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[FIC] Speechless

Title: Speechless Author: sbluesnow Pairing(s): Kibum x Changmin Chapter(s): One-Shot Summary: Words mean nothing. It can mean something but actions speak louder than words. No voice is needed to express one’s feelings. It’s all in the gazes and touches that really mean the world. Note: There is absolutely NO dialogue. Just narration so it might be confusing and very boring for those who have a thing against long narrations. -x- The music stops. The chatter quiets down. The movements cease to exist. No sound is heard but life can be seen everywhere around the room. The men’s in white coats are talking to the women’s in green. They’re talking to one another and looking at the papers in their hands. The people who are sitting down are either awake or asleep. Those asleep look like they’re at peace. Those awake look sad or broken. They look frightened and hurt. They stick to themselves mostly and throw curious but confused glances at the others in the room. They don’t do anything though. Just watch and take it all in, like an observer; an observer who is trapped and wants to leave but is too scared to do so. Suddenly the men and women who were talking on the far side of the room are now running to the other end and are doing something behind the curtain one of the women in green had pulled back. They look serious and frantic of what’s going on. Those who are watching do nothing to help or ask what happened. There is a young boy, a boy a lot younger than everyone sitting in the room watching the men in white coats and women in green move quickly around the bed behind the curtain. This young boy sits and watches it all. He like the others, don’t do anything. He doesn’t ask what’s going on. He closes his eyes and looks away. It’s happening again. It’s nothing new. He’s learned that it’s just easier to look away and not know what the men in white coats and the women in green are doing. Five minutes pass and everything is fine again. Everything seems to move faster compared to 5 minutes ago and things feel much calmer. It just feels calmer. Like the room is serene again and nothing is wrong. A familiar face, a smiling boy, pokes his head through the door. His big brown eyes looks around and spots the young boy sitting there watching him with his head slightly titled to the side. The young boy looks like he just woke up and not realizing where he is. The smiling boy smiles at him and steps into the room. He walks over and loosely throws his arms around the young boy’s shoulders, helping him up and leading him out of the room. No one looks up or says anything as they leave. The question of “Where are we going?” comes to mind but the young boy says nothing. He simply follows the other male. They walk down hallways and through many different colors and sizes of doors. They stop in front of a big white windowless door with a long shiny stainless steel handle. The young boy still has no reaction to his surroundings. The smile on the smiling boy’s face doesn’t falter one bit. If the young boy did have a reaction then he wouldn’t be smiling. With one hand, the smiling boy grabs onto the shiny silver handle and slides the big white door open. He turns to look at the younger boy beside him and gestures for him to enter. The young boy follows his silent command and takes one small step through the door. He stands there not moving for a little while, quickly looking around the room. He turns his head around and looks back at the smiling boy by the door. The smiling boy waves his hand, as if shooing him further into the room. The young boy doesn’t do anything but continue to look at him. The smiling boy shakes his head and laughs. The young boy can feel his body move from the vibrations of the laugh. The smiling boy comes up to him and takes a hold of his hand. Pulling him further into the room, they stop right in the center of the big white room. The room is clean and white. White walls, white curtains, white floors, white ceiling, white sofas, white coffee tables, white beds, white blank paintings; white everything. From the side, a white door slides opens and out comes a tall dark golden brunette. He stops right outside the door and looks at the two in the middle of the room, holding hands standing by the loveseats and looking at him. The tall boy looks at the two and says nothing. He doesn’t acknowledge the two nor does he move from his stance by the door. If possible, the smiling boy smiles even brighter and bigger than before seeing the tall boy. The smiling boy waves his arm over to the tall boy, telling him to come over. The tall boy again does nothing. Pouting slightly, the smiling boy stomps his feet over to the tall boy, dragging the young boy with him. Now standing in front of the tall boy, the smiling boy takes the tall boy’s right hand in his left and swings it back and forth. The tall boy blinks at him a couple of times. The smiling boy is oblivious to this or he ignores it completely. The smiling boy lets go of the tall boys hand and still smiles like he has a big secret to tell. He takes the tall boy’s right hand again but this time he holds onto it. Guiding the hand over to his other hand, he puts his palm out of the young boy’s left hand and places the tall boy’s right hand in it. He stands there with a triumph smile on his face, happy that the young boy and the tall boy’s hands were connected. He looks over at the young boy and there is still no reaction. He still smiles and give the young boy a hug. Wrapping his arms around the young boy’s waist, he feels his warmth and closes his eyes, enjoying the warmth. Reluctantly lifting his head from the human pillow, he looks into the young boy’s eyes. Still seeing no reaction, he smirks and kisses his cheek before letting go. Turning around he walks to the big white door from which they entered from and turns back, waving at the couple holding hands. Out the door he goes, sliding the door shut behind him. The two boys in the white room blink their eyes at the door then turn to look at each other. The tall boy looked at their joined hands then to the young boy’s face. He looked at the boy and titled his head to the side. The boy blinked once and that was it. The young boy hadn’t said a word since he stepped into the room. The tall boy swung their joined hands back and forth gently, in small strides. The young boy didn’t do anything. The tall boy moved closer to the younger boy until their chests touched. Again, the young boy didn’t react. His face was still expressionless and his eyes were emotionless as they raised and stared into the tall boy’s eyes. The tall boy stared into those dark eyes and reluctantly looked away before he continued to stare any further. Taking a deep breath the tall boy faced the young boy again and in one swift motion pressed their lips together. Just one light press that didn’t change into something more passionate. Just one set of lips moving against an unresponsive set of lips. The tall boy pushed further to see how far he can push the younger boy. He changed the speed and greedily claimed the other’s lips. Licking here, running his tongue there and forcing his tongue into the unresponsive mouth, he kissed the young boy like his life depended on it. Finally pulling away when he needed air, he was panting and his face was red. He looked at the boy and nothing had changed. No reaction to the lust filled kiss. Frustrated, the tall boy turned away and took a step back to the door where he had entered from. He took a step forward and felt something as light as a feather and something as soft as Egyptian cotton. It was so weak that he almost missed it. He paused and turned around. He looked back at the young boy’s face and once again saw nothing. He should have been mad again but he wasn’t. The young boy’s face may have held no reaction but he felt one. As light as it was, it was still a reaction. Looking at their joined hands, he brought it up to eye level and looked at it. Their hands were so different from each other. His fingers were long and skinny. The young boy’s fingers were a little shorter and had more muscle. His hands were tanned and smooth. The young boy’s hands were a ghostly pale color, so white, so pure and his skin is so soft and clean. They weren’t just clean but they looked like they have never been touched and held before. He knows that’s not true but it looks like it. He gently squeezes the young boy’s hand and looks at him. No reaction. He leans forward and softly pecks the young boy on the lips. Pulling back, he waits for a reaction. The young boy’s face is once again emotionless. For the first time, he smiles. It’s not a big smile, just the corner of his lips curled upwards but it’s still a smile nonetheless. He had felt it. The slight movement in his hand. It wasn’t a squeeze or press. It wasn’t even so much as a touch but he had felt it. The feeling of one of the young boy’s finger’s moving a millimetre upwards. He wrapped his free arm around the younger boy’s waist and pulled him close. Standing there with his arms around the younger boy and just taking him in. It just felt right. It didn’t matter that they had never exchanged words. It didn’t matter who they were or why they were here. He knows he can do it. He can save them both. If not himself then at least he can save the young boy. He knows he can. It doesn’t matter how long it takes or who comes in their way. He will be the one to be there with open arms and become someone in the young boy’s life. Someone who he can depend on and open up to. Someone he can maybe even accept and love. -x- A/N: If you’ve made it to the end, congratulations! You’ve finished it. Whether you think this is good or bad, state your opinion. I don’t mind. 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Tags: !fanfiction, character: donghae, group: dbsk, group: super junior, pairing: kibum x changmin
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