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[FIC] In front of your eyes Chapter 4

Title: In front of your eyes
Author: sbluesnow
Group(s): DBSK
Main: Series Archive | One-Shots Archive
Pairing(s): Changmin x Junsu
Chapter Focus: Changmin, Yoochun
Chapter(s): 4/4
Summary: What a person sees is different from what the heart feels.
Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3


"FINALLY!" Changmin shouted, jumping out of the car and glad that he was out on the streets with a lot of people around him. He couldn't take sitting next to Yoochun in the car anymore. Two hours of Yoochun's perverted eyes looking at him and wanting to eat him up was torture.

Yoochun rolled his eyes and took his merry time to get out.

Changmin stood up and stretched his arms above his head. Smiling he looked around, happy that there were people around him. Yoochun wouldn't dare do something perverted out in public. Or so he hopes.

In a flash time seemed to stand still. He felt his heart beat faster. He felt his blood run cold. He felt someone staring at him. Turning to the side, everything became a blur except for one. One person.


He didn't know how he knew. He just did.

The smile that reached all the way to Junsu's eyes made his heart beat faster. When that smile froze and looked forced, he felt like someone had taken a knife and stabbed at his heart constantly.

"Hey, what are you looking at?" Yoochun asked, coming over to Changmin's side.

"Huh?" Changmin turned his head to face Yoochun. "I was just looking at J-" His words trailed off when he turned to look back to where Junsu previously was standing. He wasn't there anymore. Changmin looked around frantically, searching for Junsu. He was glad of his height. He looked over the shoulders of the many people on the crowded street but couldn't find him anywhere.

"Nothing." Changmin answered quietly, shaking his head.

Yoochun nodded and didn't press further. Instead he hooked their arms together and lead Changmin towards the new store he wanted to check out. Changmin said nothing and just obediently followed.


Junsu's eyes followed the two but he made no movement to follow them.

That must be the guy who picked up Minnie's phone. They look so comfortable with each other. It hurts to see them together. Now I know why he never called, wrote, emailed or texted me. He's moved on. He's forgotten about me. It's a mistake coming back.

He was so stupid. He knew that a good looking guy like Changmin would be with someone else. He just hoped that he was wrong.

Getting into his car, Junsu turned on the ignition and drove home. Correction, what used to be his and Changmin's home. He couldn't face the other. He didn't want to ruin Changmin's happiness.

Pulling into the driveway, Junsu sat there for a good 30 minutes, trying not to breakdown and cry his heart out. Leaning over in his seat, he looked at the white envelope peeking out of his carry-on. He had spent a week writing that letter and making sure it was perfect. Taking the letter out, he grabbed a pen and added a couple more lines to the bottom of the page. Making sure none of his tears that had started to fall once he started to write on the page had landed on the sheet; Junsu placed the letter back into the envelope and pulled the strip of tape off, sealing it shut. Getting out of the car, he walked up the oh-so-familiar walk way to the porch that he had called home just a month ago. Putting the letter into the mailbox, he turned around and walked back to his car. Casting one last look at his old home, he quickly got into his car and headed back to the airport. There's nothing here for him anymore. The person that he realized that he's in love has moved on and is happy now.


Looking out the window of the plane flying over Japan, Junsu was glad he had gotten a first class ticket for the corner where he could cry without anyone giving him wierd looks.

The letter that he had spent so much time and poured his heart into was his confession to Changmin. The lines he added to the bottom were words that stung with every stroke that he made.

I'm so stupid. Why did I even write it? It's not like Changmin can see it and read it. I'm sure he'll get his lover to read it to him.

That thought made him cry harder. He wanted to be Changmin's lover. He wanted to hold Changmin in his arms and read the letter to him. He wanted to so much but he couldn't. That place is already taken.

When their eyes had meet on the street in Tokyo, he felt so happy. He didn't know how but it had happened. Then when he saw the man next to Changmin talk to him and Changmin turning to him, he felt his heart turn to sand and get blown away.

I love you Shim Changmin but you don't love me.


They got home late at night. Yoochun had dragged him around from shop to shop all day. His feet were tired. Not even all the food Yoochun had treated him to, made up for it. Plopping onto his bed, his mind kept going back to the scene on the street. He had seen Junsu. He knew it wasn't a figment of his imagination. It's impossible for it to not be real.

He wanted to run up to him and hug him when he saw the broken look on Junsu's face. But in a split second he was gone. Like he wasn't there in the first place. It confused him as hell what happened in those few seconds.

"Hey, Changmin." Yoochun shouted from the other side of his closed bedroom door. "I'm coming in."

Changmin did nothing. Yoochun had arms and legs. He could open the door himself and come in.

Seeing the younger, looking like a starfish, all spread out on the bed, he waited for a reaction from him. He got nothing.

"You got a letter."

Changmin sat up and whipped his head around. Yoochun raised an eyebrow but said nothing about it.

"Here." Handing the younger the letter, he saw the younger's confused expression. He had felt the same when he first saw the letter. There wasn't a stamp or a return address. Just a simple "To: Changmin" in the middle of the crisp white envelope. Seeing a flicker of realization in the younger's eyes, Yoochun took his cue to leave the room and give Changmin his privacy.

His heart was beating wildly. He knew who it was that had written this. It could only be him.


Carefully tearing the envelope open and taking the letter out, Changmin's eyes began to water as he read the letter. It's only when get got to the bottom did he cry.

The words that were added later, he cried over that lines that struck his heart.

'I love you Minnie but you don't love me. I wish you find your happiness with him. Goodbye Changmin.'

The letter was a confession of his feelings but the ending it hurt him so much. Junsu was wrong. There isn't anything going on between him and Yoochun. Changmin cried freely now, tossing the letter aside. He hugged the dolphin Junsu had given to him when they were little close. Never had Junsu ever say "Goodbye" to him. It's always been "Byebye Minnie". He knew he would never see Junsu again. Being in different countries made it easier and he knew once Junsu said he'd do something he'd follow through 100%. He was always the one who could only convince Junsu to change his mind. But this time, not even he could do it.


A/N: Finally this is finished! I've been procrastinating on this for way too long.

Comments are welcomed~♥
Tags: !fanfiction, group: dbsk, pairing: changmin x junsu, pairing: changmin x yoochun
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