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[FIC] Through the screen

Title: Through the screen
Author: sbluesnow
Archive: Masterlist
Pairing(s): Kibum x Changmin
Chapter(s): OneShot
Summary: It's quiet then it's not. Words are spoken. Feets are moving forward. One click. One look. It's all it takes to fall.


The day is bright and sunny. It's not too windy or to hot. The sun's out but it's frying anyone. It's the perfect day to go out and celebrate. Celebrate being young and having fun. It's not that hard to do but it is.

Being alone is not fun when you don't want to be alone. Wanting someone by your side to be with you when you want company is hard to find. Everyone seems to disappear then and appear when you want to get away.

That's how he feels.

Changmin wanted a break from everything. A break from the lawsuit between SM and JaeSuChun. A break from going back and forth between Japan and Korea. A break from learning for his role. A break from the leader's over protectiveness and bad temper these days. He just wanted a break, to be young and free. To go out and not get mobbed by fans. To go out and be a normal guy hanging with his friends.

Yet right now, all his friends have disappeared. They're either in another country, on a show, on set for filming or a shooting, having practice, getting the much needed sleep or homes with their families in their hometowns.

Changmin didn't want to be a bother and call the others who don't have a schedule away from their families to hang out with him. He knows how precious it is to be with your family after so long. He wouldn't dare ruin their family bonding time.

Those who are sleeping, he was tempted to call them up but they really need the sleep. Everyone's schedule starts at 6, which means getting up at 4 or 5 and coming home at around midnight to 2 in the morning. Less than 5 hours a sleep everyday for anyone much less a celebrity who has a busy completely filled schedule isn't good. They need their sleep.

There's only one person he knows who might be free and is alone just like he is. He had hoped that the other was free and would meet up with him. He was smiling like a fool when the other said yes.

He's still smiling like a fool now waiting for his friend to arrive. They had chosen to go to the older part of Seoul. To be away from all the flashy lights and big advertisements of what's the hottest thing to own. They had agreed to meet in Namsan Park. They'd still be close to the downtown core but the feeling the park gives off, it feels like they're in their own world. The park has a wide patch of green and several hiking trails. They don't necessarily have to go on the trails. He just wanted to get away from the city and this was the closest thing he could get without actually leaving the city. He's only granted this little free time before he's thrown back into the ring.

Pressed against the railing, Changmin held up his camera and took a picture of the life down below the trail. He had started to walk up one of the trails and smiled at the views. It was beautiful. Taking a few more shots of things that caught his eye, Changmin turned to his side and saw his friend coming. He didn't lower the camera. He continued to take shots without the person noticing.

His friend looked like he was lost in his own world. He completely missed Changmin and his camera. Not wanting his friend to continue walking and not realize that they were in front of each other, Changmin called out to his friend.


The other male, jerked his head back and looked around him. It was like he didn't even know where he was. Looking straight ahead of him, he saw Changmin with a camera dangling around his neck and pouting at him.

The other male smiled and jogged over to Changmin.

"Hey! Waited long?"

"Not as long as I could have if I didn't call you back to Earth."


"Whatever." Changmin mumbled, turning around and walking further along the trail. His friend walked next to him, hands in his pockets.

"What were you thinking about?"

"What were you taking pictures of?"

"Things." Changmin deadpanned.


Changmin's left eye twitched. "I forgot how much of an ass you can be."

"Aww you don't mean that Minnie."

"Don't call me that Bummie."

Kibum flashed him his award winning smile and shrugged his shoulders. He picked up his paced and walked faster. Changmin stood rooted to his spot, blinded by the smile before shaking his head and running after Kibum.

"You didn't answer my question with the answer that I wanted to hear."

"Neither did you Changmin."

"What I take pictures of doesn't relate to what you think at all. Obviously my question is more significant than yours."

"If it is, then you wouldn't mind sharing what you took pictures of since it's not so personal."

"But since yours is personal, you should answer my question."

Kibum smiled a small smile and shook his head. He wasn't going to give in.

The two walked in silence. The occasionally sound of a click from Changmin's camera mixed with the birds in the trees did the talking. All the other sounds seemed to be muted.

"Why did you choose to come here?" Kibum asked, breaking the silence. They had been walking for half an hour in silence.

"To be away from the fans and the media."

"Why did you ask me to come?"

"Because you were my only hope for company."

Kibum nodded and kept quiet.. Changmin didn't say anything either. He had nothing to say. He felt like he should but he didn't want to say the wrong things.

"What's the real reason that you came here?"

"What makes you think that's not the reason?"

"It's a valid reason Changmin, but it's not you. If you had wanted to be away from fans and the media, you still do things freely disguising yourself and carrying on with your life. Or you'd go back home and be with your family."

Changmin sighed. He's forgotten how observant and sharp Kibum is. Stopping in his tracks, he softly told Kibum the real reason.

"I wanted comfort from a friend."

Kibum stopped and looked back at Changmin. "You feel left out with your other members caught up in their own thing?"

"I don't want it to be a big deal and it isn't. It's just nice to be remembered and not forgotten."

The corner of Kibum's lips curled upwards. It wasn't a shy smile or a sweet one. It was more sad than anything else.

Turning forward, Kibum continued walking, whispering "Welcome to my world."

Changmin's hands raised the camera up and he took a picture of Kibum's retreating back. Staring at the screen on his camera, he looked up at Kibum. He was moving farther and farther away. Clutching his camera tightly, he ran to catch up to Kibum. It took a couple minutes but he was next to Kibum again.

The distance between them wasn't that big. It was like a physical representation of how their friendship is now. They're closer than ever.

But not close enough in his mind. When he had looked at the camera screen, seeing Kibum walking away from him, he knew that he had to get closer. The words "Welcome to my world" was an invitation to let him in. He couldn't give up this chance.

He wanted to be in Kibum's world and stay in it. He was tempted to reach out and hold Kibum's hand but he couldn't do it.

It's one thing to be tempted, another thing to fall. And he's fallen too deep. The invitation made him feel things he shouldn't. It made him want to cross the boundaries and become something more. To be something more in Kibum's heart.

The only question is. Will you let me?


A/N: Inspired by the conversation I had with tarmenel

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Tags: !fanfiction, group: dbsk, group: super junior, pairing: kibum x changmin
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