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[FIC] Brothers

Title: Brothers
Author: sbluesnow
Main: Series Archive | One-Shots Archive
Pairing(s): Yoochun x Yesung, Kibum x Changmin x Kyuhyun
Chapter(s): One-Shot
Summary: They had always had a special connection. One that no other member could try and imitate. It was one that is strictly theirs. It still is, yet they're too blind to see it.
Thanks to: renichifreak for the prompt {hockey}


Sports have always been something most guys would be proud of. If they weren't great at academics they would make up for it in sports. On the rare occasions they would be amazing at both; having the brains and the bod.

Basketball is fun, if you're tall. You can play it if you're not but being tall has an advantage. Soccer is cool but you gotta have really good coordination with your feet. If not you're screwed. It's a no hands game. Badminton is less endurance and all about the wrist. A powerful wrist and your control of it, you can win. If not, the birdie might not even go over the net. Tennis is like badminton except for that you run around a lot. If you can't stand running around your side of the court and serving the ball, it's not a sport for you. Hockey is a sport for everyone. You hit the puck with a stick and as long as you don't hit the puck above your waist line and your stick towards a person's face. It's the easiest thing there is. You don't even have to be fast in the game. You can pretty much just stand there and pass the puck to someone else on your team who really wants to win if it comes near you.

Which is exactly why Yoochun and Yesung were playing hockey instead of soccer with the other members. It was mostly Junsu, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Sungmin, Shindong, Siwon, Kangin, Yunho, Henry, and Hankyung. Changmin, Kyuhyun, and Kibum were the only ones playing basketball. Heechul, Jaejoong, Ryeowook, Leeteuk and Zhou mi had taken up the friendly sport of badminton. They could have joined in on the soccer game but they preferred to stay in one peace thank you. Basketball is out of the question. No one is stupid enough to interrupt and become the victim of those three's endless insults and attacks. Badminton would be easier and more relaxing to play but with Heechul and Jaejoong playing, it seemed too girly for Yoochun and Yesung.

Those two members are manly. Their recent image is manly and strong, and is the definition of masculine but when it's just the family; they tend to revert back to their flamboyant selves. Which is catty and bitchy. Playing a game with them without the cameras rolling is just a headache. No amount of aspirin will get rid of the pain. Unless you're able to faint on command and just sleep through their "uses" of waking you up. If you are, congratulations! Now just try to escape from them in your dreams when you're asleep. They will never give up. Ever.

Anyways, back to Yoochun's and Yesung's hockey game. The game was intense. They had been playing for over two hours and the score was tied; 1 to 1. Although it wasn't really over two hours considering all the breaks and the "time" the other had called out. When Yoochun had called "Time", Yesung was confused at what the younger wanted. Yoochun had said that he needed to fix his pants. Yesung agreed since it is a valid reason. Though Yoochun was wearing jeans and a belt. He really didn't understand what you could fix about them. He didn't really care. He got to take a breather for a few minutes. Not even 30 minutes later, Yesung had called "Time" and Yoochun got mad. He could clearly see that there was nothing wrong with the older singer. He looked completely perfect. When he demanded to know why Yesung had called "Time" when he was just about to make a goal, Yesung said it was lunch time and he was hungry. Yoochun immediately agreed, dropped his hockey stick on the ground and made his way over to the badminton courts where the food was. It makes sense for the females members who liked to cook hang onto the food right? So really in the time they actually spent to play the game was only about 20 minutes. They spent the rest doing their own thing.

When everyone had stopped playing and started to head inside the vacation home they had rented, Kibum, Changmin and Kyuhyun headed over to Yoochun and Yesung. Their hyungs were covered in sweat, like they weren't as well, but it looked like they were going to pass out on the ground.

"How'd your game go?" Changmin asked, taking Yoochun's arm and slipping it around his shoulders, his body supporting his hyung.

"It was okay." Yoochun shrugged. It was fun but not amazingly awesome. Though it was pretty close to it, he just didn't want to tell Changmin that. Like he'd ever say that and have to play with the magnae. That is like serving his head on a platter to Changmin. He's too young and handsome to be a sacrifice much less for it to be a self sacrifice.

"What about you Yesung hyung? What did you think of it?" Kyuhyun had grabbed a hold of the hockey sticks in one hand and their towels, empty water bottles and pucks in a plastic bag in the other.

"It was all right." Yesung leaned into Kibum's side. His body was aching and his legs felt like they were made of jello. He couldn't walk straight without Kibum helping him.

"So what was the score?" Kibum asked, grabbing onto Yesung just in time and stopped him from falling face flat into the ground.

"Uh, I dunno. Something like," Yoochun looked over at Yesung for the answer.

"1 to 1?" Yesung asked back.

"Yeah. 1 to 1." Yoochun smiled at Kibum.

Kibum had stopped walking, therefore Yesung had stopped walking. Kyuhyun had stopped in his step and stared at his hyungs with a look that said "You-have-got-to-be-shitting-me". Changmin stared at the side of Yoochun's face for a good 20 seconds before looking at Kibum for a confirmation of what he had just heard. The two exchanged looks between themselves. Immediately they both had let Yoochun and Yesung go, resulting in their hyungs landing on their butt.

"What was that for?" Yoochun growled, pointing his finger at the three figures towering over him.

"Yeah! How dare you drop us." Yesung pouted, rubbing his sore bottom. The two dongsaengs didn't even drop them on the grass. They had dropped them on the gravel and he could feel all the little rocks digging into his skin.

"You both fail."

"Epically fail."

"No wonder you're really long lost brothers that were separated since birth."

The three magnae's turned around and headed back to the house, leaving their hyungs utterly stupefied behind. They both wore identical expressions on their faces. They were surprised, shocked and speechless at what had just been said to them.

"We're not?"

"Are we?"

"Nah!" They both said together and laughed. Helping one another up and wiping the dirt off their pants, they slung an arm around each other's shoulders and headed inside. They were laughing and talking the whole way. If only they had realized that they both had handprints on their butts from the dust when they were trying to get it off earlier.


A/N: First time writing something happy in a while even though it's not majorly happy, it's better than angst. ^-6

Comments are welcomed~♥
Tags: !fanfiction, group: dbsk, group: super junior, pairing: kibum x kyuhyun x changmin, pairing: yesung x yoochun
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