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[FIC] the only way

Title: the only way
Author: sbluesnow
Archive: Masterlist
Pairing: Changmin x Kibum, Changmin x Kyuhyun
Summary: Changmin is like the little innocent child. Kibum is like the bully on the playground. Kyuhyun is like the messenger between the two. He’s trying to fix them but he can't. A messenger only pass on the words and hugs. A messenger can't do more than that.


It's a lost world. Terrorists can do whatever they want. The government doesn't stop them to the best of their abilities. The citizens have become used to the downfall of their society. It's become life to them. Citizens aren't really citizens. They're people who just happen to be there when all the bad and good things happen.

It's a lost world with no chance of turning into utopia. Many have tried but the depression of no results or impact of the things they do to change the world hits them too hard. They lose their will to fight and to stand up. To break apart from the norm and make a difference. To change the world to become better.

It's all a game. It's not survival to the fittest. A person can be the most powerful and influential person in this world but that doesn't mean anything. No matter how powerful they are, not everyone will listen to what they have to say. They may hear but not listen and follow.

It's a game to just survive and life day by day. It's sickening but it's true. The truth is ugly.

There are those who have come to accept that.

Kim Kibum is one of those people who have.

Shim Changmin is one of who haven't.

Cho Kyuhyun just doesn't care.

He's seen what it's done to people (like Kibum and Changmin). It's made them change who they are. Kibum has become colder and much more distant than before. Changmin has become quieter and much needier than before.

The three of them have been close since birth but the world they live in, the lost world, they live in has caused their friendship to change for the better and worse. He had always thought that the two of them would get together and become a couple. He would be the odd one left in their group and he doesn't mind. It's just a gut feeling he's always had since little. It hasn't happened though and that saddens him.

Kibum drifted away. He'll leave and come back but it'll be a different Kibum. Changmin would hold onto Kibum so hard and physically need to see him to be able to function properly. It's like he needs Kibum there with him to just pass a day. It's something he's seen one too many times.

Changmin has asked and asked if he'll be like Kibum and his answer is always the same.

"No Minnie, I won't leave. I'll be here right next to you." And Changmin would smile and hug him. Changmin knows he won't ever leave. That's why he doesn't hold onto him.

He's like the audience in their group now. Kibum would do something or nothing to upset Changmin and he'd have to comfort him. Kibum doesn't realize or he does and continues to hurt Changmin.

"You'll break him one day you know."

"I do and I'm hoping for that."


Kibum had his back facing to Kyuhyun. He looked out into the city from his stand by the window. Kyuhyun had come into his room to confront him about this. The lights were off. The only source of light was coming in through the window.

Kibum finally answered after 5 minutes of silence.

"I know Kyuhyun. I can hear him perfectly, even now. He's watching TV in the living room and laughing at something."

"Then why are you doing this?? Why do you continue to hurt him? Why are you driving him away from you? Why are you pushing us out of your life?"

"I'm not pushing you both out of my life. I always come back. Always. I'm trying to break him so he'll hate me and let go of me."

"Why? You two are perfect for each other!"

"There is no such thing as perfect in this lost world."

"Exactly! If it's a lost world, then you should hold onto your other half!"

Kyuhyun was getting tired of this. Talking to Kibum in endless circles and getting nowhere. His best friend was being too stubborn.

"I can't give him what you can Kyuhyun. I can't do what you can. It'll hurt more to be with him and see him go to you every time something happens. Don't try to say that won't happen because you know it will. Changmin is exactly like a saint. He's kind and loving. He doesn't understand the evil and the cracks of this world, this lost world. He shines while I see everything. I see all the blood, the stains, and the shards left behind by humanity. I'm the darkness and he's the light. You're the one who keeps us together Kyuhyun. I can't be with him and let him see the brokenness of the world."

"So it's okay for you to be broken, for Changmin to be holding onto you like a life line and for me to stand by and do nothing?"

"It's better to have one person being broken than three."

Kyuhyun was speechless. It's the first time Kibum has admitted and said those words. He knew the conversation had ended. He quietly left Kibum's room and closed the door behind him. He walked to the living room and saw Changmin laughing at something the MC said. He sat down next to Changmin. Changmin curled up next to him on the couch. Kyuhyun's arms automatically wrapped themselves around Changmin and pulled him closer.

He understood what Kibum was saying. Changmin does need to be protected. He's too kind and innocent for his own good. Though that doesn't mean Kibum has to be broken and he can't be with Changmin.

There has to be another way.

But in this lost world, everything is lost. The answers cease to exist.


A/N: Haven’t decided to do a sequel on this because no idea what to write for it.

Comments are welcomed~♥
Tags: !fanfiction, pairing: changmin x kyuhyun, pairing: kibum x changmin, pairing: kibum x kyuhyun
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