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[FIC] Fairy Tales

Title: Fairy Tales
Author: sbluesnow
Main: Series Archive | One-Shots Archive
Pairing(s): Kibum x Yesung
Chapter(s): OneShot
Summary: A fairy tale is a story made up of fairies, elves and talking animals, princesses, princes, kings, queens, evil witches, enchanting mirrors and so on. In his life he has all that but he still doesn't have his happily ever after.
Dedicated to: mayshy  for all the comments you've left me in my inbox when I opened it. Not a bad thing, just very surprised and because you sounded like you needed a happy KiSung after all that angst you read.


Fairy tales are everything. They talk about dreams and this beautiful happy world that has the beautiful princess, the friendly group of misfits that fitted together, the prince charming, the evil witch and a happily ever after.

At the age of 25, fairy tales don't exist anymore. They're all in books and not reality.

No matter how dream like life has been lately, Yesung still didn't believe that it could be a fairy tale for him.

Sure he had the evil witch, aka Kim Heechul. Of course he would never say that to the man's face. He'd either get angry and swear for revenge or he'd smile and hug him for the compliment. Either option is too scary to accept.

Anyways, he had the evil witch; he had the amazing little mix of misfits, his best friends in the world who are weirder than him. No matter how many times they say he fails or how weird he is, he will always say that they're weirder than he is. Like the time he was really bored, he bought a turtle to entertain himself. It may not be the best idea but it's better than what Kyuhyun did. He blew off his friends, family and roommates for 3 days and 2 nights, cooped up in his room to play StarCraft. Or like how Eunhyuk and Donghae played DDR for 6 hours straight on the hardest level "just for fun". Now that's weird.

Last but not least, the prince charming.

He has one. The man he's been crushing on since forever is now his. Kim Kibum. He swears, the younger man's smile can melt anyone's heart, even Heechul. Though it is known that Heechul has a soft spot for him. Still he's able to do everything. He's like Siwon, the gentleman, the bodyguard, the elegant man who is able to do anything and if he fails, you just go gaga over him because even when he fails he's amazing.

Kibum had asked him to go out on a date later, to dress casually and that they'd go for a stroll in the park and watch the sunset together.

He couldn't be happier. Life couldn't get better.

He's still not willing to admit that his life is now a fairy tale. He still hasn't has his happily ever after yet.

Sighing, Yesung looked away from his laptop screen and let his eyes gaze out the window. He didn't notice the others had left the room or the person standing behind him, reading over his shoulder.

"You haven't had your happily ever after yet?" A deep rich voice breathed into his ear.

Yesung jumped and his small hands automatically flew to the screen, covering them as best as he could.

"Don't look!" Yesung shouted, blushing and looking down at his lap.

"Too late for that. I already read it all Yesung hyung." The man chuckled and breathed down his neck, not moving an inch from his spot behind Yesung.


"Do you really want a happily ever after?" Kibum asked quietly.

Yesung didn't trust his voice. He didn't want to end up sounding like he was whining again so he just nodded.

"Your happily ever after will come but not now. Our story is just starting." Kibum whispered, wrapping his arms around Yesung and burying his face into the crook of Yesung's neck.

"Promise?" Yesung whispered, too scared to ruin the moment and let himself break the truth of those words and the hidden meanings behind it.

"I do." Kibum said and sealed it with a kiss, pressing his lips lightly onto Yesung's lips.


A/N: Did it just now so sorry if it sucks. Random need to write it. It's been a while since I've written anything that isn't school related.

Comments are welcomed~♥
Tags: !fanfiction, character: heechul, character: kyuhyun, character: siwon, group: super junior, pairing: donghae x eunhyuk, pairing: kibum x yesung
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