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[FIC] Flight away

Title: Flight away
Author: sbluesnow
Main: Series Archive | One-Shots Archive
Main Pairing(s): Hankyung x Ryeowook
Chapter(s): OneShot
Summary: They're just a flight away. He could always go back. He could but he never will. It's been too long.


When they first meet, Hankyung was a nice gentleman. Loving and caring and sweet. When he asked Ryeowook to move with him back home, to China, Ryeowook instantly agreed. His friends were happy for him. They supported him. So did his parents. His parents loved Hankyung and trusted him with their son.

It was simpler than. As time went on, Hankyung changed. He changed to Hangeng. It started out small. A cold shoulder, more fights, then punches and kicks, raw rough sex then it just became pain.

Ryeowook wanted to run away but he was scared. He had nowhere to run. No one to go to. He obviously couldn't go back to Seoul to his family and friends and let them see his in this condition. He was in china now. In Beijing. His home now. Alone. With no family or friends. Only Hangeng. The man he loved, Hankyung was long gone.

His home that is empty. His home that is cold. His home that scares him. The home where Hangeng appears and hurts him. The world is where Hankyung appears and loves him. Only on rare occasions does Hankyung, the man he loves come to his rescue.

He knows it himself. Hangeng knows what he's doing to Ryeowook. He knows exactly what he's doing. He's mastered to know exactly what to do to bring out the most pain and cries from Ryeowook. Practice makes perfect right?

Ryeowook was so close to breaking. He was so close. But he would never break. Break free from his hold. Break free from him. Break free from the web that he's trapped in.

Cinderella had a prince charming to save her. Ryeowook had a prince charming that turned into a dark prince and tortured him. So much for happy endings. He thought he had, had it all. But he was wrong. Way wrong. Everyone was.

Ryeowook had decided that he was going to do it. That he was going to run away. Away from Hangeng, the monster that hurts him. Away from Hankyung, the man who loves him. Away from them both, to be rid of the pain. He needed an escape. Soon.

The opportunity came too soon. Too unexpected. But he had to take it.

"Wookie, I’m going on a business trip for 1 week to shanghai. Don’t hurt yourself and take care alright?"

"I will Hannie." Ryeowook smiled. Hankyung was here. He had nothing to be afraid of. Just getting a broken heart but that phase had already past. He really had nothing to be afraid of from the man in front of him.

"Don’t try running away because I’ll find you." Hankyung joked, kissing Ryeowook on the cheek and giving him a hug before going back to their bedroom to pack his things.

Hankyung didn't see but Ryeowook froze on the spot. He knew this was his chance. The only time he wouldn't be under Hangeng's watch or protected by Hankyung. No matter how painful it would be. He had to run.

Walking to their bedroom, Ryeowook gently shooed Hankyung out, telling him that he'll pack his things for him and for Hankyung to just laze around the house before he had to be in all-serious-all-focused-work mode. Hankyung laughed and said "I love you." Ryeowook smiled back and said "You too."

Hankyung left the room and Ryeowook started to pack. He started to pack Hankyung's things. He started to make a mental checklist of everything he needed to bring with him for when he leaves.

To make sure that Hankyung couldn't catch him or know where he was, during the day, Ryeowook had taken up a steady job at the local music store. It wasn't the best but it paid enough. Plus with the random odd jobs that he did on the side, he had enough to last him for a while.

Every month Hankyung would transfer money into his account that he shared with Hankyung. He never spent that money on himself. It was always from them both or for Hankyung. He couldn't take that money no matter how much he disliked Hangeng for what he did to him.

He knew he should hate him but he didn't. He couldn't. Ryeowook still loved his other half.

Financially, he was set. The language barrier he had overcome. Just like when Hankyung came to Korea, he took Korean lessons. When he moved here to Beijing, to fit in with Hankyung's friends and family he had taken up learning both mandarin and Cantonese. He was fluent in speaking, reading and writing. Sometimes he missed speaking in Korean, eating Korean foods, and most of all he missed being in Seoul.

He would go home. Back to where he was raised but when Hankyung comes home and see that Ryeowook isn't there, Seoul would be the first to look. Ryeowook wasn't dumb enough to go back. Not after the years he's worked on perfecting the language and working behind Hankyung's back to earn money for his escape.

Zipping the suitcase closed, Ryeowook held onto the handle and pulled the suitcase into the living room. There was so much he needed to take with him. The things that were his and not theirs.

Hankyung was sitting on the couch with his legs propped up on the coffee table. Looking over he saw Ryeowook looking at him. Smiling, he waved Ryeowook over.

As if by magic, Ryeowook's legs automatically walked over to Hankyung and sat down next to him, snuggling into his chest.

"I’ll miss you Wookie." Hankyung said, petting the top of Ryeowook's head, fingers treading through his soft silky black hair. With Ryeowook in his arms like this, the moment was perfect. Ryeowook was dressed in baggy jeans, a gray t-sleeved thin top with a white sweater underneath and those adorable black glasses tipped on the arch of his nose.

"When are you leaving?" Ryeowook asked, question muffled into Hankyung's chest. He knew that he would miss Hankyung a lot. He’d miss his hugs, his kisses, his warmth, his smile, his shine, his glow, and everything there is about Hankyung.

"Tomorrow morning. The flight is at 5 AM."

"That early? Do you want me to go with you to the airport?"

"Aw Wookie you're so sweet. It’s okay. You need sleep. You look tired recently. Sleep more while I’m okay?"

"I will." once you're gone, so will Hangeng. Then I can sleep peacefully.

Four AM came quicker than expected. He was soon going to be free. Ryeowook was so happy but at the same time he was so sad. Hankyung mistook it as for Ryeowook being sad about him leaving. To make it up to him, they did it. This time instead of it being rough and painful, it was slow and a bit sweet. Ryeowook had to force himself to stay strong and give into the fact that this is only a onetime thing. That Hangeng would return and it'd be nothing but pain. It was time to leave; Hankyung kissed the crown of his head before he got changed and leave for his flight.

Ryeowook waited until Hankyung had left then he got up. He showered and changed, cleaned up the apartment and took one last look around. No matter how loving and gentle Hankyung was to him just now, the pain he would have to endure when his lover returns will be too much. Pulling his large suitcase with the equally large duffel bag on top behind him, Ryeowook locked the door to their apartment. He was thinking should he hold onto the keys or throw them away. Stuffing them into his pocket, Ryeowook tugged down his baseball cap and hung his head down. He didn't want to chance to run into any of the neighbours and talk to them. He needed to get out as quick as possible. Catching a cab, he told the driver to take him to the airport. He had a flight to catch. He’s not going after Hankyung. They might have just shared a loving moment but it's just a moment. He has to run away. To Hong Kong is where he'll go. He already had the ticket. He had paid in cash at the ticket agency. Even though he was tempted to use their shared bank account, he didn't. It didn't feel right. That money is there but he won't touch it. From now on there won't be a Mr. Han Geng and Mr. Han Ryeo Wook. He's going to go by Kim Li Xu. It cost him a little sum of money to change his name but he did it secretly behind Hankyung's back during the day. Everything had always been under both their names and Hankyung's name so he never knew. Now he could start over and be someone else.

Boarding on the plane and landing a few hours later in Hong Kong, Li Xu passed through customs and headed towards the hostel he had looked up. It was small, cheap and the owner was really nice over the phone. Stepping into the older part of the city, Li Xu smiled for the first time in a while. A real smile and not one of those fake ones he gave out. Ringing the little service bell at the front desk, Li Xu smiled at the tall owner who had come out. Zhou mi is his name. The bright smile and genuinely happy aura around him, made him feel at ease. He knew they would become great friends in the future, possibly even the best of friends. His new life is starting. What’s done is done. It’s time to move on.


A/N: Been so long since I actually finished this. It's taken me 5 months (May to October) to finish this.

Comments are welcomed~♥
Tags: !fanfiction, group: super junior, pairing: hankyung x ryeowook, pairing: zhou mi x ryeowook
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