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[FIC] My Story by Jin Li Xian Hua 1

Title: My Story by Jin Li Xian Hua
Author: sbluesnow
Main: Series Archive | One-Shots Archive
Pairing(s): Kibum x Donghae
Subject(s): Henry
Chapter(s): 1
Genre: AU!Fluff
Summary: The story of Jin Li Xian Hua aka Kim Lee Henry. A 4 year old child who plots his way into getting what he wants. The story starts with Henry talking to Kibum in English leaving Donghae behind. From there, it’s where the real story begins.


Little 4 years old Henry was very bored. He had nothing to do. His umma wasn’t home. He had scoured the apartment looking for his umma. Not seeing umma anywhere he went to look for appa. He found him in sleeping on the couch.

Kibum is sleeping on the couch in the living room. Henry who’s really bored and wanted someone to play with him crawled over to Kibum. Climbing onto the couch and plops himself on appa's stomach.

Feeling a sudden weight on his stomach Kibum turns his body not knowing Henry’s on him. Henry having inherited Kibum’s brains, he quickly latched his arms onto Kibum’s torso to keep himself from falling.

Kibum feeling someone holding onto him opens his eyes and sees Henry his 4 year old son looking straight at him with those chocolate eyes. Kibum smiled and wrapped his arms around Henry, pulling him closer and closed his eyes again wanting to go back to sleep.

Henry obviously inherited his umma’s energy and can’t sit still for more than 30 seconds when he’s bored, was squirming in Kibum’s arms. Purposely jumping around in his appa’s arm to get him to wake up.

"Appa~ wake up."

"Hmm 5 more minutes Henry."

"Play with me."

"10 more minutes."

"Hey! That’s 5 more minutes than before!"

"15 more minutes."

Seeing where this was going, Henry shut up and stayed still in his appa’s arms. Resting his head against Kibum’s heart, Henry listened to his heart beat. It was comfortable in his appa’s arms.

Exactly 15 minutes later, Kibum turned to lie on his back with Henry on top of him. Opening his eyes and rubbing the sleepiness out of them he looked at Henry. Henry looked back and smiled at his appa for acting so cute.

"Appa~ so cute!"

Kibum chuckled and kissed the top of Henry’s head. Henry giggled and shyly kissed Kibum’s cheek.

"Where’s umma Henry?"

"I dunno."

"Hmm must be out then."

"Mmhmmm." Henry said nodding along to what his appa was saying.

"So what did my little Henry want?"

"I’m not little! Wookie is!"

"But Wookie is older than you by 2 years."

"But I’m taller."Henry smiled cheekily.

Kibum laughed at his son’s cuteness.

"Okay okay, you’re not little. But you’ll always be little to me."

Henry pouted at his appa’s words, letting his cheeks puff out, looking a lot like a hamster.

Kibum pinched Henry’s chubby cheeks. He was too cute. A lot like his mother.

"So what did little Henry want?"

"I want someone to play with me."

"I’ll play with you Henry."

"But sometimes you’re busy."

"Umma can play with you then."

"But what if umma isn’t home and you’re sleeping?"

"Then what do you suggest Henry?"



"Yes! Baby! I want a baby."

Kibum didn’t know how he was going to explain to his 4 year old son that he couldn’t have a baby. He himself was still a baby.

"Henry you’re too young to have a baby."

"Not me Appa. You and umma."

"Why do you want your umma and I to have a baby Henry?"

"So I can have someone to play with."

"But aren’t you worried we’ll love your new baby brother or sister more? That our attention will be on him or her instead of you all the time?"

"But I want a baby." Henry said biting on his bottom lip, tears forming in his eyes.

Kibum hugged Henry to his chest and sat up, gently rocking the little 4 year old in his arms.

"Shh it’s okay Henry. Don’t cry." Kibum said tilting Henry’s chin up and making the little 4 year old look at his appa. "Is there another reason you want a baby Henry?"


"Henry look at me in the eyes and tell me that. You know your umma and I don’t like you lying."

"I want a baby because I don’t want…"

"Don’t want what Henry?" Kibum said softly, gently rubbing Henry’s back in a soothing motion.

"I don’t want to be alone." Henry whispered head down, scared of his appa yelling at him. Although that had never happened before it could.

"Aww Henry! Soo cute!!!!!!!" Kibum squealed squishing his son to his chest, glomping him.

"Appa! I’m trying to be serious here!" Henry said squirming in Kibum’s arms and pouting at his appa’s reaction to his confession.

"But Henry! You’re so cute!"

"But I’m a boy! I don’t want to be cute!"

"I’m your appa and you called me cute."

"But appa’s different!"

"How am I different Henry?"

"You’re my appa! You can be cute."

"And you’re my son, you can be cute too."

Henry puffed out his cheeks as much as he could, he could never win against his appa. He tried winning against his umma but he always ended up giving in.

"But Henry, you’re not alone. You have me and your umma. We love you and will always be here for you."

"Really?" Henry said releasing the built up air in his cheeks and looked at Kibum with such hopeful eyes.


"Yah! Jin Ji Fan! Jin Li Xian Hua! You in Korea! Speak Korean!"

"Umma! You’re back!" Henry exclaimed, jumping off of Kibum’s lap and running to his umma, hugging him around his legs.

"Hae you’ve been spending too much time with Heechul."

"But he’s right though. We’re in Korea and you’re speaking English to Henli. I feel left out."

"Hen-RY, umma. It’s pronounced Hen-RY not Hen-Li."

"I know Henry but you’re too cute! So I call you Henli."

"Okay but before when you were yelling at me and appa to talk in Korean, you said that in English."

"It got you to talk in Korean didn’t it?"

"Yes but-"

"No buts. It worked. End of story." Donghae said, lifting Henry up and hoisting him onto his waist.

"Henry said he wants a baby Donghae." Kibum said calmly, just waiting for his wife’s reaction.


"Umma, my ears." Henry complained, his little hands covering his ears.

"Sorry Henli but why do you want a baby?"

"Because I want someone to play with me."

"Then I’ll set you up on a play date."

"But I want to be a gege."

"Kibum." Donghae said looking at Kibum for help.

Kibum found it all too amusing. He knew that Donghae wanted to make Henry happy. Even if it meant doing the most ridiculous things just to make their baby smile.

"Henry do you really want a baby brother that bad?"

"Not baby brother. Baby sister is okay too."

"But are you sure about this though Henry? With a new baby around, our attention won’t be on you 24/7. We won’t always be able to be at your beck and call. Are you sure?"

"Yes appa."

"Hae what do you think?"

Donghae was looking at Kibum with those big puppy dog eyes, lips trembling and pouting at Kibum.

Kibum chuckled. "Since your umma wants a new baby just as bad, I guess I can work it out."

Both Donghae and Henry tackled Kibum to the ground, hugging him and smiling like mad.

"But on the condition that no matter what happens, Henry we still love you."

"I know appa. I know." Henry said, snuggling closer to his appa and smiling at his umma. Henry winked at his umma. Donghae giggled and ruffled Henry’s hair.

Operation Baby, mission complete. Now for the next step in the plan.

"Yay! Now I can have someone to talk to in mandarin."

"But you have me umma."

"Yes but you talk to your appa in English more. Now I finally have a language over Kibum!"

Kibum rolled his eyes at Donghae’s weird antics. Some things never change even after marriage.


A/N: Yay! Done! LOL I hope you like it Penny. Totally racked my brain on what to make of your prompt. And yes there’s more than one chapter. Why? Because I dunno. I just have to make things like that. Drag them on and create more complicated ideas and more work for me to do.

Jin Ji Fan -> Kim Kibum
Jin Li Xian Hua -> Kim Lee Henry

for Kibum’s Chinese name.

Also, from now on, whenever any of them are talking, it’s in Korean, unless I state that it’s English.

Comments are welcomed~♥
Tags: !fanfiction, character: henry, group: super junior, pairing: donghae x henry, pairing: kibum x donghae, pairing: kibum x henry
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