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[FIC] Are you who you say you are?

Title: Are you who you say you are?
Author: sbluesnow
Main: Series Archive | One-Shots Archive
Main Pairing(s): Hankyung x Heechul, Kibum x Heechul
Chapter(s): OneShot
Summary: Drunk nights leads to unconsciousness. Waking up and seeing someone you don't know in your kitchen who says they know you and can list off all your secrets is more than scary. What's the first thing you should do? Grab a knife.



The loud squeaky scream woke up everyone in the dorm. The members on the 12th floor were too lazy to go up to their dorm that they just stayed on the 11th floor. It may only be one floor difference, but they were too tired to stand for another 5 minutes. Those who don't live in the dorms just stayed over because they felt like it.

Basically after the girly scream was let out, everyone jolted out of their beds and ran out their rooms. In the hallway, numerous heads appeared all wondering the same thing.

"Who the fuck screamed and ruined their beauty sleep?!"

With a sleepy Leeteuk and a sleepwalking Kangin in front of them, the members slowly walked towards the kitchen where the scream had come from. There in the kitchen stood Heechul holding onto a thick blanket wrapped around his shoulder, falling all the way to the floor in one hand and in the other one of the sharpest and longest kitchen knives that they owned. Everyone was wide awake seeing the knife in Heechul's hands.

"Heechul, put the knife down." Leeteuk said gently, taking a step forward to his dongsaeng but not getting very far for there was a certain sleeping raccoon holding a tight grip onto his arm.

Kangin didn't say anything. He just gripped tightly on Leeteuk's arm, not letting the leader get closer to the dangerous Heechul.

"Hyung, put the knife down. You don't want to hurt anyone." Siwon tried to coax Heechul and slowly walked towards him.

"Stop moving Siwon. I mean it." Heechul voiced, eyes glued to Hankyung, knife pointed at Hankyung.

Siwon stopped in his step and obeyed his hyung. That tone was one not to be reckoned with. Everyone froze and just darted their eyes back and forth between Heechul and Hankyung.

Hankyung was standing by the kitchen sink, his back pressed into the counter; clueless as to why Heechul was acting this way to him.

"Heechul wh-"

"SHUT UP!" Heechul roared, waving the knife carelessly around in front of him. He hadn't moved closer to Hankyung but the members by the door was worried with one little slip; someone is going to get hurt.

"Who are you?" Heechul spat, his eyes narrowing at the Chinese man in front of him.

"I'm Hankyung."

"Liar! I don't know a Hankyung."

"Hyung. What happened?" Ryeowook dared to ask seeing as how everyone was too shocked with what Heechul said. He knew he was treading on a mine field but he had to do it. No one else was.

"I came in here because I heard a noise and I see this intruder rummaging through our kitchen. Then he started to spout all of our secrets when I demanded to know who he was. Can you believe he said he's a part of Super Junior? It's one thing to lie but then to go so far as to say he's my best friend is crossing the line."

Heechul's grip on the knife tightened and he was now holding it like a killer would; in a stabbing hold. Hankyung looked at the others for help. He didn't know what happened or why Heechul was acting his way. It's like he had really forgotten about their friendship and past.

"It's like he got hit on the head or something. There's no way he could have forgotten about Hankyung." Kyuhyun whispered, eyes still on Heechul making sure his hyung didn't hear him.

Some members were looking at each other confused, others looked away when their eyes met. Leeteuk caught it all and he glared at them.

"What did you do?" He hissed looking at Yesung, Sungmin, Donghae and Eunhyuk.

"Nothing!" They exclaimed.

"You must have done something to all have those guilty looks on your faces. What the hell did you do to him?"

"We just..." Sungmin started off.

"Accidently..." Eunhyuk said.

"Dropped him..." Yesung said.

"On his head." Donghae added.

"YOU DID WHAT???!!" All the members were staring at the 4. Everyone except Heechul that is.

"Explain yourselves." Leeteuk ordered.

"Well Heechul got drunk and started to latch onto us."

"We were playing around, you know. Nudging each other in the shoulder."

"Then it was getting late and we didn't want hyung to sleep on the couch so we decided to carry him to his room."

"On the way there, he was lashing his arms and kicking us so we accidently dropped him on the floor...a couple times."

"How many times exactly?" Leeteuk asked.

"About 5 or 6?" The 4 looked at the ground, scared of Leeteuk.

Leeteuk was ready to smack them when Kangin pulled his arm back.

"Deal with them later. Right now you got to convince Heechul that Hankyung is harmless and he is a part of Super Junior. You got to convince him to let go of the knife and back away."

"I don't think I can. He won't listen. You know what Heechul's like."

"You have to try. Hankyung looks really scared now."

Leeteuk's eyes darted to the Chinese man. He was shivering and his face was pale. He looked at Heechul and knew why. Heechul was holding the knife high up by his head, the knife looking like it's ready to plunge into Hankyung if he did anything suspicious looking. The evil look in Heechul's eye didn't help either.

"What's going on in here?" A voice called out from behind them. They (the members by the kitchen entrance) all turned around to look who just came home. It was Kibum.

"Thank God! You can talk to Heechul!" Henry and Zhou mi each grabbed onto either side of Kibum and thrusted him into the kitchen.

Kibum was confused at what they meant but once he saw Heechul he understood.

"What happened?" He asked, face turned to the side lightly, body still facing Heechul.

The members quickly recapped what happened to Kibum and told him to talk to Heechul.

Sighing he took 3 steps forward. "Hyung put the knife down."

"No Bummie. He's dangerous."

"You're the one with the knife. You're more dangerous than he is." Kibum reasoned.

"Oh keep your smart talk to yourself. Once I put the knife down I know he's going to attack me."

"We're more likely to attack you than he is."

"Do you even know this guy?" Heechul retorted.

"Yeah, he's Hannie. The Chinese man of Super Junior and the leader of Super Junior M. He makes really good Beijing fried rice and he's your best friend. You, him and Siwon have the whole ShiHanChul going on. It's always a HanChul or ShiChul or ShiHan competition."

Heechul actually turned to the side to look at Kibum with a "WTF" expression on his face.

"Seriously. Drop the knife. I promise you he won't do anything."

Heechul didn't say anything.

"You won't do anything will you Hannie Hyung?"

"No!" Hankyung shook his head furiously.

Slowly Heechul lowered the knife down, eyes still locked onto Hankyung.

Everyone let out the breath they were holding.

Kibum walked over to Heechul and carefully took the knife out of the older man's hands. Passing the knife to Ryeowook, he hugged Heechul.

"It's okay. It's over now. It's okay."

Pulling away, Kibum flashed him his killer smile. Reaching up, Kibum hit Heechul in the back of the head, instantly knocking him out.

"Siwon, hold him. Hankyung help him get him back to his room. Or at least on to someone's bed. Night everyone." Kibum said causally, walking out of the kitchen.

The Lee Triplets, KangTeuk, YehWook, EunHae, ZhouRy, and ShiHan were shocked by what Kibum had just done. Shindong sighed and shooed everyone out, telling them to go to bed.

"Kibum's the only one who could do that and get away with it. It's late; we have to get up in a couple hours. Just go to sleep and ignore all this." Shindong said, ushering everyone out.

Kyuhyun snorted and went back to his room. In a way, typical Super Junior chaos. Crawling into bed, he wrapped his arms around the sleeping figure. Screw Cinderella and her distress. He has Snow White.


A/N: Honestly this is like so old.

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Tags: !fanfiction, group: super junior, pairing: hankyung x heechul, pairing: kibum x heechul, pairing: kibum x kyuhyun
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