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[FIC] it's better without words

Title: it's better without words
Author: sbluesnow
Pairing(s): Changmin x Kibum
Chapter(s): sequel to Through the screen
Summary: It's quiet then it's not. Words are spoken. Feets are moving forward. One click. One look. It's all it takes to fall.


They didn't say much after that. Just walking together, side by side not saying anything. Changmin wasn't lost in his thoughts. He was fixed on one person. Kibum. His mind kept on thinking back to the older man next to him. He wanted to know what was going inside the other man's head. His face was expressionless. He couldn't read Kibum's facial expression at all. Even if he could, Kibum's an actor. He could always be faking it. It's one of the things Changmin didn't like about Kibum. The man could be smiling and laughing his heart out but he could be feeling something completely different inside. During their pre-debut days, he was able to worm his way into Kibum's mind. Now it seems much harder to even been seen in his eyes.

Changmin may have been given the invitation to enter Kibum's world but the challenge is to cross over. Being invited doesn't necessarily mean he'll be able to successfully enter and stay by Kibum's side. That's the main problem. To stay and not leave or be forced to leave.

They had been walking for hours now. They had met at around 4 in the afternoon. It's getting dark now. The sun had set a long time ago. Changmin was sure it was close to 11 at night right now. He could check his phone but that would mean turning it on and seeing all the missed calls and text messages. He didn't want to deal with that right now.

He was going to say something to Kibum when his stomach grumbled. It wasn't a quiet grumble. It was loud and obnoxious like some of his hyungs demanding for attention. He's not going to name names but they're the two most feminine men in DBSJ.

Kibum stopped walked and glanced sideways at Changmin. Changmin could feel the heated stare on him. He forced himself to not blush like a little girl standing in front of her idol. He thought he did pretty well, fighting against the blush until Kibum laughed at him.


"Shut up." Changmin grumbled, punching Kibum in the arm.

Kibum laughed and continued to walk. Changmin mumbled a ton of different curses and listed all the reasons why they were even friends. He didn't even notice that Kibum had began to walk away from him.


Changmin looked up. He hadn't noticed Kibum had moved away from him. He gave Kibum a confused look. He didn't understand what Kibum was trying to say with the "Hey!"

"Come on." Kibum smiled, holding his hand out for Changmin.

The hand caused alarms to go off in Changmin's hand. He wanted to grab it and smile like a dork. He smiled and reached his hand out to hold onto Kibum's. As he got closer, Kibum's smile changed. It went from sweet to a smug look. Changmin scoffed and slapped his hand away.

"I'm not a baby."

Kibum shrugged and turned away from Changmin, continuing on with his walk forward.

Changmin's body jerked forward on its own accord and grabbed a hold of Kibum's hand. Changmin's eyes widened and he realized what he had done. Kibum looked Changmin. Changmin didn't say anything. His mind was in a frenzy. It was on the verge of a breakdown. Grabbing onto Kibum’s hand could have been the stupidest thing he's ever done in his entire life.

Kibum just continued on walking as if nothing big has happened. Changmin almost tripped over his own two feet because of the sudden movement. He walked next to Kibum. Hand in hand.

Changmin wanted to do something. To say something. Anything to let his feelings out. His heart felt like it was going to burst. Not from pain but from this overwhelming feeling of happiness, security, warmth and love. His feet kept on walking but his head turned to Kibum. Before he could open his mouth, Kibum's words had cut him off.

"Don't ruin it Changmin."

Changmin's bursting heart deflated and he pouted. He wanted to tell Kibum that he liked. To make a confession and that he's serious about them.

"Don't think too much about it."

Kibum's voice was like the sunrise to his night. That voice broke through his thoughts and made him stop thinking.


"It's just easier that way."

Changmin had wanted to know if he's the first or if he's just one of the others that Kibum's like this with. If Kibum is saying not to think too much about it, does it mean that he's accepted others into his heart? Changmin wasn't pleased with that possibility.

Kibum let out a long sigh. It sounded so sad and weighed like a thousand tons. Changmin whipped his eyes to meet Kibum's and not look off into the distance. He wanted to help but he didn't know how. He doesn't even know what's troubling Kibum.


Changmin nodded and looked eagerly at Kibum, waiting for his reply.

Kibum leaned forward and pressed his lips against his. He pulled away just as quickly as the kiss had lasted. Which lasted for exactly 3.5 seconds. He had counted every second in his head.

"Let's just go and get some food okay?"

Changmin's heart was feeling different things. He was happy but sad at the same time. He wanted to jump Kibum right then and there. He also wanted to pull away and demand what the hell is going on. His brain was completely shut off. Well not really, more like in shock. He nodded dumbly and followed Kibum.

He felt Kibum squeezing his hand and then relaxing again. Changmin held on tighter and interlinked their fingers. He doesn't know why or how they've changed but he knows he's not letting go.


A/N: Finally done and posted this.

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Tags: !fanfiction, pairing: kibum x changmin
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