answer.

Sighing for the nth time, Yesung took a sip of his coffee to go and tried to go back to reading his book.

"You're so pathetic."

Yesung didn't need to look up to know who said it or if it was even directed at him. That voice belonged to the one and only Kim Heechul. He is 100% sure that Heechul is taking to him.

"What now Heechul?" He asked, turning the page and not looking up from his book.

"You know what I'm talking about stupid. Grow some balls and just tell the brat about your undying love for him."

"Tried and failed."

"So try again! I'm tired of hearing you sigh and seeing you not breathe when the kid is in a 5 metre range of you."

"Why do you care so much Heechul? Usually you would make fun of me because my love life is your entertainment. Now you're telling me to try again? What happened to the Kim Heechul I grew up with and still get bossed around by?"

"Watch it Yesung. I know where you live and I can attack you during your sleep."

"Yeah and that would be across the hall from your bedroom in our shared flat. I'm used to you doing stuff to me in my sleep and suddenly waking up with flaming orange hair. Bring it on Heechul. I don't care."

"What the hell Yesung! Why are you so dead? This is becoming unhealthy. Either confess and get it over with or move on from him. That brat is killing you without even knowing it."

"That brat has a name, Kim Kibum. You should use it sometime."

"I'll use it once you get over yourself pity of going to be rejected and using excuses one after another to delay your confession."

"Can't you ever be nice to me Chullie?" Yesung whined and pouted at his hyung, putting his book aside and tugging at the other man's sleeve.

Heechul scoffed and pulled his sleeve away from Yesung. He looked down at Yesung from his stand by the coffee lover and rolled his eyes.

"Pouting looks weird on you so stop it."

"Boo you're no fun."

"I am just not with you." Heechul smirked, laughing at the frown that immediately appeared on his dongsaeng's face. The frown disappeared just as fast it appeared. Yesung sat there frozen like a statue and not breathing.

"Oh hell no, that brat is near here isn't he?" Heechul didn't have to scour the cafe to see his dongsaeng's love. The boy had just entered the cafe with a friend and was looking in their direction. His friend made his way towards the counter to order something while he was walking over to them.

"Breathe you idiot." Heechul snapped, looking at Yesung but still keeping a close eye on Kibum's movements.

Yesung gave no reaction to the demand. His mind was gone for sure. To anyone else, it would look like he was just spacing out but Heechul knew better. The boy's mind was having a mental breakdown. Growling, Heechul was going to smack some sense into him when a voice stopped him.

"Excuse me, Yesung shi?"

Heechul lifted his head and stood up straight, giving the boy in front of him a look over. Tall but not freakishly tall, fit lean body, muscular arms, pretty face, styled hair and fashionable clothes.

"Not bad." Heechul hummed, smiling at Yesung.

Yesung groaned and was tempted to tell Heechul to shut up and slap him but he couldn't move.

"My friend said that you wanted to talk to me about something?"

"Yeah, what is it Sungie?" Heechul teased, not helping him at all.

"Shut up Heechul." Yesung snapped, glaring at his hyung. Turning to Kibum, he smiled a polite smile. "I'm sorry but I think your friend is wrong. We don't know each other so I don't have anything to say to you. I'm sorry you had wasted your time over a misunderstanding."

"Kim Jongwoon." Heechul hissed. Here was his chance to confess but Yesung being Yesung, he was being a total retard and giving up his chance to confess and win the young man in front of them over.

"Enough Heechul." Yesung's tone was a warning tone. He has had enough with Heechul trying to set him up, even if it is his crush.

"Oh, alright then. I'm sorry for wasting your time Yesung shi."

"It's okay. It was nice talking to you um..."

"Kibummie! You done yet?"

The three of them looked at the person walking towards them. A tall brunette coming up to where they were with a croissant in one hand and a big white bag of what probably was the cafe's desserts in the other.

"It was nice talking to you Kibum shi." Yesung said again, slightly bowing his head.

"Oh, was I interrupting?" The brunette asked; face looking guilty and eyes looking back and forth between Kibum and Yesung.

"No, we just finished." Yesung smiled to the tall boy. He's just so cute and innocent.

"Oh okay! Let's go Bummie. Bye~" The brunette waved at the two and hooked his arm through Kibum's leading him out of the cafe.

Heechul and Yesung waved back and watch them until they were out of sight.

"What the hell was all that about?" Heechul demanded, taking the empty seat in front of Yesung.

"You were there. I don't think I need to explain what that was about."

"Cut the crap Yesung. Tell me what the hell that was about! You acted like he was a complete stranger and that you don't care about him."

"He is a complete stranger and I don't care about him."

"What changed in the past 15 minutes huh? First you were saying one thing and now it's completely different from before."

"Nothing. Like you said either do it or move on. I'm choosing to move on."

"You decide to move on when he fucking talks to you? What the hell is going on inside that head of yours? I'm so tempted to bash your head into the window." Heechul huffed, his anger reaching up to his ears.

"Do it."


"You heard me. Do it. Bash my head into the window." Yesung said with a straight face.

Heechul stared at Yesung for a good 3 minutes before leaning back in his chair and shaking his head.

"You really mean that. You really want me to do it. Why Yesung? Why are you going so far for him? You know you can't forget so you want to physically make yourself not remember? If he's causing you all this pain he's not worth it."

Yesung opened his mouth to speak but Heechul cut him off with a glare.

"Don't you even start about how the more pain you feel shows the amount that your love for him equals which makes it worth it. That is complete bull shit and you know it. Sure it sounds romantic but face it. It's stupid and retarded. All that crap about love equals pain and pain equals love is crap. You are not going to kill yourself over this brat. Do you understand Yesung?"


"I asked you, do you understand Yesung?"

"Yes Hyung." Yesung sighed, looking down at his now cold not a full cup of coffee.


They fell into a silence. Yesung staring down at the cup of coffee between his hands and Heechul looking out the window, watching the pedestrians go their separate ways.

"Heechul?" Yesung called out, head down, eyes staring intently at what's in front of him.


"When you look at the not full cup of coffee in my hands, do you see it as a half empty or a half full cup?"

"Doesn't matter what I see Sungie. It only matter how you see it now. Is it half full or is it half empty? Whichever you decide it to be, the outcome of what you're going to do next will change."

"What if I see it as half empty?" He said with his head still down.

"Then one day, someone will come and fill it for you to be a full glass."

"What if I see it as half full?"

"Same thing."

"But you said that whatever I decide it to be, the outcome will change." Yesung argued, finally raising his head and looking at Heechul.

"It will. People come and go whether you want them to or not. The brat left you with a half full or half empty glass. Someone will come and fill your cup."

"How can you be so sure?"

"Getting hurt shouldn't stop you from putting yourself out there again. Sure it's harder to let people in or who you have to face but at the end of the day, if you can smile about something, isn't it worth it?"

Yesung blinked and let Heechul's words sink in. He did have a point.

"Wow that may be the nicest thing you've ever said to me." Yesung said in awe, not quite believing that the heartfelt words were coming from the man sitting in front of him, Kim Heechul.

"Oh shut up. I have my moments."

"Yeah moments that only happens once a decade or two."

"Watch it you coffee addict. I'll kill you in your sleep."

"But that would mean that you would have to go to bed later then me and miss out on your beauty sleep, Princess."

"It's Cinderella to you, you peasant." Heechul scoffed, head lifted upwards in arrogance.

Yesung laughed, bursting out into a fit of giggles. Everything is going to be fine.

Heechul looked over at Yesung, finally smiling and laughing. He's finally accepted the facts and he's happy.

He smiled at the sight of his dongsaeng. The sun is shining, the rays coming through the window and hitting Yesung. He glowed and he's laughing. He's smiling and he's happy.

The angel is going to be okay.


A/N: No idea what came over me. There's going to be about 2 more parts after this. At most 3.

Comments are welcomed~♥
Tags: !fanfiction, group: super junior, pairing: heechul x yesung, pairing: kibum x heechul, pairing: kibum x yesung
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