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[FIC] Two Hearts

Title: Two Hearts
Author: sbluesnow
Main: Series Archive | One-Shots Archive
Pairing(s): Changmin x Jaejoong
Chapter(s): OneShot
Summary: A fight for love is the most admirable fight there is.


To see nothing but darkness.
To see nothing but the light.
The cold hard surface under the touch of your fingertips.
The beautiful smile that has captured your heart.
The angelic laugh that makes you smile.
The ebony black eyes that draws you in.

It's the angel of darkness.

He is an angel. He is a holy being. He is everything. He's beautiful, smart, kind and romantic. But he's looked down upon by the other angels in Heaven and looked up to by the demons in Hell.

An angel of the dark and an angel of the light should not be together. They can be together but it'll be painful.

There will be tears.
There will be blood.
There will be foul words.
There will be hateful looks.
There will be those who will try to get rid of one of the angels.

Kim Jaejoong, a very high profile angel in Heaven has fallen. He has fallen for an angel of darkness. He has fallen for Shim Changmin, the angel of darkness who used to be called "The other Death". Used to because he's changed. It didn't take long before the angel of darkness was drawn in by the angel of light.

They overcame obstacles and stayed together. It didn't matter what their friends thought. It didn't matter what the Supreme Ones thought. It only mattered to be together. It still does.

They are known throughout the realm to be "The Exceptions". They've done what no other angels could have. They've fought like no other demon could have. They're connected by a thread that can't be broken by outsiders. Not friends or families can tear them apart.

Many question and wonder why an angel of darkness and an angel of light would be together. They live in two different worlds. They come from two different worlds. They grew up in their own world learning what they're supposed to. Falling in love and fighting for that love isn't something they've learned.

Their families have pleaded them to break apart. The pain of fighting to be together is too painful. There's too much hurt.

Their friends have asked why are they together. Opposites attract but that's not enough to make them fight for their lives.

The couple's answers had shocked everyone.

“All I want is someone to listen.”

The others listened alright. They listened and saw their friend disappear hand in hand into grey light. No one knows where they've gone. No one has seen them. No one has been in contact with them. It's like they had disappeared from all worlds. The only thing those who are left behind to hold onto is the interlinked black and white rose that continues to live and shine brightly in the spot of where the angels once were.


A/N: First time writing JaeMin. Although it isn't really them since its 99.9% narration and 0.1% dialogue.

Comments are welcomed~♥
Tags: !fanfiction, group: dbsk, pairing: changmin x jaejoong
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